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Calamity key


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The Utak leaders are the easiest to talk to get a key. In High Elhovo you need to talk to the person in the basement, but you probably need to talk to someone at the top. I'm pretty sure the Owens are useless, but if you sided with the Mascha it is straight forward.


Have fun getting a key. At least it works in all the Refuges.

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I am not expert: I only finished all quests on casual with a singleton, and almost all quests with full party on normal with suboptimal equipment and spells: in normal, I do not solve the Charm's puzzle and I switched in casual for the final battle (my equipment and my spells were visibly too suboptimal).


First, I will recommend to use/buy the best armors/weapons possibles and place rune/augment on all your weapons/armors and if you have keep it, to give Fool arc to one of your characters (normally, the negative effects must be quite minors and making a monster bleeding at distance without spending energy is good), get some potions, scrolls... and have full energy before starting a dungeon.


So my non expert hints/experiences on casual:


Concerning the outdoor rencounters, most must be casuals if you avoid the group of mages and warriors which are around Criydae, Deepest Farms and maybe Charm (which is possible).


Concerning the dungeons, Criydae, Deepest Farms are probably the easiest, after you can try Charm (just keep a save before entering the main dungeon just in case you can not finish it).


Valley of the Orbs: in the first level, eye beasts seems consistently generated, so the purpose is to find quickly the upper/lower? entrance which is in the middle of the spiral (killing eyes and not spending too much energy). In the second level, you can do the battles one by one, there are two secondary bosses in NE and SW while the big boss is in SE. You must also know that when you get near a boss, some big monsters will be generated continually (while this boss is not killed). So, personally, I clear the middle of the dungeon (group of small monsters), then I try to attract these bosses in the middle of dungeon using one/two skeletons so I can kill them (the boss or the monster which keeps being generated) one by one.


Tower of the Nisse:

- the first battle is in front of the main building, it cames in three waves, the first two waves consists mainly of some mages + warriors, the last (easier) some eyes and skeletons. Personally, I try to do the battle at distance in NE or NW, first I speed myself with Haven's Might, then I create a skeleton near the main group (to slow them and split the group), trying to kill the mages first and them the nearest warrior (and I recast a skeleton when he dies).

- in the main building, it begins with some easy battles before the final battle (if you want to achieve full victory), this time, it consists in four waves, the first three ones are similar, the last one is a group of mages ( which must be easy if you have kept a little energy) ; basically, I would recommend similar strategy, haste/bless, kill the mages first using skeletons to split the wave and attacking at distance either on the middle platform or behind the watcher's table.

If you still have the Fool arc, this must suffice and must be relatively easy(even with poor equipment); if not, casting sparsely a spell which does group damage (poison, bleed) is probably useful.


Dragon Lair (probably the harder dungeon):

- first encounter with the dragon, I try to attract it siblings in the entrance room to kill them one by one, by sending a skeleton near the dragon while attacking Shubael from distance, I draw back in the entrance when a sibling appears to kill it tranquilly... After I attack Shubael from distance, always casting near it a skeleton so that it can try to charm/pull/push/cast fear on it, ...

- second encounter, I also try to attack from distance (in the east zone), cast a skeleton near Shubael, killing the continuous generated small monsters and when there are none, uses arc/wand to hurt Shubael. If needed, you can retreat east, Shybael does not follow and the generation of small monsters stops, ...





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5 hours ago, krock said:

I'm past begging for a hint- how about a 'do this ya lazy Krock'.


If you're specifically looking for the key from the Ahriel, then you might not be looking in the right place. The Watchers, quite rightly, don't want to talk to you. But they're unpredictable, so surely the key wouldn't have been given to them?


Have you tried talking to other people in High Elhovo? Perhaps someone with an interest in history?


Alternatively, if you can't find the solution here, the leaders of the other states will (mostly) also be able to help you. It's all about talking to the right people! The game will never lock you out of being able to get the key.

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4 hours ago, krock said:

Beitis says please leave me.


Perhaps Beitris hasn't been made aware of the problem you're facing yet.


If you can't speak to the Watchers, because they are angry with you, is there someone else in a position of power who might be able to help you? Perhaps someone you signed a vassalage agreement with? She might be able to pass on word of your plight to the appropriate parties.

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I'm sure the developers have worked quite hard to create the content for the game.  Being a developer myself I'm sure that they feel there is a way to play the game for maximum enjoyment.  But the ultimate goal should be to make money and allow people to enjoy the game by playing how they choose to play and to buy the next game.


I enjoy the game by engaging in the battles.  The quests, puzzles, and story line are only mildly entertaining to me.  They are aspects important to me only to reach my goal- krush, kill, destroy.  Spending more than a few minutes figuring them out is frustrating to me and I jump to these pages for the answers.  Revisiting areas I've already cleared and talking to a bunch of people that have no new dialog is extremely uninteresting.  Doing quests that don't remind you who gave you the quest means I have to take notes and I get paid to do that at work.


That said I've enjoyed the game and new mechanics and will buy the next game.  But I won't even try to finish this one until the detailed response to my question appears here, either as asked by me or perhaps another who manages to craft the question better or by someone who accidentally supplies a spoiler.





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You need but ask, Krock. No need to worry unduly!


Don't forget that, if in doubt, the Quest List is your friend! While it doesn't always tell you exactly what to do, such as in this case, it tends to give fairly decent hints as to the best way to progress.


Also, when you're looking up information on these forums, it's worth just checking to make sure that the post you're looking at answers exactly the problem you're looking into. I'm guessing slightly here, but I think the problem you're facing is a little different from the one posted in this thread – with the result that the answer doesn't quite apply to you. Here's what you need to do:



Talk to Istara or Watcher Eibhlin, whomever you chose to be the vassals of the Ahriel Woods. Then speak to Beitris. She will give you the key.




Talk to King Borgen or Brackdon Cawr, depending on who you supported, and follow their instructions.




If you supported the Mascha, speak to Arahuna-Mascha and follow her instructions.


These are the 'powerful' people the Quest List is hinting at!


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