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  1. We can still use the Lyceum now even if we want to replace it. I've got the CSR's backed up and I'll keep it up to date. Just need to start the topic for Adrift.
  2. I've made them available at my site on the downloads page. Downloads
  3. Actually it requires one of each so you better keep them all.
  4. Is there a different fall colored tree? It just seems odd that all the turning trees are exactly alike when in nature you have red, orange, yellow, brown, light-green, and dark green all co-existing. Yellow and green do most deffinately go together in a fall setting.
  5. It's been down for at least three days. Has it moved again or is ezboard just having problems? If it's not going to be reliable anymore I'd like to move reviews right to my site but I have to find the reviews to transfer them over. Thoughts, concerns, reassurances, advice... anything?
  6. Of course, if you're already in the eastern gallery, you can just complete Olivers quest (usually just telling him when the path ahead is clear) and he'll move to the next town where you can sell to him.
  7. What about just an automatic terrain creation? Where you can tell it you want so many outdoor sections, and so many towns, and so many cave dungeons. Then once the terrain is built by the computer, the author builds their story around it. It could include people and monsters but the author has the responsibility to work them into the story or adjust the design. Kinda like how civilazation builds a world that you now have to populate. A pre-scenario building tool.
  8. Blades Invaders by Dintiradan is out. In the process of getting it up on my own site, too.
  9. I just went for a long stretch without buying spells or skills. When I noticed that I was selling things and not gaining anymore money I stopped and sought out the spell/skill sellers and used almost all of it. My frustration is that I don't know how much I wasted before noticing. I'd be happy with a message warning saying I can carry no more gold. But having it dissapear into nothingness... It just vexes me.
  10. Quote: Originally written by Azuma: It's a job board quest in Dharmon..you need the said items(towel, pipe, mortar and pestle, and shackles)..the quest-ender person is Shaynee.. And Shaynee is the merchant in the NWern corner of the great cave.
  11. Hmmm... thought I talked to both of them after I got it. I'll have to go back to a save and try it out again. Thanks.
  12. I just finished A4! *crowd roars* And I'd like to request a few spoilerific answers. 1. Who are you supposed to show the cracked shard to? The one that you find in the chamber that made the shades. I talked to a lot of people after I found it but couldn't find someone to tell me what it was. 2. Is it possible to kill all of the shades? I gather from the quests given that the hatred shade can be killed. (Most likely after finding the person in question 1) But can the other two be killed also? 3. Is there more than one ending based upon choices made? 4. Does anyone else feel slighted by the 30000 gold cap? I mean really, that's been there since Exile 1 and I hated it then.
  13. Since only the highest tool skill counts anyway, only train your mage in lockpicking. Once they have the spell unlock doors, all that training will be a giant bonus.
  14. Drizzt\'s BoE site has a good resource for those who are just starting out. Click on the basics and then on custom graphics. It should explain thigs well enough. If you are still having trouble, ask specific questions for your immediate problem. Your last one was good (and answered quickly by *i you might note). Good luck with your designing.
  15. Anyone can add graphics into their scenario. Read up on the documentation to learn how. Increasing the number of terrains would be something to put onto the OBoE suggestion list. I'm not sure if it can be done. As for having a Vahnatai in your party, there is a way to change the default graphics so you can look like one. Copy the file pcs.bmp into a different folder or put it on the desktop. You should find it in the 'blscened' folder. Open it with paint or something similar and overlay the graphics you want on the graphics you don't want. Put the original pcs.bmp into a folder labeled 'original pcs' or something like that and then put the edited pcs.bmp in it's place. It's easy enough for your own playing but if you want it to be story neccessary for your own scenario, that's a whole 'nother can of worms. Edit: Sorry ossifer, I usually just abbreviate it with Vahn. I did notice his was wrong and made a point of not copying it, tho. Think you can let me off with a warning?
  16. You need to fix the amulet. Two halves of a medalion and a chain that you should have found in the tower. You're told how to fix it in the library. Bottom floor south doors. I hope you didn't drop your ember flowers or purple berries cause then you'd have to start over/go to an earlier save and that would suck.
  17. I've used the item class on space + take. It should work. Double check every line in your string that should be filled in. Usually when I have a problem with a string working there's one or more boxes I forgot to fill in somewhere.
  18. Brett Bixler made some swampy stuff. Milu also has a few swamp/delta terrains. I expect you've already seen them, though. Here.
  19. Merry Christmas everyone! If you frequent the Lyceum or my website you already know that I've made a gift just for you. The new BoE graphics archive Pixle Profusion is up and boasts ~3680 graphics for your viewing pleasure. Linked to from TrueSite homepage for your convenience. It contains all of Koth's Archive as well as everything else I could find on the web, all sorted by category. Feel free to browse, download, or submit new graphics. If you see any errors or know the artist for unknown graphics please let me know, I'll get it fixed ASAP. Everyone have a Happy Holiday!
  20. The largness of the package is no longer an issue. I upgraded the website so I could host the graphics archive and have 400MB to spare. I was just using their free package which is only 15MB total. Now that I am renting the space I'd rather fill it up then let it go to waste. I welcome it with open arms as always. When I'm done putting up the graphics pages(should be done tomorrow) I'll start putting up your previous packages as well.
  21. Lots of new updates to see. Go ahead and visit, you know you want to.
  22. ~ Hi, Ben. ~ You sound like you missed me. I haven't been gone that long. Thanks for the self-esteem boost Brett, or whoever put up my site. *stands at attention* I will endeavor to never let it die. *salutes*
  23. Now who arranged for the coming home present... ...or am I to believe that the management of Spiderweb still cares about BoE enough to keep tabs on it's fansites? Never expected that... awfully flattering...
  24. I have played the Avernum demos and I disliked the 3D graphics. IMO It takes away from the detail you can include because in the same pixle space you have to leave room for shadow and depth. Some of the new effects are cool but for what it is, 2D is enough. Secondly, I couldn't get the hang of the directional interface. I'd end up stepping away from monsters instead of attacking them giving them a free shot. Up should be up^ and that's all there is to it.
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