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  1. I dislike the concept of a "dislike button" for one reason only - negative attention is still attention, and thus it won't demotivate any attention seekers. Look at that atrocity of a video that is Rebecca Black's "Friday." Near-universally hated, but still incredibly famous. If everyone who saw it would've been silent about their hatred, it wouldn't have gotten so big. Things that are awful should not be well-known just for being awful, they should be hidden in a corner to die silently.
  2. Don't feel so bad about taking so long to hit 1000. I've not even hit 900 yet...
  3. Exile 2 for me as well. Exile 1's engine was too simplistic, and Exile 3's felt like it had been overcomplicated, where Exile 2 had a nice balance. Also, it was hard for me to look at all the bright colors in Exile 3, and Exile 1 was too grey.
  4. I never bothered to name them either. I never had them long enough to get attached to them. Either I absorbed them for something stronger, or they died horrible, grisly deaths. Kinda like naming the cow you're going to have to eat. No sense in getting attached to them if they're just going to die soon.
  5. I hate to revive a dead/dying topic, but anyways: A fix... If you can't get the puresteel from the Purity Workshop, press Shift+D and type sdf 73 10 0 I have no idea why that flag randomly gets set to 1 (which makes the game think you already opened the box), but setting it to 0 fixes it, allowing you to get the puresteel like normal. How you use this information is up to you.
  6. I am reminded of the scene from the second Hot Shots movie, where he runs out of arrows, and has to use the chicken in his bow. Come to think of it, I would probably shape exploding chickens and cattle, and then mix them in with standard livestock. But only once or twice. It would probably get old pretty fast. But a fire-breathing chicken, now that would be entertainment that lasts...
  7. What I meant with that was that your average law-abiding Shaper wouldn't need advanced protections because they'd most likely be making a single, easily-controllable creation (or just a few controllable creations), whereas a megalomaniac bent on conquest would most likely be making lots and lots of creations and would therefore have difficulty controlling them (or would make them completely uncontrollable), thus requiring some way to defend themselves from said creations without outright destroying all of them (which would put the madman back at square one).
  8. Yes, but you still don't want them attacking you. If you're going for the whole "waves of creations to take over an area" plan, you pretty much want them to attack everything but you. Making them prone to attacking would make them prone to attacking you, and making them completely controllable would make it impossible to make waves after waves of them (and also might make them less prone to attack approaching Shapers). Hence, Monarch's control baton.
  9. Perhaps high-end protections aren't cost effective for day-to-day shaping? I mean, if they're just making a single Fyora or Battle Alpha, there's no need to spend all the time and money on all sorts of barriers and puresteel gratings. Or maybe they're too wrapped up in the actual shaping to be concerned with things like magic barriers.
  10. Originally Posted By: Lifecrafterandnoobeditor and i dont know if its possible to make creations that can move at a normal rate AND make other creations, the spawners werent exactly track runners... Drakons and Serviles. They can Shape (or at least be modified to be able to Shape), they are creations, and they can move around quite effectively. Originally Posted By: Nebulan If you are still sane enough to shape in the first place, you have the ability to shape creations with the knowledge not to attack their creator. This effect could even possible wear off in time just so the creation d
  11. Email me a copy of your saved game (robertparker0523 (at) yahoo.com), or upload it somewhere and give me the link, because the program works perfectly on my saved games.
  12. Just off the top of my head: Do you have the .Net Framework (available at Microsoft.com)? What exactly does it do when you try to run it?
  13. I assume that since trainers and script edits are okay, that Saved Game Editors are too (excluding games which Jeff sells a saved game editor for, of course). That being said, for the Windows users among us, I present... The Geneforge 4 Character Editor. Right-click and 'Save As,' use Winrar to unrar it, load up your saved game, and edit away. You'll need the .Net framework if you don't have it already. You can edit your statistics (though unfortunately not your health/essence/level/experience/skill points), your skill levels (spells/creations), and the items in your backpack (thou
  14. Quote: I can explain that: with the advent of creations and their abilities to rend their foes, humans didn't need to focus nearly as extensively on mundane weaponry. Yes, but in the wilder parts of the world (where the first four games take place), Shapers aren't exactly found on every street corner. For instance, in Geneforge 3, you find something like 1-3 full shapers per island MAXIMUM. Besides, don't forget that outsiders are often hired by the Shapers as bodyguards/warriors/etc... and need effective weaponry to defend themselves. Quote: More likely, the reason spears aren't used is
  15. How about better crafting? I mean, item enhancements and artifact making are neat and all, but it would be nice to actually have something to do with all those iron bars and hammers that seem to be lying around everywhere. Heck, you could even have a few quests involving it, like "I don't have permission to use the enchanted anvil at the fort, but you do. Could you take these items and make this item for me?" And how about those hatchets/hammers actually being usable as a weapon? You can pick up a stick and fend off your foes, but you can't snatch up a nearby hatchet and split some skull
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