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  1. When I try to load a game in Avernum 2 nothing happens. It doesnt matter if I load from the main menu, an already open game or even the character editor, no browsing screen comes up. Nothing. Any ideas?
  2. Yes I did. But if the speed is stored in there, I can change it. What is the normal walking speed?
  3. I am playing Geneforge 3 and the main character and my creations go super-duper wholy moly speed but Greta and Alwan go the normal slow speed. Why are my characters going so fast and how can I stop them?
  4. I got the quest from Solberg to kill the demon under Patricks tower. I killed it. But when I go back to Solberg nothing happens. There isn't an option to say 'I killed it for you'. I have explored every single bit of underground. Any help?
  5. Quote: Originally written by arghhhhhhhhh: HEM HEM i am asking for a walkthrough becuase i DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY TO BUY ITT WITH and i'd care to know what happens take that spring!! please apologize[/QB] Let me get this straight. You want a walkthrough because you want to read the what happens, meaning that you want to read the plot like a story with tactics your not going to nead mixed in. Huh? That makes no sense. Avernum 4 is not a book. It is a game. A game with a good plot, I'll give you that, but still is a game. Actually now I think about it it does have a few novelish qualities
  6. Why are the towns tiny? It says in the game that Fort Draco is the biggest battle town. It says Formello is the biggest trading/goods town. Yet there tiny. There's probaly like 12 people including guards in Fort Draco. Formello kind of has an exuse because of everyone dead from the shade thing. Where did Fort Ganrick go? it's not there!
  7. What I want to know is what happened to the funny cartoon drawings of the stats. I always liked them. One thing I love is not having to click examine then click on the box or something. Now opening boxes are just a click away! Only two types of graphics of Nephil and Sliths? My party is only made up of them. The ginger Nephil drawing I like but the walking picture thing- A Cat Agent? Huh? I like the Sliths ones though, there way better than the previous. But the Humans? The first red guy with a goatee looks like a big fat blue guy with a round helmet!
  8. A few bits of advice...... 1. Dont post twice. 2. There isn't a specific release time for any of the other games created so it is not a good idea posting this question. 3. Welcome to the boards, although I still am an apprentice member like thee, I seem to notice that no-one has sanity..... So chuck it in the bin, you won't need it!
  9. Quote: 3. Walkthrough 3.1 Walkthrough Layout Explained You should have the explained layout first, then the walkthrough.
  10. I heard about creator-fixing, do you have do get someone to give you the option to do it, or can you just walk in there and fix him/her/it?
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