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  1. It's something that happens to me in virtually every RPG I play. When the end is in sight, when development of my character ceases... I lose interest. It happens with all the Avernum games I've beaten, it happened with Geneforge 1 (albeit the design of that game made development a little uninteresting quite early on)- but with Avernum 1-3 I've pushed on and beaten all 3. I think it hit me in Nethergate much earlier than in A1-3. Probably because the possibility of character growth through training was much greater- but there was so little payoff (there's like NO MONEY in this game! 75%+ of possible training will not be used with a full party, it's painful). It's gotten to the point where I'm not paying any attention to the loose ends that I haven't fully explored, I'm not bothering to loot many things, I'm barely paying attention. Getting to the end of a game is rough for me. I'm not sure if I should just stop and maybe come back and beat it later. I don't know if it's worth sticking through it at this rate.
  2. Ohhhhhh! When I heard the word 'beach' my mind went to the worldmap exterior! Thanks
  3. Any idea what direction it was from Selkiehome? I looked around and didn't come across anything that stood out to me.
  4. Kk, will keep my eyes open for that in my next time through.
  5. I completed Sleek's quest, where I retrieve the pelts from Hagfen... but I don't get what my reward is. He said I now had access to a walled-off nearby beach, where I'd find a variety of stuff from a group that tried to kill Selkies or something... but I don't know where he's referring to. I'm looking around the area and nothing seems obvious. - The only thing I could find that seemed even remotely applicable was the area to the North with lots of corpses... but this isn't truly closed off even before you complete the quest and there is only one thing to find.
  6. Found out 3 (in a sudden burst of violent urges), I killed Indigo, which gave me his crystal necklace key thingy. It opened the chest and I got the same info that I get upon telling Indigo that I offed lord Rentor(probably getting that name wrong). So. Not very exciting. Probably meant either for the Romans or as an alternate means of continuing the story (which I wholeheartedly approve of, there shouldn't be just one correct path). Ahh. Finding a surprising number of these (more than zero) in Nethergate. Maybe I'm mistaken but I don't believe this occurs much in Avernum 1-3.
  7. Unlike with Gough-Nar I seem to be able to reenter Castle Aethdoc, so it's possible that I'll find some of these out in the natural course of gameplay. But here are a few things that I was unable to find on my first complete run through Castle Aethdoc. Castle Aethdoc 1 - The huge area in the center of the entrance! I was able to see a little of it through the upper windows (where the black tiled section attaches to the center area) and through the spell Piercing Sight- but I have no idea how to access this center area. (Honestly this area is so significant and easy to notice that I'm relatively confident that it's either something I discover later or it's Romans-only) Southern Aethdoc 2 - The 1 tile-wide area between two rooms, located in the Northwestern-most part of the middling area (it is neither the outermost layer of SA, nor is it the innermost layer). I couldn't find an entrance to this area, so I assume there isn't one. Only reason I got it mapped is by Piercing Sight. [My party is pressed right up against it for reference] 3 - Indigo's chest. Located around the Northeastern area of the middling part of SA this time. Going to guess this is a Romans-only thing. (or maybe I could whack Indigo and nab his key?) 4 - The two locked grates (one at the Northwestern point of the Southern library; one located approximately SWW in the outermost layer of SA). Pretty self-explanatory, both require the 6th key (or I'm totally mistaken and I just have no idea how to unlock them). Northern Aethdoc [with my party pressed against the blocked room] 5 - The blocked-off room just to the West of the Western waiting room. No idea, maybe it's Romans-only. Northern Aethdoc [with my party pressed against the other blocked room] 6 - The blocked-off room between the Chamber of the Eye and the Dining Hall. Guessing this one is Romans-only. As with my Goagh-Nar thread: if you have any ideas or answers on the listed things that I couldn't clear, or something else to mention, go right ahead.
  8. I'm pretty sure similar things exist in other Spiderweb games, but what do these specifically do in Nethergate: Resurrection? I was hoping for some kind of obvious marking or added line of description- but when I had my party's weapons blessed I didn't notice any difference at all. EDIT: Oops, only occurred to me to search after I finished submitting this! xO http://spiderwebforu...less#entry12499 seems to imply that if you unequip the item there is a description change. Going to test when I get the opportunity. EDIT 2: Oh, nevermind. Apparently the additional line of info appears regardless, it's just added to the flavor text rather than the stat information. Doesn't seem to imply much.
  9. None of the areas I mention can simply be walked into, I extensively test walls. [EDIT: Not to imply I can't miss things, I just mean in this particular example I'm confident I didn't] Okay, good to know for 1 & 5. I didn't even know there were two chests in 6, huh! I guess it was just never fully added in the final product.
