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  1. It took me forever to find all 4 stones in Blades of Exile. You get a Gold ring of protection for the trouble, not too shabby. This scenario has some very hidden secret areas in the overworld! Many of them only having bronze weapons or cursed items tough. 😑
  2. Just started replaying "A mild rebellion" on BoE recently and I stumbled onto the first of these stones. Couldn't find any other mention of the quest but here, I'll be sure to post what the reward is in the BoE version. Also, it is much harder to find these spots in BoE because there is no stone overworld graphic for them, the first stone was just on a random pathable forest space.
  3. I still want to do some work on OBoE, but I'm still living in the same sorry state of poor health. And when I recover, I have other priorities such as completing my education, getting a proper job, and working on my potentially lucrative projects.
  4. - Soon A lot happened to me over the past few months and as I've finally found myself some time to start up Queen's wish I remembered about this and figured that I should post something. It's been so long I have no memory of where I left off on this project (although I do have thorough notes), and I kinda just want to start queens wish right now. The last thing I need in my life at the moment is more stress, so I'm putting this on hold until I beat queens wish. Who knows, maybe Queens wish will inspire some new additions to this mod... The upside for anyone who happens to be eager for
  5. I was sick longer than expected, but I'm finally feeling better. Rather than tempting fate by giving myself another deadline to miss I'm just going to say the version 0.4 update is on its way soon.
  6. I've had some delays due to illness; but I think I have some time set aside at the end of this week to get the next update ready.
  7. Sorry for the lack of clarity. When I said, "creatures in the game that resist energy damage", I was referring to special resistances. All creatures that have bonus resistance or immunity to a damage type have attributes nodes for that. I'm merely concerned about abilities or event scripts that may also grant energy or elemental immunity, and aren't immediately apparent in the code. Also for the balance of blunt weapons, I did simply mean that they scale with endurance instead of a weapon skill. This makes a bigger deal depending on how many points you normally put into endurance.
  8. Thanks, I'm glad your enjoying it! The next update will add a lot of new stuff you can do and fix some bugs. I plan to port this mod over to Avernum 1&3 after I'm done. It shouldn't take very long to port the mod but I'll need to do a test playthrough to ensure I didn't break anything. I've had some distractions lately but I'm still hoping to put out the next update before the end of the month. I have a small dilemma though; Since I'm adding blunt weapons I wanted to consider that blunt weapons are more effective to armored enemies. So I thought maybe they should deal energy damage?
  9. The main point of me doing things this is that it's actually less work for me. I'm already intimately familiar with this games inner workings and story. I'm short on free time lately and don't want to study a new campaign or learn new tools. The players also wanted a hands-free experience, (They are watching the stream on their phones). I also enjoy enemies being out of my control, it's nice to have a little bit of surprise on my end of things. That said I'll be sure to look into those programs you suggested after were done this campaign.
  10. Lately I've been wanting to try DM'ing and was feeling very nostalgic for BoE's default campaigns, (my entry point into SpiderWeb games). I had some friends overseas mention that they had interest in D&D but didn't have the time to learn how to play or attend long sessions. Knowing that my friends had never touched any SpiderWeb games before, I proposed that I use the game to organize things and replace die rolls to speed up sessions. So I stream part of the game window and some other stuff like the world map on the side. So far it's been fun making new dialogue NPC's that I'm familiar
  11. I recently started a singleton assassin playthrough, where I try to maximize my assassination skill first. I fight unarmed because your accuracy scales really well with Dex when unarmed. But I couldn't get assassinate to proc once! (I was level 4 and had around 6 points in assassination, I was using minor haste on myself to attack more often). I should probably check if you can even proc assassinate with unarmed attacks... Update: I checked the code and it seems only your first melee hit with a weapon can cause assassination, (meaning if you dual-wield the second hit of your attack won't have
  12. I do but I wrote it down on paper so I wont be able to get it to you for a few days (provided you are still need the list.)
  13. I'm going off childhood memories here, So your probably right. But I want to think that the bow you have equipped should factor somewhere so I feel like I'm missing something. (Edit: the bow effects accuracy check). All of the checks in the fire_missile only refer to [ammo_inv_slot]. I wonder what formula the sling uses? EDIT: It seems that the sling counts as BOTH the bow AND the missiles. It's damage bonus is also its chance-to-hit bonus.
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