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  1. Blades of Exile has seen a huge number of improvements ever since it went open source. Any chance the source code for the original trilogy could be released as well, especially considering that it has been freeware for over three years now?
  2. Another idea: it should be possible to specify icons for special items.
  3. Funny understandable. On a somewhat related note: seeing that the original Exile series is now freeware, is there any chance that those three games will eventually go open source?
  4. Just a simple suggestion: it might be a good idea for the new scenario format to have a different file extension, to avoid confusion. Something like ".ex2" will do.
  5. Exporting items or monsters to external files: http://spiderwebforu...stom-npcsitems/
  6. That looks amazing. Thanks for all your hard work!
  7. This is really awesome. I'm looking forward to the next major release!
  8. This is pretty awesome. Does it mean we can expect the item and NPC limits to be removed soon?
  9. There are two versions of the program on your site. "Version 1" works fine; it was "version 2" that I was having problems with.
  10. Sorry for casting Resurrect on this thread, but the latest version of the editor on Harehunter's website is having the same issue. The .zip file linked in the third post is no longer accessible; does anyone have it mirrored somewhere?
  11. So the first three Avernum games are supposed to be a remake of the Exile trilogy. However, the characters and much of the content have changed. Which series is considered canon? Additional question: I once read that the default Blades of Exile and Blades of Avernum scenarios are not considered canon despite being created by Jeff. Is that true?
  12. Congratulations. If there's any non-Spiderweb member who should be promoted to admin, it's Alorael.
  13. Two things I really like about Blades of Exile are its combat system and the ability to create a game world with lots of meaningful content. However, the arbitrary limits on the number of items and NPCs kind of gets in the way of creating a truly epic scenario. The open source version promises to change this, but it looks like it'll be quite a while before it fully supports unlimited items and characters (or at least a very large number of them). So I'm wondering: are there any other good RPG editors out there? The things I'm looking for (with the more important factors in bold) are: * Open source if possible * The ability to make standalone games (executables) is a plus * Scripting * Support for unlimited items and NPCs (although an engine with a very large cap will do) * A graphics library * A low learning curve is also a plus Thanks in advance!
  14. Are we no longer using Google Code now?
  15. I'm afraid BoE hasn't been updated in a long time. There has only been seven code check-ins since June 2011.
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