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nethergate remake

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On 10/1/2018 at 1:45 AM, dave s said:

Which is a shame, because I find the game unplayable in current form and I'd really like to experience it.


If you have some issue with the remake, have you tried the original? You can at least find the demo floating around on the web, and maybe if enough people enjoin him loudly enough, the arch-developer himself in his subterranean lair may pay heed, and verily, may release the hallowed original for us to emulate on or modern computational engines. My original CD was probably lost when I moved out of my parent's house, but I plan on revisiting classic Nethergate one way or another for the 20th anniversary (which means I am running out of time).

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I think the engine is okay...


Unable to access locations:
You must be registered to access the second half of the game.
Also, some places are not accessible until you have done something somewhere else, whatever that may be.


Word of Recall can cut out some of the repetitious travelling over the same areas.

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At the start you won't have a lot of money or equipment, fortunately you don't need all that much. Most equipment will be found while exploring, or taken from dead foes.
You can't create a PC with spells that are greater than level 3. Soon enough you can buy Health and Battle spells from Cormac.


Soon enough you will find the first four spells in the Beast and Craft circles.

I make sure that one Druid starts with Spirit Ceremony, just the thing for mass poisoning...

I give one level in the Healing Circle to the two front-rank (warrior) PCs. This one level gives them the Mild Healing spell, which they can use to heal themselves. Idea here is to avoid draining the spell energy of the two rear-rank (Druid) PCs. Cost is only 2 skill points...


If the game just freezes up, it may just a minimized dialog box sitting in the Taskbar. If there are two N:R buttons in the Taskbar, click on them one at a time...

If that does not work, game remains frozen, click on the game screen to check that it has not become unselected...


Movement is done through the Numeric Keypad, with the Num Lock always on.

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A quick port (translation) of N:R to a more recent engine would not take too long.
N:R itself is simply a port of the original Nethergate to the Blades of Avernum engine. N:R could be ported to the recent Avernum 3 remake engine.
It all depends on how much time Jeff has to spare... Possibly not a lot...

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I've finally been playing through N:R for the first time - I finished all other Spiderweb games years ago, but for some reason never got to this one. Anyway, I'm really enjoying the "two halves of the story" gimmick and the general gameplay, but as with the original Exiles/Avernum trilogy and the Geneforge series, I agree it would be great to see a re-remake of this in Jeff's new engine. In particular, I'd want to see four things:


1) Junk bag.
2) The "new" Spiderweb skill tree system that actually allows you to feel like your characters are progressing in power each level, as opposed to the old system where relevant stats get very difficult to raise at higher levels.
3) Better UI that actually shows complete and accurate resistance and other character statistics.

Of course, this probably won't happen in my lifetime, since next up is Queen's Wish (day one Kickstarter backer here) alternating with the Geneforge 1-2-3 remakes. Of course I'm hyped for all of those too, but it's a little sad that Nethergate never really had much critical success relative to other Spiderweb titles. It's quite different from his "main" series titles, but definitely worth some love.

Also, on the very slight chance Jeff reads this one day - please, please, please try to get this on GOG!

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So I've been struggling my way lately through N:R and I think my thoughts mimic that of most people who've played it.


I absolutely love the setting. I'm a big classic era geek. Being able to play both Romans and the peoples they conquered (with a bit of imagination this could all take place in Belgium under Ambiorix' uprising) is one of the most unique things in RPG. It takes effort to work my way through it but it's so worth it.

I'm just struggling against an outdated UI. In the beginning, the FOV thing is so jarring, even after many hours. I'm so happy that the skill system is kinda similar to Avernum and Geneforge, because I'd be combatting that too.


This game deserves to be remade. If not, one can dream that these games go open source when Jeff Vogel retires. Geneforge and Avernum aren't going to disappear any time soon, they will remain playable and comfortable, but Nethergate .... there's a day in the not-so-far future when nobody will play this gem anymore and that's a shame.

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