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  1. Let me ask, are you downloading the game directly from the Spiderweb website, or are you getting it elsewhere (Steam, GOG, etc.)?
  2. A vote in opposition here -- I actually like the idea that some quests still exist that don't lead you by the hand and say "Go to this spot". You have to explore on your own to satisfy them. I think it would even be a nice touch if it weren't possible to collect all the honor tokens in the game; some should become available based upon story choices you make, or even based on the class you've chosen... The more non-linear the game, the better, imho. Ah, this is where an emacs or vi mode would be handy. In the classic Unix text-editor wars, the main point of contention between th
  3. Related question -- does the level of a cursing skill count on how likely it is for the target to be affected? (After increasing my Sorcerer's blessing/curse ability, it feels like I've been able to Charm more monsters than before, but I don't have any hard data on that.)
  4. You're saying that opening the DirectX version from a shortcut doesn't work, but opening it directly does work? Hmm. I'd think that'd mean there was something wrong with the shortcuts themselves...
  5. I was a bit worried about this as well; after starting Dedrik's quest, I let it sit for a while and went off to do other tasks. When I eventually talked to him again in Avadon, the dialog indicated that the quest was over, that I had failed to complete it. But it was still active, and still allowed me to finish...
  6. Hey, can you check what version of Geneforge 5 you've got? I took a look at the "Updates and Support" page for the Mac version, and found this note: When playing Geneforge 5 v1.0.3 or earlier on OS X version 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later, all of the creature graphics will be drawn incorrectly. To solve this problem, upgrade to the newest version (v1.0.4 or later).
  7. Hmm. I just don't see how to build a successful character whose primary ability is "resistance to mental attack." Perhaps there should be a warning added, such as "Giving a blademaster points in intelligence will make your game much harder", or some such...
  8. Well, drat. I was sort of hoping that at least the scarabs would work in a more class-independent way. (Why do these characters even have stats? Is there any advantage at all for a smart blademaster?) Thanks for the info!
  9. I do something similar, although for a different reason. On my first start through Avadon 2, I began with a Tinkermage, but I slowly got annoyed because he seemed just _way_ too powerful. Half the fun of a Spiderweb game is trying to puzzle out how to get your characters through dicey combat situations; but it seems like you'd need to start out on Torment from the beginning to make things tough for a Tinkermage. So, I started over again with a Sorcerer, my favorite class from Avadon 1. Now, somewhere in the middle of the story, I've gotten the idea into my head that it might be fun to try
  10. Hmm. You know, thinking about it, I don't really like the association of a single stat to each skill/ability. It is certainly a powerful way to simplify tailoring a character towards a particular set of skills, and it's probably too deep into the battle mechanics now to change for later versions of Avadon, but I'd prefer to make stats much more general in nature. (The way that many other RPGs do it.) That is, Strength simply provides a bonus to damage dealt (both for melee and for most ranged attacks, since shuriken/javelins are thrown and bowstrings require a decent pull), Dexterity appli
  11. Copernicus


    Hmm. I just tried the link, and Google is asking me to sign in first as well... Edit: After signing in and then signing out, it no longer asks me to sign in to view the document. Weird.
  12. Seconded! There's only so much you can do to create your own storyline in any CRPG; you're generally going to have to face the same quests and experience the same events no matter what you do. Your character's stats provide pretty much the only way to modify how your character will interact with the world of Avadon.
  13. True, if what you are going for is a party optimized for maximum efficiency in battle. Figuring out how to succeed with non-optimal builds is more fun, though, in my opinion.
  14. I think one of the most enjoyable aspects of Avadon is that you can successfully play characters "against type". My favorite run through Avadon 1 was with a sorceress with lots of points in Ward Mastery and a decent amount of endurance. In short, she could take a punch or two before going down. It was fun trying to come up with tactics to make good use of this...
  15. Hmm. I think the mere existence of auto-healing doesn't mean the game is too easy. So long as the game is balanced for it, how healing takes place (or whether it takes place at all) is kind of immaterial. I haven't tried Avadon 2 in "torment" mode yet, but battles in Avadon 1 could get plenty tough. (And there is the "vitality" statistic that does not regenerate until you at least return to a portal.) It's not like there's a question of realism here. People in the real world don't normally recover quickly from the kind of cut or burn damage depicted in modern RPGs, and death is prett
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