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  1. In the original, yeah I used them all the time to have funny chain reactions, killing blobs of monsters.
  2. None of us can ever really leave.
  3. Comes out after Monster Hunter: World. Bad timing.
  4. I'm making my way through The Malazan Book of the Fallen. It's pretty rad.
  5. I have not met Drew irl, but I have met Nemesis
  6. How are Tyannicus and I the only Trekkies? I'm dissapointed.
  7. Hey, they're really cool. Thanks for mentioning them.
  8. Nevermind, all the comments didn't load.
  9. I've played Dragon Quest IX. It was pretty fun, but dang grindy. Playing Mass Effect atm, super crazy awesome.
  10. Gangster Cats I like a bunch of web comics, but most of them are fairly popular.
  11. Redbeard would bore the other contestants into submission.
  12. Thanks everyone, and happy birthday to all the other July 9thers.
  13. Andraste

    dead Post

    Sweet potato pie is vastly superior to all pie-like desserts.
  14. There was a dust storm today. Now everything is dirty. Such an inconvenience.
  15. I've developed the most fabulous sandal tan this summer. Barefoot is better, but frowned upon in public
  16. What about a combination of ponies and morality?
  17. A++ on explosions. Would frost nova again. There's lots of fun abilities, but it comes down to clicking on monsters and collecting loot. The dungeons are mostly randomly generated, and there is a perma-death option if you so choose, but eh, I don't get why people call it a roguelike. The story is predictable (like holy crap predictable) but the cinematics, world development, and voice acting are great. If you like killing absurd numbers of monsters and collecting phat loot then you would enjoy D3.
  18. The servers have been down for like 4 hours since release, most of that on Tuesday. Its the auction house that's been iffy. Speaking of he auction house, is being online to play a single player game annoying? Yeah. Do the benefits of making it really hard to dupe items for the real money AH outweigh that? Probably. And it's super fun.
  19. Only so I could ban you more.
  20. People like being in authority positions, no matter how meaningless they are.
  21. According to J.K Rowling, Muggles would easily win an armed conflict with wizards (assuming they don't instantly teleport away I guess).
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