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Equipment-Only Skills


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There are a few pieces of equipment that grant skills which can't otherwise be obtained by characters. They don't seem to have any descriptions explaining what they do, so it can be difficult to evaluate whether or not using them is worth it. Here's a list of them:


Bloodletting - This skill seems to be Vicious Strikes, except it only affects the character. It stacks, so if you have Vicious Strikes and Bloodletting, there's a small chance for you to inflict 2 stacks of bleed on an attack. I'm uncertain on what, exactly, the chance to inflict bleed is. It seems to be higher than Vicious Strikes, but I haven't done any testing.


Shield Ally - Appears to give 5% physical evasion per rank to adjacent allies. Also applies to the character, which is kinda weird, but helpful.


Confusion Aura - I think this gives nearby enemies a chance to become confused, but I haven't used the item much that provides this skill. No idea what the chance or range is.


Life Drain - This one is another mystery to me. Whenever attacking an enemy with a regular attack, it seems to add "Lifedrain X" over their head, where X is usually a pretty small number (1-5 or so). As for what Lifedrain does? No idea. It doesn't appear to heal the attacker, which would have been my first guess.


Edit: At the time I was writing this, it appears Life Drain was bugged and only did a little extra damage. It should restore hp as of v 1.0.2


Does anyone have any more details on these?

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19 hours ago, Mechalibur said:

Can't get in game right now, can anyone confirm if it's healing now?


It most certainly is!


I've done a check of the special skills, and they all seem to be working as expected. Lifedrain now heals the character doing damage, as intended. The healing rate is actually nothing to be sniffed at, either. It's a small amount, but it adds up over the course of a fight. Perhaps I'll have to make more use of it in the future ...

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