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  1. Why would you want your fellow Vlish to explode? That would be terrible.
  2. Shut up, Tully-boy. Poke'mon are ugly.
  3. They are the cutest ever. I always keep my Fyora or Cryoa as long as possible. do I need to post some more pictures of Neo to prove it to you? Nave you ever seen anything as cute as that? I want a Cryoa so much.
  4. The character editor is great, except that well, there really isn't anything bad about it. Unless you just cheat from the very beginning. But I'm not gonna stop you.
  5. I'd like to have the quick save and open quick save hot keys not right next to each other. That has lead to much suffering.
  6. Of course it does Tyran. Is this why you changed your AIM picture?
  7. I like listening to Les Mis while playing Avernum. Not sure why. However, Riverdance is the only choice for Nethergate.
  8. And that day will be soon. Personally, I want to see the world from their point of view.
  9. I would like to see the Minor Heal and Curing graphics switched. I always get them mixed up. The bandages just make more sense as a healing spell.
  10. Vahnatai and the Shapers working together? I knew it!
  11. I think I will buy the Mac version just so I can have it. There's got to be an unattended iBook around here somewhere.
  12. Quote: Originally written by Nioca: That'd probably have more impact if I knew what FYT stood for. FYT= Fixed Your Typo
  13. Where do I take the Xian Skull? I still can't figure that part out.
  14. Dies Irae does indeed suit the GIFTS. I want a recording of that one spider song from A1.
  15. I think the new Fyora looks kinda goofy. I always thought that they would look like Velociraptor, but I don't know. The old ones were so cute. They'll grow on me eventually I guess. This priview made me even more excited. Can't wait.
  16. These are fantastic. I don't make scenarios, but I just love looking at all the graphics. Thank you Reaper, I've been looking for a winged Basilisk for a long time.
  17. I think that sounds like fun. I would play it if I had BOA.
  18. Self cooking Fyora steaks. Set it and forget it!
  19. Frosted Cryodrayks? I had Honey bunches of Ornks of breakfast.
  20. Not really Mystic. Most people think that Avernum is easier. Well, it definently is. I was almost done playing A2 through on torment with a singleton, but I wiped my harddrive just befor getting the last Crystal Soul. So sad.
  21. No, I didn't. Whay did I click on that! I lost part of my life! It makes me want to cry.
  22. Oh God. Luck. I remember one time in Exile III, I was playing a singleton with maxed out luck. Then I drank a potion of paralysis. I waited almost 20 minuets before my character finally died. I was using a very old Mac at the time so Ctrl Alt Del wasen't an option. Oh, the agony.
  23. I picked the Tower of Magi, but Formello is also nice. Quote: ...that one heard of cows that followed you in the Great Cave. They we so annoying. I'm glad to see that someone else likes Athron. I find it suprizing that I'm the only one who likes the assassinate Hawthorne quest.
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