  10. Ah! I have really been neglecting most of the spells (been so hesitant since they're rather expensive compared to the basic stuff), didn't realize what Piercing Sight did! (In fairness that's a spell I've neglected in my entire time playing Spiderweb Software games) Both beige squares are simply empty space (so write off #3)- but! in my time running around casting Piercing Sight I found out there was an area I had missed! ... except I have no idea how to enter it. 6 - In the Upper Goagh-Nar (2nd map) it's right next to the Eastern staircase.
  11. So I have been playing NG: Resurrection as the Celts (played as the Romans a while back and fared somewhat poorly). I think I've pretty much been all over Shadowvale at this rate, so I thought it would be a good idea to enter Goagh-Nar, but I definitely missed at least 1 of the 6 keys I would have liked to have before going through. (I say this, but I wouldn't be worrying about it if I wasn't pointlessly bared from re-entering... but I digress, I'll get absolutely everything when I replay as Roman later) I'm pretty confident I've gotten nearly everything you can get in Goagh-Nar (including stumbling upon an exploitable infinite-spawn where I can go Under Goagh-Nar and light these braziers to make 2 undead spawn who frequently drop decent loot), but there are a few things I simply couldn't figure out. 1 - At the topmost center area of Under Goagh-Nar... I simply cannot figure out how to get there. Maybe it's Romans only? I theorized that it's directly beneath the gaping hole in Upper Goagh-Nar, but you aren't given an option to go down the hole (even tried the feather-fall wand). 2 - The locked chest slightly to the Northwest in Upper Goagh-Nar, which I assume requires the 5th or 6th of the 6 Sylak keys (in the square room just east of- 3 - the 2 square areas I was unable to access. By looking at the map above they're pretty easy to notice, the two beige areas within the uncovered map area. I suspected that maybe the locked chest mentioned in 2 would have a button to open the western one, and that the other one would be accessed by the- 4 - Sarcophogus, which is just North of the Eastern beige block. I figured this had a hidden switch inside that I simply couldn't find. (I have to assume there was something to do at the Sarcophogus, because otherwise it's a locked room with nothing in it) But on the other hand I put a lot of spare points into luck and I still couldn't find anything (though maybe I'm supposed to have one really high luck score, rather than a bunch of characters with some luck). 5 - The other locked chest, located in the small gray rectangular room just above the Eastern gatehouse (the oblongly-shaped maroon room just to the right of the path leading North from the very bottom. I assume this is also simply a chest that can be unlocked by the 5th or 6th key. Just for kicks, last map of Goagh-Nar: If you have any ideas or answers on the listed things that I couldn't clear, or something else to mention, go right ahead.
  12. Gotta play Exile some day. Gonna have to find myself a 32-bit comp though...
  13. I don't know what that is, but thank you for the information anyway
  14. I am aware there is already a thread on this topic (http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/2875-grah-hoths-treasure-in-a1/page__hl__grah-hoth) but it's 9 years old so I decided to re-post the question! (hope that's the right choice in this situation) Does anyone know of any way to loot Grah-Hoth's 4 chests or are they simply instant-death goodness? A related question: Is there any way to get back to the area where you fought Grah-Hoth? It seems like the original passage closes off and that seems to be the only way to get there...
  15. If it's random then it's a ridiculously low chance, I've gone down at least 30-50 rapids and not lost any supplies.
  16. Ohhh, okay. I'm nearly certain that you can lose food in the Waterfall Maze (at least in A2 onwards, but I'm getting the "you don't lose anything" messages when I go down rapids in A1, so not sure).
  17. (Just tying up this old thread in case anyone else comes along with the same question:) Setting XP compatibility mode worked out this consistent problem for me! Thanks.
  18. I was going back through my old forum threads and it occurred to me that some don't have a clear answer and people seem to want people to search for things rather than asking new questions (at least that's why I assume everyone keeps yelling at me everywhere I go). So, should I answer an old forum thread to give it a completeness for future searching- OR should I make a new thread to avoid necro-posting?
  19. Crossed my mind, but seems unlikely: "You hit some rapids! (No supplies lost.)"
  20. The last time I played A1 I remember losing food nearly every time I went down rapids... but somehow I never lose it now. What determines whether you lose food or not?
  21. Hardiness. Thank you! Tried searching for this particular type of topic before and didn't come up with anything useful.
  22. Went back to A1 (probably going to play thru A1-A3 again, since I enjoyed them so much) and I noticed there's no 'Armor Use' skill, even though armor penalty clearly exists. Now I'm wondering: How do I offset armor penalties in A1? Strength? One of my characters is getting an AP penalty, so I definitely want to do something about it.
  23. I'm running on a laptop, but it's fairly new, especially compared to A4, so I'm surprised if that's the cause. Going to check that option out, thanks.
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