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  1. Originally Posted By: Left for Dead to Rights —Alorael, who is most convinced by customer service. If anything goes wrong with his registrations, he knows Spiderweb will fix it. He's asked for plenty of replacement registration codes and there's been no delay and no hassle. The App store has some security built in, but if things go wrong or you lose access to your account, well, you end up paying again. That's $5 of insurance. Wait a sec, whom and how does one ask for lost registration codes? And do I understand correctly that buying a game from Jeff directly for Mac, one can also ask
  2. Despite of numerous wonderful posts on this forum, I have tremendous difficulty comparing different blades, bows, armors and so on... For example, is a Heartstriker bow better or worse than a bow with better damage, but without the "whatever special effect the heartstriker has"? Or, what is better: +3 to parry or extra investment in stun resistance? Or are the mercuric things (-1 strength, +1 battle speed) any good? In other words, the numerous outfitting decisions which one has to make all throughout the game. Of course I know that not all the weapons are equally good against different o
  3. @Kreador: If I rememeber correctly, there were two bosses in the mansion there, one - somewhere downstairs, and one upstairs. There is a painting in each of the rooms with the boss, on the wall. But you have to approach the wall completely in order to "see" it. So just go around the mansion hitting every wall, as if looking for secret passages in the previous A games. Upd: did not realize there was a second page to this topic and the question has been successfully answered already. Why am I not able to delete this post?
  4. I keep reading about the skribbane exploit on this forum, but... somehow I failed to find a topic that explains what it is. Would someone please explain what this is (or to provide a reference to the right place)? While I am at asking questions, is there any need for Platinum rings in the game? Or am I confusing them with puresteel rings which had some purpose in one of the previous Avernum games? or was in Geneforge?
  5. I had a feeling that the AIs did become more intelligent in A6 as compared to the previous games. Therefore, having invested some in the enemy intelligence, I thought that the only reason not to have invested a bit more is that, in fact, we do not want the uber-intelligent AI. Or do we, theoretically-speaking? My only point was that, not for all, but for some special encounters, a simple set of easily implementable heuristics could make the player's job much more tough. Although I see (what's with all these people changing names on this forum?) the previous post author's point...
  6. I am not expecting serious answers, but anyways: - Why does it cost just 1 action point to pick up, say, an armour of a recently killed enemy - after all, it's not an easy job extracting a dead body out of there? - Where do the characters keep the items they are carrying - I had a character carrying 120 bags of meal, but no wagon... - How can one character carry simultaneously three unconcious allies (one having the aforementioned bags of meal)? - How do the characters know the names of everybody around (the magic "tab" button)? Fine, the monsters might have appeared in the
  7. It seems to me that many easy fights in the game would not be so easy (if not almost impossible) if the enemy opponents behaved in a more organized and more intelligent way, as for example casting more appropriate spells, concentrating on killing the priest in the party first, not falling into my simple traps forcing them to attack me one-on-one (or rather one-on-four), and so on. I don't mind when it's rats or chitrarchs, but even Lord Trinket's goblins in the beginning of the game had a chance to off the party once and for all, were they slightly more intelligent...
  8. I kinda had a feeling that the guy with the Demonslayer was from one of the previous Avernum games. And, maybe, also the group with the orb of Thralni which did not survive the fall. This is what I really likes in A6 - in the description of some (earlier?) quests one can see that your group is only sent to the mission because the previous (more experienced) group failed. I also don't so much believe that combat-wise any of my Avernum groups were so good. Sure, when you jump-attack 4 on 1, having previously hasted, shielded, summoned allies and whatnot, you can beat even the best o
  9. - the work-related e-mail titled "release bugs" does not immediately remind you of the list of errors to be fixed before the program's latest version is released.
  10. You can charm your own creation and it will turn hostile towards you, at which point you can kill it (if you do so before regaining the mental control over it). However, the range of creations I can shape and charm is far lower my own level, so I cannot know if I would get an experience were it a creation of equal level. DV, how many times in a row did you try to cure affliction of the rogue creation? In some cases you need to apply the curing spell several times for it to take an effect (but I am sure you know this).
  11. Originally Posted By: Thuryl The first three Geneforge games had an even more hilarious version of this exploit for use against immobile enemies such as turrets and pylons. You could haste, stand just outside their attack range, begin combat, step into range, attack, step out of range, end the turn and repeat as necessary. Hmm... Extremely interesting. Can you exploit in G5 that if you have some AP points left after the first attack, then you are in fact able to attack another enemy? With 1 AP remaining, this would mean walking in its direction. If you could attack your own creations,
  12. This probably belongs to a different thread, but what is the "right build" for a solo? In some sense I am asking the expert minmaxing players to add an infiltrator guide to the strategy central. I would be hugely interested as to what I could have done better.
  13. Silly situation number 646 - being trapped by the closing door. Place: the trap-room with 6 golems inside drawing power from a source in the middle [i think this is the secret access route, but I am not sure]. Situation: peeking inside the room and activating the trap, the door closes with my character precisely inside the door with no possibility to get to either side of it.
  14. Not that I mind Thuryl deemed more exploitative than me... but "mashing the F key technique" is exactly what I clumsily tried to say in the "minor optimization techniques" in the original post. Anyhow, recently I started to think about my agent-infiltrator as a ninja of sorts, who can deal a blow and completely hide itself from the enemy's acid-covered gaze. So now my perspective is that this is not an engine's abuse, but a perfectly expected natural behavior of the character being played.
  15. Just wondering, did anyone manage to beat the challenge area solo, without any help of the creations?
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