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  1. In case anyone was interested, I spent the last 45 minutes giving ipods to all the monsters in Geneforge. Well, most of them.
  2. Quote: Originally written by Nioca: Something tells me that's going to land in Dikiyoba's profile sooner or later. Too bad I'm using it as my avatar on Shadowvale.
  3. Here's a start on what they look like. I've only done the mustache from this angle though.
  4. No I don't. All my edited files were lost in the great crash of August '06. But, I do have a lot of spare time this weekend. Maybe something will show up... :Edit: Ugh. I forgot how tedious paint editing was.
  5. I must say Diki, that would be terrifying. GIFTO? I like gray-scaling the guardians. It just looks cool. Sometimes I draw on the monsters and add mustaches and whatnot.
  6. Quote: Originally written by Dikiyoba: I always thought Avernum was generally warm. You said "I"! Quote: Dikiyoba admits that there are probably several comments that say Avernum is cold as well. Yeah, I think that most of the glove and cloak descriptions describe Avernum as being cold. I always thought of it as warm and humid.
  7. Man, everything I have is so generic. There's no way I'll be picked. I do have a Win 98 PC lying around, but it in no condition to be playing games. But beta testing means that the games is one step closer to completion!
  8. Yeah, the Canisters mess with your head. It looks like you've had a few too many yourself.
  9. I didn't read the whole thing but this came up when I Googled Aleister. Quite an interesting person. And probably insane. Not that this has anything to do with the game. But you never know.
  10. Can I get a quick re cap for the ending in Avernum 4? I didn't register it. I know Rentar did it, and these Darkside Loyalists are bad, but is there anything else important?
  11. Grrr. Ubb ate my comment last night. But, yay! And I second the question about boats. This game should rock.
  12. If you use the Geneforge it says you live a long, long time. So that doesn't really help much. Maybe 300 years?
  13. The Perry Bible Fellowship is amazing. I wonder if any other strips can be applied to this topic. I'd really like to see a Glahk. They don't look like they're very balanced to me. New sport: Glahk tipping.
  14. I bet that Ornk meat tastes like chicken. So what other meat do the people of Terrestia eat?
  15. I will now be leaving this board. No spoilers for me!
  16. I have a PC, but I love the opening splash screen. It rocks!
  17. Someone needs to put that in a BOA scenario as a special spell. That would rock.
  18. 1) Which is your favorite Avernum game? Avernum 2 2) What is your favorite melee weapon class? Sword? There aren't any others 3) What is your favorite missile weapon class? Bow and arrows- no contest 4) What is your favorite spell in Avernum? Bind foe Level 3- the best choice for singletons 5) What spell did you like in an earlier Avernum game, but was removed in a later sequel? Bind foe 6) What is your favorite dagger/sword? The icy longsword 7) What is your favorite spear/pike/halberd? Jade of course, but the Bloodthirst spear comes in second 8) What is your favorite bow/crossbow? Blessed 9) What is your favorite thrown missile? Razordisks 10) Which enemy type do you hate the most? those fungi that the empire has everywhere 11) If you could stand-in for any character in the game aside from the party, which character would you choose? Someone who doesn't die 12) If you could stop or change one event in Avernum, what would it be? the destruction of the Tower of Magi 13) Who is your favorite character, aside from the party? I don't know 14) Which Black Shade did you like the most? (A4) Never met them 15) If you could destroy one being in Avernum, who/what would it be? The stupid floating fungi 16) Who is your favorite dragon? Athron 17) What type of armor do you prefer? (Leather, chain mail, etc.) Plate 18) Aside from adventuring, which profession would you take in Avernum? sage 19) Do you prefer to fight enemies, or would you rather flee? Fight 'em 20) What reasons do you have for becoming adventurers? Nothing better to do 21) Who is your favorite mage/priest outside of your party? One of the crazy ones 22) Who is your favorite villain? Sss-Thisss 23) If you had the chance to have a cameo of yourself inserted in any of the Avernum series, would you take it? Of course 24) Who was the most annoying non-party character in the Avernum series? The children 25) What is your favorite city in Avernum or the Empire? Blosk 26) If you had just one character in your party, what skills would he/she be trained in? 27) What's your favorite Xian Item? The skull 28) If you could travel to any of the continents on the surface, which one would you choose? The jungle one 29) Which skill do you think is the MOST valuable in the entire Avernum series? Blademaster 30) Which skill do you think is the LEAST valuable in the entire Avernum series? Find herbs 31) What is your favorite Avernum cuisine? I don't eat 32) If there was one thing you could add to the Avernum series, what would it be? The ability to ride lizards 33) What's your favorite special item? Phoenix Egg 34) Do you have your characters wear pants? No adventure is complet without them 35) If Avernum had lost the Avernum/Empire War, what do you think would've happened? Bad things
  19. How many PC's do you play with? One or three, unless another number is required How many scenarios have you played? 20-30 Absolute favorite BoE scenario? It's hard to pick, I like At the Gallows; it's epic When did you get the registered version of BoE for the first time? four years ago What is the first third-party scenario you played? Adventure's club? It was along time ago Favorite all-around scenario designer? Sorry, I don't pay much attention to who makes them Out of your own scenarios, which do you feel is your best? I've never made any that we released What is your favorite scenario icon? The blue one with the dragon If you could make one BoE scenario into a movie, which scenario would it be? Something epic What is your favorite spell? Death arrows What is your favorite item of all time? Gold Have you ever named a place or character in a scenario after someone you know in real life? No What do you think is the absolute most overrated BoE scenario of all time? Tatterdamilion Sorry everyone, I don't know why I didn't like it that much What do you think is the absolute most underrated BoE scenario of all time? I don't remember If you could fix one bug in BoE or the scenario editor, what would it be? I haven't messed around with it that much but I found it hard to put custom graphics in. Then again, I never read the manual If you could add one new feature to BoE or the scenario editor, what would it be? switch to first person mode What is your least favorite scenario out of those rated 7.0 or higher on CSR? I dunno Which scenario do you think is the worst ever? Probably one I made Write down the release dates of all of your scenarios. If you can't remember all of them, do the ones that you can. None released What is your favorite TM scenario? Dunno What is your favorite Creator scenario? Dunno What is your favorite scenario in the Spheres trilogy? The second one What is your favorite scenario in the Adventurer's Club trilogy? The first one What do you think is the absolute coolest innovation in a BoE scenario yet? Essence stuff like in Quintessence What is your favorite BoE fansite? TrueSite What do you think would happen if Alcritas returned to the Lyceum as an active member once more? Things would be great? What scenario do you think should have won the first design contest? Which ones were entered? Name one random scenario that has not been mentioned by anyone in this thread (first that comes in your head.) Zankozzie's Big Mistake If TM returned, and he and Kel continued to argue, do you think that should continue, or do you think they just have to duke it out? Fight!
  20. Quote: Originally written by Garrison: A cryoa to me seems far less amicable. Unless you live in the Bahamas, I think having your hand frozen every time you want to pet your creation is a major hassle. What about Arizona? I sometimes wish I had one here to cool me off during the summer.
  21. I never used clawbugs. Maybe I'll try them out. According to Wiki, Ur can mean oldest or first. It can also mean very. Look, this is not a normal Glaahk, it's a very-Glaahk.
  22. Very nice. I approve. No, I'm not spamming. I'm encouraging Eigenvalue to purchase this game.
  23. Good. I'm glad we agree. Fyora don't make stupid little noises when you talk to them. See, the colors aren't close and the Charmander is clearly a fire hazard. What are we teaching these kids?
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