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  1. Oops, sorry, that fooled me. So yes, I was talking about OBoE :-~
  2. I was talking about CBoE: https://github.com/calref/cboe ( or more precisely, about my forked sources https://github.com/fosnola/cboe in which I'm trying to fix some bugs) Yes, CBoE uses a different format for saved games: saved games .exg are now stored as a hierarchy of text files(*); it also tried to load old saved games (but I never tried that). Basically, yes, the new format allows to insert new values in some places. Also, it uses a new format for scenarios: .boes(*) and allows to read legacy .exs scenarios. So, if you play a game, it will only read the .exs scenario
  3. Yes, it can run legacy scenarios. On OSX, for instance, it looks for scenarios in "$HOME/Library/Application Support/Blades of Exile/Scenarios/" (legacy or new scenario) ; I have currently ~50 legacy scenarios in this repository and I finished about twenty. The only difference is that if you want to edit a legacy scenario with the BoE Scenario Editor, you can only save the modified scenario as scenario.boes ( the new format ).
  4. In cboe, Transform Terrain seems to work normally but indeed, the One Time Dialogs (at x=3,y=7 or x=4,y=7, ...) can be displayed several times and I'm not sure it's normal(*). Concerning CBoE's, there is a character editor but yes, it uses different formats to save the scenario and the game :-~ (*) I just took a look at boe's initial open source code and it seems normal. To forbid it, just test before with IF_SDF, if a flag has been changed.
  5. I removed a wall in the second room with move mountains (x=19, y=13), then I read the tutorial (x=19, y=11) and pressed the button (special 10 and 11): the cracked wall comes back ... Note : - I have a problem with the man at position x=18, y=8, cboe thinks his personality=-1 => no dialogue.
  6. If you want, I can test with cboe: I'm currently trying to finish Deadly Goblins which makes intensive use of Transform Terrain and Transform Rectangle Terrain and it doesn't seem to be a problem. On the other hand, I'm not used to looking at whether or not the item charges match the scenario...
  7. This probably means that you have given it to Ybsal by storing it in her chest. This is consistent with the fact that Obro no longer offers it (which strongly implies that you had already bought it). Concerning the null rock, you probably also picked it up at the beginning of the game and maybe resold it, deposited somewhere? Ie. at the beginning of the game, it is not obvious that you will need them for a quest, so it is easy to drop them...
  8. Normally, you can only purchase one Glitterstone from Obra.
  9. I just took a quick look at some of these .pct files; most (all?) seem to contain only a single RGB(*) pixmap. I've just modified one of my codes to extract this pixmap (one per file) and convert it to png. (*) so I guess the transparent pixels were added by the conversion application.
  10. For this, it would probably be better to use cboe, i.e. there is already an option to disable Instant Help in the preferences (although I don't check that it works). Just for information, I compiled my version of cboe (after quickly fixing many problems): https://github.com/fosnola/cboe/commits/master ; of course, everything is not perfect but under OSX, I was able to finish about ten scenarios without major problems...
  11. I just modified one of my program to extract the .pict contained in the file "Exile III Graphics", so now I have a list of files : 700.pct, 701.pct, ... ; if you send me an email in a private message, I can send your a .zip containing these files. Notes: - I can see them in the Finder. LibreOffice seems able to open them but ImageMagic seems to have problem with some of them, ... - concerning SheepShaver, I use it to emulate a MacOS9 system on some recent Mac, this works ( but at the beginning, it can be tricky to install MacOS9, ...) - I will try latter to extract the pic
  12. Hello, concerning the MacOS graphics, it is still possible to use an emulator SheepShaver, MiniVMac, ... to install these old executables. In general, these executables install only a few files, one of which contains all the images. For example, installing Exile III creates 11 files: 3 executables (Exile, Editor, Docs/Order Form), 5 data files (Graphics, Outdoors, Sounds, Specials, Towns) and 3 text files (READMe, Version History, Software License). In this case, the file of interest "Exile III Graphics" contains ~85 .pict files (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PICT ), they ar
  13. The line "set_flag (3,0) == 1;" seems strange to me, ie. maybe, you can replace it by set_flag(3,0,1); ( at least, if http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/14167-stuff-done-help/?tab=comments#comment-176405 is correct).
  14. My style of play is particular: 4 archers who summon many skeletons (*). To humiliate the Ariel, my party is usually huddled by the river and a tree, I buff my party, I always keep a skeleton alive near Peadar and attack Peadar from a distance (except when spiders appear, I kill them first) ; when Peadar is dead, I run for the exit while summoning a few skeletons to occupy the remaining monsters: these trees have a lot of life points, they are slow, so no need to kill them. (*) Basically, I give each member of the group the best possible bow/wand, all have energy potions and can su
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