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G4 Moseh Fight

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I have been playing through these games with few problems, but I have become quite stuck at Moseh. I'm playing a melee warrior and am trying to defeat him. I already turned off the power in the northwest to get him to stop healing.


Now, when I fight him, he spawns a bunch of roamers and fyoras. Luckily I am pretty strong, and can get him low enough to where he surrenders to me in only a few rounds. But there are still all these hostile creations up. It gives me some message when they spawn about how the creations are unstable and could easily go rogue on him. Is this trying to tell me something? I have tried killing a few and it does nothing, and tried exploring in the south and didn't find much helpful (not enough leadership to recruit the alphas).


So basically, is there something I can do to deal with all these spawns? I can easily take down moseh but the sheer amount of stuff he spawns is too much to handle at this point in the game.

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6 minutes ago, Chopkinsca said:

If you damage one of his creation spawns enough, they will turn to your side. I imagine knowing that will open up some ideas on how to get through the fight. If not, someone else can give more tips and such. After a few replays of the game, it is quite an interesting encounter. 

You mean just damaging one of them will turn it to help me? Unfortunately I 1 shot both the fyoras and the roamers if that's what you mean.

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Did you try using speed pods or spores?  You can hit Moseh twice with speed boosted, effectively doubling your damage, or even quadrupling depending on your quick action level, taking him down quicker and ensures he spawns less creations.  As for the multiple creations with range attacks, equipping a venom or acid baton improves your odds, and using magic crystals will tip the odds in your favor if you choose your targets wisely

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On 5/9/2022 at 12:40 PM, Vinlie said:

I remember needing to abuse cheat codes growing up while playing through the geneforge games, but now that I'm older, I can breeze through them even on Torment difficulty and have a damn fun time doing so.

It was the opposite for me. I remember all the rage quit moments I had but eventually finished. Now I have fun with the codes and mods🤪

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