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  1. Can you do one for the map as well as for the playing screen? Edit: OS Win XP if that's important.
  2. Try putting your mouse cursor at the very bottom of the screen. It should change to an up and down arrow. Click and drag up. Chances are that you have the Exile game open but minimized and that's why it won't let you delet it. If you press Control-Alt-Delete together a box should pop up where you can choose to end the program.
  3. I have uploaded Nine Variations on Point B to my website. Check my List of all Downloads.
  4. I'm posting the whole of the walkthrough. I just don't want to host a download for the word.doc as well. I've got it done. I just need to fix some links.
  5. You asked if anyone wanted it and I said yes. It's been on my harddrive for a month or two but I finally got around to doing something with it. TrueSite is underconstruction at the moment. I decided to make my life a lot harder and take advantage of the new geocities feature of subdirectories. Not that I was having problems navigating it but I think it'll make things easier for me in the future. That plus I'm obsessed with neatness, order, and orginization. I tried to resist the urge to sort but I lost. Thus after everything was sorted all the links were wrong so I have to fix them all before it'll be up and running again.
  6. Would it be possible to write a program to help crack passwords? Would it be ethical? I tried once to crack a password but after the first five hundred sequential tries my fingers got tired. There has to be an easier way... I'm sure Spiderweb has a program that does it for them. I don't know, just a thought.
  7. It could also be just an identifier for the group. I think that if the item is identified you'll be able to see if it has any special abilities. If the value for one is 10 times that of the others it's probably special. Pretty soon I'll have to start paying Yahoo for my website. I'm running out of webspace. But that's OK. It's the sign of a healthy website. I like to have the actual text of the walkthrough on the site with shortcuts to specific events and questions. I know that PageBuilder doesn't support bitmap files so they'd have to be converted if I wanted to put them on a page. I could offer the walkthrough as just a downloaded zip but I'm partial to conformity and it would bug me if I did. Anyway, whenever you're ready just send me what you have and I'll worry about how to put it on the site then.
  8. Of course I'll have it, though I didn't know that Spiderweb hosted walkthroughs. You can send it to them if you want but I wouldn't expect them to post it anywhere.
  9. I remember it was horrible. Check the CSR tables at the Lyceum . Start at the bottom and work your way up. I'm sure it's in the 1's. Can you import towns from a scenario with a password though? I know it has one because I wandered through all 70 outdoor sections counting towns to submit it to Alex.
  10. I think I have it up at my website for download. You are Robin(ator) correct? Exile 2 Replication
  11. sent again with different account. G-mail doesn't always send attachments correctly.
  12. I could not upload it to my website but I have sent it as an attachment to the e-mail in your profile. If that address isn't valid post one that is and I will send it to you.
  13. Announcing the Second Scenario Review Contest for both BoE and BoA over at the Lyceum . Official rules are posted in Olympia. So come on out and review a few of your favorite, or not so favorite, scenarios!! Hope to see you there.
  14. Quote: Has made all the towns and dungeons for the first chapter of E2, northeastern exile? If you're asking if something like this exsists the answer is yes. I have had it on my harddrive for some time and just added it to my list of downloads. Made by Robinator.
  15. In my experience Black Crag Fortress has always been corrupted if zipped. The only way to get it intact is unzipped.
  16. Bain says that his Fifth ToM utility is an almost exact replica of e3. I haven't looked at it yet but it's available at my site in the list of downloads. link in the sig V
  17. It's tough to come into blades wanting to be a designer but knowing that the bar has been raised many times over. On the other hand there are many examples of good scenarios for new designers to look at to aid in making a new scenario. I think I may be trying too hard to make Redwall a great scenario, and in the process I'm actually hurting it. It's turning out to be anything but simple and I haven't even gotten past the first official day.
  18. Drizzt explains this bug pretty well on his site. Stairway bug
  19. When you edit the invisible monster you should be able to check a box that keeps it from wandering.
  20. It's there inside the Comprehensive BoE Walkthroughs. All three scenarios are listed in the database and all three will take you to the download page. Here's the direct link for the page though. lost_king scenarios Edit: Hey Bain, since you've played through them all can you tell me how many towns and outdoor sections they have. I had it on my list to do because there wasn't an easy way for others to get them till now... but since you've already played them you can tell me, right?
  21. Yep, that's the idea. I know that the url's are a bit tricky, but when I tried to copy/paste them without the comma at the end, the board would automatically shorten the url and put periods (...) in the middle making it more difficult to copy into the Alexandra submission form. This way may be annoying but it keeps all the characters of the url showing for accuracy.
  22. They're up. Click on any of the three titles to get to the download page. All three are in one zip, only 107KB. ps. Enjoy... or, er... don't.
  23. I got 'em on my hard drive for now. You want me to e-mail them to you or post them at my website?
  24. I can't get the link to work... either clicking on it or saving target as.
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