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  1. Thanks guys, I beat that fight and beat the Sorcerors storyline. It was kinda disappointing...
  2. Ookay, I am in the final rom in the eastern Avian Fortress (one with the two Avian Royals and the three Svian Lords) I have killed everything except the three Avian lords, a demon, and one red soldier. The lords are down to about 60 health. I am out of spell points, which is bad because I am Sorcerors. I do have one guy with the Sorceror's Blade that can do 11-12 damage if he hits, but no one else can really fight melee. My character editor is affected by an odd bug that causes it to go blank whenever I try to save, so I can't use it. HELP! CAn I win? I'm down to an average 20 health.
  3. Aaaah... So that's it . Thanks. Thanks for Nine Variations on Point B too. I'll download it now. Edit: Yay! Lost King scenarios. I always wanted to see how bad it could be...
  4. I am stuck in Measle's Nature of Evil. In the Men in Black cave-area-place, I am on the last puzzle, with the marking stones and the knights and the altar. The knight tells me to place the stones on the ground behind where he can step on (no runes) But there's five squares, and four marking stones? Help, please! Also, does anyone know where I can find the scenario Nine Variations on Point B. It's not on Alexandria or Spiderweb.
  5. Okay, searching for the Pale Blade. I'm in Lvl1 of Relaford, wiped it out (or at least wiped it out to my knowledge) WITHOUT any special spells, and still can't get it. I found a secret room with nothing in it, a very large number of secret doors and combed every inch of the place at least twice.
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