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  1. I was referring to the fact that most flatulence is composed of methane, which is flammable. As chemistry major, I know that Helium is inert. It appears the three of us posted at the same time, and I didn't see that Vlish were Helium powered. I just figured it was methane.
  2. So, to kill a Vlish all you need to do is throw a lit match behind it? Interesting.
  3. I like how the graphics took now, but I'll give it a shot. Might make things look more interesting.
  4. I thought that Vlish were just jet propelled telepathic squids. So what do Vlish eat to give them enough fart gas to get around?
  5. They still need to be banished from the internet.
  6. I thought that the Pyroroamers cooked themselves. But I guess that they do plump after you kill them.
  7. Can I do one? Or two? Cream of Cryoa Roasted Roamer
  8. I too found that magic was eaiser. My lockpicks always broke or misteriously disappeared. Forget whatever the Anama tell you!
  9. A range chart/circle thing would be great. My characters were always one square away from attacking and were usually stunned the next turn. So annoying. Man, I can't wait any longer.
  10. Dang. Everything that I read about GF4 makes me want it to come out faster. Or get a MAC. The new sneaking system sounds interesting.
  11. I had that problem on my old computer. Just don't run any music/sounf programs in the background. But if you really want to listen to music, turn off the sounds in the game.
  12. I still have the original Exile. The old graphics are great.
  13. I can't imagine what having pylons chasing you around would be like.
  14. Do you have an old computer? When I did, everyone moved very slowly.
  15. No wanderer, you are not the only person disturbed with others disregard for intelligent life.
  16. I always wonder how Empire Archers can never run out of arrows. I always fall short in the middle of an important battle.
  17. Who do I get that clue from? I thought I talked to everybody.
  18. Apperently there are hairy t-rexes. I like the Cryoas, especialy when they are black with the blue stripes. So cute! And vlish are more like floating squids than baloons.
  19. I tried that and it didn't work.
  20. What is the password to open the picture in Linda's bedroom? I tried what was suggested on the Lyceum board, but it didn't work.
  21. That didn't work either.
  22. I reinstalled and still can't open blades while I'm online. an error comes up that says the 16 bit pathway has an error and must close or something like that.
  23. Recently, I have been having problems with Blades. It started just after I started Shadow of the Stranger, which was about three days ago. (Nice job, BTW) The problem is, now I can't open my saved games in either the main program or the editor. I click open game and nothing happens. I also can't open the Blades porgram when I'm online. ( I use AOL and firefox). This isn't a big problem but it's kinda annoying. Note: The sound is turned off in the game and I'm running XP on a snazzy computer. Would just reinstalling be the best choice? Edit: I mentioned Shadow of the Stranger b/c I was also having problems with the way it was running.
  24. Does anyone know the title of the Exile II song and/or who wrote it?
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