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  1. Imagine my surprise and delight to wake up this morning and discover that Jenell, level 26, has suddenly acquired 448 health points just by hanging out in Avadon Fortress. Is this Jeff's idea of an April Fool's joke? I'm amused, but not kidding. She's only wearing one item that ups Endurance by one point.
  2. Just to throw fireworks into the chaos, "mu" is also the most basic syllable of Sufi chanting. My first thought was, "Bovine Sufis! Brilliant! Can they spin in circles to call up spiritual powers?" Now there's an interesting game design option... Other cool writing: Rats: "Watch out for witches." Natalie on seeing Moritz's labs: "What amazing work. It'll be fun to destroy it!" Bring Jenell and Sevilin (sp?) to the Khemerian legal library. Jenell makes a snarky comment about how written laws have ruined the honorable spirit of her people. Sevilin, "What's wrong with a little codif
  3. Where should I report minor bugs like typos and spelling? E-mail?
  4. Okay, that makes more sense. Thanks. I've been playing around with it and still need to fiddle a bit since I haven't used skill trees before, but these are good explanations.
  5. My level 9 Shaman still can't use Spirit Claw (the lowest level ability on the left tree). I've pumped 3 points into it and 10 points into Intelligence, and still nothing. Same for the other classes; some low level skills are not available yet, and the characters are level 9-10. What am I missing? Is there something else I need to train?
  6. Just got the newsletter today, in my regular folder, two days after buying the game. If there have been no updates between last week and now, I'm not sure what the reason was. Glad to have the game, though!
  7. Hmm. I always check my spam folder because sometimes my friends' e-mails end up there, but it's possible I overlooked it. My guess, however, is I didn't get it for some reason. Just want to make sure I'm on the list for updates etc. Update: I just ordered Avadon and made absolutely sure the newsletter e-mail box was checked "yes." Hopefully this will hold until next time.
  8. Never thought I'd actually write a company to request advertising e-mail, but hey, this is Spiderweb. For some reason, although I used to be on the mailing list, I didn't get an announcement that Avadon had been released. Lucky I remembered or I would have been deprived of dozens of hours that would otherwise have been devoted to (shudder) housework. Was there something I missed?
  9. You know that old Infocom games line, "Oh, no! A lurking, slavering grue has jumped out of the shadows and devoured you!" Waiting for Avadon makes me feel like a lurking, slavering grue.
  10. At endgame, outside on the SE Formello wall, there's a little bit of land that snakes around the corner. It contains at least one mandrake root and a wall button that appears if you search for usable items. I can't find a way to get there. Searched Formello and environs for tunnels and secret passages to no avail. What next? Is it meant to just sit there taunting me?
  11. Got it! Thanks very much. Couldn't have found that with a magnifying glass and three bloodhounds. :-)
  12. I still have the quest to find a secret route to Farrar's Keep. Would this be because I killed him? I couldn't find a way to open the secret passages below his keep without going through him.
  13. Finally! Thanks for the help. I was just in time to save his surface-worlder butt. Kids these days...
  14. I've solved almost every quest except locating Herwin, last seen making his endearing but naive way into the Abyss. Can someone please tell me where he is? I've now wasted so much time looking that I probably could have assisted the FBI with real missing persons cases instead. ;-)
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