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  1. Which part of knowing that medicare for all, in the middle of a pandemic, has an almost 80% approval rate amongst americans is "limited grasp on reality"? And how on earth could running on such a popular policy lead to anything other than a 45 state landlide? And in reality, government run healthcare is trillions of dollars cheaper than a private run system. What you're describing is wishful thinking by republican establishment but, again from a european perspective, it's not Bernie Sanders who has a limited grasp on reality. His ideas are extremely popular and cheaper than the sta
  2. Thats a heap of bs. Americans might want to believe they like freedom more than other countries, but I dont see a nazi becoming president in Germany ever again. Chances of VB becoming a majority party in Belgium is close to zero. We learned our lesson after you liberated us. We actually vote for freedom, economic or otherwise. Im sorry but that kind of american exceptionalism doesnt work on me (or most other non-americans). From where Im sitting, freedom is the one thing americans fear more than anything.
  3. Biden is to the right of our right wing party and barely to the left of our fascists here in Belgium. I just don’t understand how the right wing minority in the usa cant be happy with Biden or how the left wing supermajority gets duped into not voting or voting for biden/obama/clinton. like, the polls indicate a 60+% approval for someone like Bernie Sanders, a centrist in every other democracy in the world. tldr USA politics makes no sense from a european perspective
  4. Geneforge had plenty of secrets. Who were the people that were on Sucia before the shapers. Who made the standing stones. Who are the Sholai and why weren’t they aware of the centuries old world-spanning shapers empire. The game has plenty of loose ends to pull on.
  5. I can’t remember this back-and-forth item hauling to have been necessary in Geneforge 1. I just experienced that game without too much metagaming and that was fine In G3 i changed the weight of all items to 1, effectively creating a junk bag. Life’s too short for grinding
  6. I don't play mods, I'm sorry. But thanks !
  7. Queens wish and nethergate are already underway
  8. In preparation for Mutagen I decided it was finally time to tackle Geneforge 5. After a typical early game struggle, I started loving this game. The endgame dungeons were great and the final assault ... awesome. I shouldn't have wasted so many living tools though If I replay (or in the remake of 5) I will remember to hoard more tools for the endgame. I played for peace (Astoria route). Boring I know. The conclusion was great, and I even shed a tear when the Rebel lands got their name. That's how you properly bookend such a journey. If Mutagen wasn't on the horizon, I'd
  9. I didnt say male dominance. I said rigid gender roles, like how only women can be agents.
  10. I hope Jeff brings some of the improvements from G2-5 forwards, like crafting and having an NPC or two to hire. Streamlining the skill system or having an expensive/rare respecc option would be great, because it's currently too easy to botch a build. And keep the sickly green UI
  11. Am I the only one who'd also like to make a left-handed character? Seeing my avatar swing their baton with their right hand feels very weird and janky. Of course choosing gender for would be logical, especially for the rebels. Ultra-conservative sects like the shapers having rigid gender roles could be explained away but historically, almost all rebel movements had female combatants. It's the only way to win against a stronger enemy.
  12. It sure seemed like you were complaining about people who have no free time and also don't read books. Capitalism or not (I prefer not) , I really don't understand why people complain about games being less terrible, with fewer dull mechanics. That's a good development. Maybe next time try to be more clear. It didn't come across nice what you were writing. I like games that respect my time, for whatever reason (although I prefer reasons other than my income). I don't know how old you are but posts like yours, I couldn't write today, but I could when I had zero cares in
  13. That'd be me. Between work, kids, wife, sports and books... I barely know how to finish a comfortable game, let alone one with unnecessary drudgery Since people like me make signicantly more than when I actually had time, I find it logical that games cater to people with disposable income. I think it's great that games have become respectful of their fans' time. As for books. I recently read Ulysses. It was okay, but not nearly as good as The Familiar series which has similar postmodern trappings. What did you read?
  14. Late answer but I emailed Jeff directly and paypalled him what I wanted to back (50€) I'll be in the credits and he's sending me keys when the game releases. You can be too.
  15. is there a demo for the iOS version I missed? I just recently got a company iPhone and this would be one great game to play in the hotel on a work trip. just want to see how the controls work out on this small screen
  16. I changed everything to 1 which is a relief. It makes the game a lot more enjoyable for me. I can just haul everything with me
  17. Is there a file I can edit to easily change the weight of items? The back-and-forth is just a complete waste of time. I could also cheat more strength but that'd impact actual gameplay aspects. more specifically I'm currently playing GeneForge 3
  18. thanks i really couldn't find it anywhere in the manuals or instructions
  19. In Geneforge 1 there's a quicksave slot in the save game screen. Is there a hotkey for this? Sounds really useful but for the life of me I can't find how it works.
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