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I do not powergame, really. But I like to know what stats affect what skills etc. and Jeff, lovable though he is, can't transparency. So instead of, you know, playing the game, I did some testing&spreadsheet sudoku and got the numbers for skills. There might be minor errors, though I doubt it. If anyone knows how to elegantly import a spreadsheet into the forums, I would be grateful.


Skill damage progression:


If the above link does not work for whatever reason, Nikki has kindly provided a mirror:

http://nikkis-nook.h...age Scaling.pdf



Some observations (some things same as in A:tBF):


* Earthquake gets upgraded to Earthshatter at skill level 3, damage-wise. Tested step by step.

* Icy Lance gets weapon damage from equipped bow, for some reason.

* It is rather pointless to put points in damage skills that go only to 4, as they don't get the massive bonus above 6.

* Shaman isn't that bad, despite having to split his stats, because his higher skills get higher dice than Sorcerer.

* Many skills don't get weapon bonus despite sounding like they should.

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* Icy Lance gets weapon damage from equipped bow, for some reason.


I'm going to go ahead and assume the reason is "Jeff Vogel sometimes writes code at 2 a.m. after a few beers."


Thanks for all this work. Other interesting things that jump out at me:


* Sharpshooter Spray has been toned down a lot from Avadon 1, as another little gift to melee blademasters. Plain old Savage Blow is actually now the Blademaster's best-scaling attack, although in practice a maxed-out Stunning Smash is likely to match or beat it at most levels.


* I'm pretty sure melee damage dice still depend on your weapon type: swords and spears are d3, glaives/halberds are d4.


* None of the Sorcerer's attacks are very strong: he just gets a whole lot of them.


* All of the Tinkermage's direct-damage skills are actually really good. It's a pity they end up being ignored because turrets are even better, but I could see a Dex-based tinkermage putting one point in all the skills of the left tree, at least.


* Any kind of ranged physical attack is still based on Dex, even when "ranged" means "jump a few steps forward" and "physical" means "an earthquake spell". Why, Jeff, why?

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I can't even see the spreadsheet. I hope someone can figure out how to port the info into something readable on here, because it sounds like excellent Strategy Central material.


I went ahead and downloaded the document as a .pdf file, and then uploaded it to my webspace. You can find it here.

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What the hell, it is explicitly set to "anyone with the link. no sign-in required".


I just double checked. I can view it even when I am signed out.


Hmm. I just tried the link, and Google is asking me to sign in first as well...


Edit: After signing in and then signing out, it no longer asks me to sign in to view the document. Weird.

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On 9/26/2016 at 2:58 PM, Sterno said:

Both of these links are dead. Any chance someone has a copy of this somewhere?


I'm mainly curious about the damage ranges of the various Tinkermage turrets.

For anyone else who arrives here, the links are still dead, as is the link midway down

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This thread hasn't been posted in in 7 years.


MC Tugger, friendly mod request since this has come up a few times now.  For ancient threads like these, it's OK to post in them if you have something new to add, but please let them remain inactive if it's just "me too" or "the links that were dead 7 years ago are still dead".  Thanks! 🙂

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