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Geneforge 1 Strategy Peripheral

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Geneforge 1 never received the kind of intensive mechanical and strategic analyses that later games have received (or if it did, the threads are no longer extant). However, this thread attempts to provide some useful information scrounged up from the depths of the past.


First, don't forget the links to the maps and FAQ at the top of the Geneforge forum page. The FAQ is imperfect but has much good information.



Discussion of Guardian builds

Playing as an Agent

Agent Build with interesting exploit (contains spoiler)

Shaper Build Advice

More Shaper Advice

Ornk-using Playthrough

More Agent Advice


Condensed from here.

On 6/11/2011 at 3:51 PM, Randomizer said:

An agent can be the most powerful. Delicious Vlish when he regularly posted would write essays extolling the virtues.


Agents work best by buffing to haste and then sneaking in around an obstacle, firing a spell, and retreating out of sight before the end of the turn. Done right and you pick off an enemy one by one without getting hit.


A second method is to push mental magic and charm a nearby foe into taking out the others. After all the enemy goes for the closest foe first and you don't care if they kill each other. Then kill the most wounded until they are all dead.

On 6/11/2011 at 4:00 PM, Slartibus said:

It sounds like your problems are mainly due to tactics on that one map (see Micawber's post). Your build is okay. If you want to fine-tune it, the major flaw is that you've split your points between magic and melee, and as a result, you are mediocre in both as opposed to great at one or the other. As an Agent, that should be magic. All the points in Melee, Missiles, and Anatomy would be better spent in Battle Magic or Spellcraft. (Likewise for Dexterity, although I can't remember what Str and Dex start at in G1.)

Also, 16 Luck sounds excessive -- I'm guessing "invest in Luck" was another "tip" from the walkthrough?


Edit: Also, yeah, Agent really is harder in G1. This is the ONLY Spiderweb game EVER where the class choice screen says in plain text, this class is harder to play. It says that for a reason.

On 6/12/2011 at 4:22 PM, Triumph said:

Have you learned about how to sneak? It's very helpful for getting around many turrets and such. Go into combat mode and haste yourself. Then run around; you can travel much further without getting attacked, often running from cover to cover so that enemies never see you.

On 6/13/2011 at 8:43 AM, Death said:

Take home message: in Spiderweb games, it usually pays far more to be a specialist than a generalist.




Game Mechanics

Basic Tactics for the Geneforge Series

Since it comes up regularly: in G1, Luck’s influence on enemy items drops is uncertain but highly doubtful. Source and Source.

How Damage Works

The “10-cap” (not a G1 thread specifically but valid information anyway)

Leadership and Mechanics

How Mechanics, Unlock, and Tools Work

Effects of Luck, Mechanics, Leadership, Sholai language, faction membership, and reputation

Guide to the Endings

Comparison of Creations

How creation levels work


“Freshly created creations get statistics equal to their level. Levelled up creations get statistics equal to their level at creation plus half of the number of levels they've got under their belt. As such, a freshly made creation of higher level is nearly always superior to babysitting creations to high levels. (Note that this is only true in GF1, in GF2-5 creations' base statistics are always equal to half their level.)” Source


More on creations levels

Another opinion on shaping


Fire and Magic Shaping are more powerful than Battle Shaping (source)


More Creation Advice

On 2/11/2011 at 4:47 PM, Slartibus said:

Drayks and Cryodrayks have no competition as "strongest creations" in G1, but on the other hand, the Vlish is the only way to consistently slow enemies, and due to the stat system, high level Artila and Vlish (both very cheap) are nearly as good as Drayks and Cryodrayks: they do less damage, but aren't significantly weaker in any other way, and the acid/slow makes up somewhat for the damage. The real bonus for using them is that they are so cheap in essence: you can neglect your Intelligence and still have an army of 7 with essence to spare. Additionally, Fire Shaping costs 150% the skill points of Magic Shaping. This means you get 30 free skill points for going the Magic route, AND your creation levels ramp up a lot faster -- and since the Artila and Vlish are better than the Fyora and Roamer anyway, this is really noticeable early on.




Cool Stuff

Graphics Makeover

Items, Quests, Canisters, and Other Useful Information (spoilers)

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