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  1. Can't you just make each creation family a selection? I don't reckon people would exhibit a preference for a War Trall over a Charged War Trall, and there are hardly enough voters to cover the whole spectrum of varieties. Give them all a chance! Maybe someone should write a simple php script to track results better than thread polls can. If there's another creation poll here, use lots of radio button sections, e.g. FAVORITE CREATION FAMILY (Fyora, Artila, Drayk, ...) FAVORITE FYORA VARIANT (No preference, Fyora, Cryoa, ...) FAVORITE ARTILA VARIANT (No preference, Artila, Plated Artila, ...) FAVORITE DRAYK VARIANT (No preference, Drayk, Cryodrayk, ...) ...
  2. I successfully implemented walls and updated a lot of the isometric math, but now I ran into a problem that totally destroys the last 6 hours I spent on this bloody thing. I'm still working on it, but don't expect a new version anytime soon (as if everyone were on the edge of their seats).
  3. If you have ideas you want implemented in Geneforge, go express them vehemently in my thread .
  4. Creature anvil. Heh, heh. I imagine there'd be some preliminary design flaw, such as the creature getting pissed off when you hit it with a hammer. It'd totally be worth welding a pair of reaper batons to your Roamer's back, or giving a Fyora night-vision goggles.
  5. The Shaper Council consists of nine. A shame they don't ride dragons and wear the nine rings.
  6. It's a tough call, since Mike Huckabee can fan open his neck flaps and spit acid, but I'm gonna have to go with Artila-ry Clinton.
  7. Mightn't you need a certain amount of leadership?
  8. Quote: Originally written by Xel'Raga: Explosive Trojan Horse: Explosive Roamers XD Well, you can't SHAPE Explosive Roamers yourself, can you? Make it happen! ..or did I just never find that canister?
  9. Jeff Vogel personally stated that the Sholai are out of the picture permanently, which is a shame. I liked them. Also, they were only augmented in the first place because of the Shapers. They're just civilians now.
  10. Yes -- there's really no need for the extra inventory space anymore, but now I just want to run with the idea. Implementation rules seem obvious to me. If the Ornk is killed, the items it's carrying hit the ground and stay there (like when the player dies). You can gather them up once it's safe. Of course you presumably can't carry them yourself; since you had an Ornk in the first place, your hands are probably already full. So you're forced to leave stuff behind, unless you have the essence to make another Ornk. And you suggest that rummaging through the Ornk's pack during battle would be unrealistic. Who said you could? It's an easy limitation to lay down as well. It'd be fun to implement your pack Ornk in a quest, say to smuggle something. Perhaps you could fill its pack with gunpowder and send it at the enemy (a Trojan horse).
  11. Quote: Originally written by JadeWolf: Just put down E. R. Eddison's The Worm Ouroboros. Amazing, and a quite new adventure for me, being one of the first books I;ve read written in that type of archaic English. Was it about immortality, as the title suggests? Or alchemy?
  12. Yeah. I've wanted Baggage Ornks since GF1.
  13. Updated. v.0.1 released: play it here . Nothing to it really - you can walk around and you can shoot fireballs in eight directions. Novel ideas would be appreciated. Story, goal, enemies, spells; I can implement most anything given enough time. I don't even have a working title for now, so fill the suggestion box!
  14. I recently finished A History of the World in 10½ Chapters by some Briton named Julian Barnes. It's a fictional account of the earth's history - how things "actually" went down, from Noah to now, and why our history books tell us what they do. Relatively unknown, but terrific. I recommend it, but it won't be easy to find.
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