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  1. Well, thanks guys! I'm off to make another couple of towns and outdoor sections. Away!
  2. I'm making my own scenario, one of the first ones I've made, but that's besides my point. So far, my scenario is basicly being a detective. A number of "suspects" will become obvious at some point, but there will be false evidence, people covering eachother, etc. You must solve the mystery of the assassinations of a number of officials. It's set in the future, where there's the empire and another nation/republic/kingdom. It might be the opposing nation, rebels, vanahtai, maybe even ninjas. I don't even know who did it yet, but what do you think of the Idea? P.S. - I will make it have more story than action, most likely.
  3. I tried avernum 3, and found it was the same as exile 3, just 3D. who dies from a 5 ft fall!?
  4. My argument was that it's just a job putting up flyers. Also, who can guess where I live?
  5. I forgot to add that i'm too young to legaly work, and get an actual paycheck and such. I won't do it then. *wink*
  6. I have a problem wiht registering blades, when I have the dough of course . It'll be mailed on 3 3.5 disks. By this, I assume it means what are commonly referred to as floppies or disquettes. My computer does not have such a device. I can't use them is they're disquettes! Can it be sent on CD or by E-Mail? Has anybody else had such a problem?
  7. I have finally found employment! On the weekend, i'm supposed to talk to a local restorant owner about putting up and handing out flyers. probably gonna have the cash in like, a month. And you just can't compete with carwashes around schools. You just can't here. I live on an island with about 2.2 million other people, try ot guess where I am! HINT: On a clear day, I can see vermont from a small mountain, with a radio station, uhh...., thing on it. EDIT: A problem has asisen! Mother is suspicious of my work!
  8. What's lakotah? Sounds like a religious language, like hebrew.
  9. name - race - graphic Fighters david - human - red warrior shadow - human - ninja Archer furr - nephil - archer Mages dania - human - aqua mage robert - human - brown cloak sauff - human - purple cloak
  10. I'm not sure what you mean, but I took down the barriers, got the shards and proceeded to loot the castle. Will there be any kind of diffrence in how hard the game is or anything?
  11. Okay, I finished the plague, but I decided to loot the castle, and I killed the king. Is this bad?
  12. what a topic. you guys are much more helpful than guys on other forums! perhaps I shall have a "bake sale" with the profits going to me. Maybe I can just wait until meeter gets up and running and popular so I can get my 2% or whatever I have in it. (meeter.net) Away! if you would like t help with my financial situation, sign up w/ meeter and make it popular!
  13. Tried that. They have no Ideas. I already have no. III because my mom likes it. And I think I meant the char. editor. I really need money! Care to donate to the anti-mugging you fund?
  14. I forgot to say - right now for me, it's like 40-45 bucks for me and my canadian ways. (Maple Syrup isn't as delicious as they say. Quite expensive too. Table is just fine.) I also want the editor, which adds another like, 10-15 bucks. I need 50 dollars cad for the game and scenario editor.I can't exactly make much recycling the cans and bottles around the house, it's only about 1.80/wk!
  15. I don't want to pay, like 30 bucks for this game! It's not like it sucks, but 30 bucks is a bit much for me to pay at the moment, considering I can't get a job yet. Is there any way to get some sort of discount or package?
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