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A1 - Boats - Rapids

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I'm nearly certain that you can lose food in the Waterfall Maze (at least in A2 onwards, but I'm getting the "you don't lose anything" messages when I go down rapids in A1, so not sure).


Its random: Matt P's wt says

HINT, from TIE187 on the spiderweb message boards: When going over

waterfalls, I paddle next to a waterfall, save, go over it, and if I

lose food, I reload.

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If it's random then it's a ridiculously low chance, I've gone down at least 30-50 rapids and not lost any supplies.

That was my experience, too. But then, I rarely carried food in A1.


In Exile, it was more of an issue.

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Earth Empires totally inserted that typo. It was never here. *handwave*
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