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  1. Indeed, the difference is highely hearable. But yes, the size CAN be big, but I talk more about loopable thing... a few tracks for an average sized scenario, every one down to a few minutes at most... can't take forever to download that... Also, tell those "many" dial-up users to upgrade, there are better and way faster things out there... for less cash! No really, just because some people chose to (or sadly have to use) ancient connections or technology (see: IE 6), it doesn't mean you should still program for them or look too much down on them as your main target group for a pr
  2. Hm, yeah I guess that would be the better version... maybe call the old invulnerable something like "Highely Protected" (as seen in the Exile Trilogy, Rentar-Ihrno) and call the new Invulnerable version just what is is supposed to do?
  3. Quote: Now for a quick question. Look at this sheet. (It's the items sheet from Exile 1, if you're wondering.) Can anyone tell me what that pole weapon on the last line is, and whether it's worth adding to BoE? Also, what's the white thing on the second line? And lastly, the arrows and the tools – should they be added? (Tools being the last on the second line.) And also, what about the gold (my inclination is "yes") and the food (I'm leaning towards "no")? In case you didn't get your answers yet... The item at the first picture looks heavily like the typical twin spear of the Slithzerikai
  4. I said .wav because .wav is lossless and a basic music format understandable by any operating system. Midis would work but are way too old and sound terrible with modern music. MP3 would work but there are better things than that... OGG is a nice alternative, but I'd rather use FLACs to make really good music quality possible... Hard disks these days are not tiny anymore, rather pick quality than the absence of it...
  5. New node suggestions: Maybe the option to put someone into debt per intention should be possible? Add an option to the cash changing node to either reduce cash to 0 as default or even to a negative value for adding debt? Along with that, did anyone think about making it possibly to put customly made music into scenarios? The music during the older Exile games was nice, but except effects, there isn't really any sound to play ingame? Idea: A scenario based music list (trigger for the first node is entering the scenario or the first area trigger, music gets looped till turne
  6. The invulnerable ability shouldn't get removed, just fixed. (see my report in another thread) Mindless has some uses now and then (undead, fearless soldiers, etc.) and probably should stay here. But it would be of more use if monsters could use fear as a magic spell and possibly even as a gaze ability. I guess invisible could be removed and replaced with simply transparent monster pictures, but then again the character could find the enemy by simply "looking" at it, unless that is disabled when using a certain pre-set transparent monster picture.
  7. A bug I remember pretty well: When you manage to gain cash above the limit, simply by selling stuff or gaining a lot cash at once, it changes into negative cash, which uses every newly gained cash to put you into the positives again. Another one: Monsters which have 0 - 50 armor and are "Invulnerable" can be still damaged when you either have an extremely high damage attack (I think) or another monster with a rather high dice compared to sides attack. Of course, a high dice attack is made to be armor piercing or the like due to a higher chance to hit, but it shouldn't pierce invulnerab
  8. Originally Posted By: w of the dueck clan I believe the mackies can use .gifs or .bmps as graphics. Also, the .png format was brought up a coupla times in the past. I still want my alpha-layering! I think the Mac version never used gifs, and especially not BMPs as that is a Microsoft owned format. Nice to hear, and yes alpha layering would be quite useful for everything that isn't terrain... and maybe even that! (*thinks about terrain layers*) If it can be implemented more or less easily, that is... Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel I could be wrong though; however, it's defini
  9. Sooo... after finally gaining interest and time for Exile again, I've read the changes list since the original Open Source Release and have to say... wow, very well done. Especially since I remember that the code base was said to be very old and heavily customized, but I have no idea into what you guys may have already converted it meanwhile... gotta test out the changes myself to get the real feeling for it I guess... Anyways, aside from the above, after reading through the list I wasn't sure if it wasn't there or I just overread it... from what I know, you guys want to try to un
  10. Maybe a bit late but... did you ever defeat one of the "Undefeatable" Characters in an Exile game? Like in E3 (The only one I can speak of, since I HAD it registered), I managed to kill Rentar-Ihrno after a good, and LONG battle... the Empress was also supposed to be undefeatable, lived no more than a few minutes (Maximum) when I attacked her though... Those are the only "Undefeatable ones I can think of now... anymore you killed?
  11. Good idea, which lets another idea pop up in my mind. As far as I've seen (and can remember from the Mac version, the BoE font "MaidenWork" isn't used anywhere in BoE itself. (At least I didn't see it, maybe something is wrong?) If it's really nowhere yet, use it in all/most texts, would probably look great...
  12. Another minor improvemet: Make it possible to use custom scenario icons. Currently you can only use the pre-made ones (and a few buggy item ones, see Echoes: Black Horse), and this is probably the only graphic, which can't be changed through a custom graphics file...
  13. It's quite odd that you're missing that file... but if it's really not there (It should be usually in your Scenario Editor Folder), just reinstall the game... (and either delete the old version, or just move the new installed BladBase file and delete the rest again, works with both the full and demo version) Or you can look around at the BoE Fansites for a edited BladBase files, there should be a few around with most/all remaining minor bugs corrected... (Which are still existent in the original version) quite useful edits...
  14. Erm, Orcs? The Exile Universe is made to be different from others, or did you often see Nephs or Sliths in other games/books? There are enough other games with orcs, and few scenarios with orcs... (< 5 if any at all) Ogres are brute and dumb enough... The rest doesn't sound too bad...
  15. IF suggestions are welcome (even though it's surely too late already), A5 (or A6 if it will come out someday) should be possibly a bit more like G4, like the characters should be able to move more anywhere than in squares like in all Avernum & Exile Games. It was never a problem to me in all previous A & E games, but somehow this doesn't fit anymore into A4, probably because of the new town = outdoors feature... which would lead to another thing: Training and loot. I played A4 for a bit, but believe to haven't seen any "unlimited" source of monsters or ways to get "unlimited" ca
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