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  1. Nah, no need for those I think. I got used to game characters that have their own void-space bank that they can tear apart anywhere they want, taking or placing items then resealing the holes. Although my mood wasn't that good as I posted this, so it's somewhat incomplete. I remembered playing a game called Risen and wow, was that game so hard. Resources are scarce and the combat was pretty harsh. I remember having played for like 20+ hours into the game and I still had my default stock armor. I only got my first armor from stealing off some people. The first buyable armor was near-worthless and it costed 500 gold, every coin was valuable yeah. I don't know if I feel the game was ridiculous or was brilliantly made. Plus, I still haven't found a single good flip flop as I traversed across ruins, farmlands and bogs.
  2. Geneforge: Shapers vs Rebels Avernum: Empire vs Avernites Nethergate: Romans vs Celtics Then we'll use caps on the letters, later on, it'll turn into a roleplay where somebody shapes a roamer to bite someone's head off.
  3. My point here is, I liked some stuff like the combat better in Geneforge 1 (for now, as I haven't tried to play the others) than in Geneforge 4 or 5. I mean, hey, my fyora's ranged and my firebolt misses like 60-70% of the time and enemies are tough as stone. My encumbrance is to the total items in my pack, unlike in the later games where I can carry 999999999 tons of rock but as long as I don't equip it, I can still walk. Also, I remember in Geneforge 4 that you had to kill worms before killing shaped creations. Geneforge 1 made you kill fyoras early in the game, plus, I learned a tactic where I can bait my enemies around the corner waiting to be killed by my creations, or be killed as well. My Shaper is ultra fragile, I can't survive two hits from a thahd which makes no sense when I view it in my character's perspective, but it forces you to stay alive. I just imagine the thahd hits me so hard I get flung somewhere with broken ribs and when the splash screen you died text shows up, I imagine the thahd kicks the head of his downed opponent. I just love it when resources are scarce, in Vakkiri, you have to pay 300 coins or have at least 6 leadership to get a canister of War Blessing, and you won't find any living tools lying around for you, ripe for the taking when you just started the game. It was fun to be honest, but the games all have their good and bad points. I just wish Jeff would consider these things when he finally remakes the game. Now, let's see how I fare at torment
  4. Well, if it's chitin, I'd vote for clawbugs, because they have the same color and clawbugs are bugs. But I don't really know if I've heard of battle alphas having a chitinous skin, the graphic seems to be like furry humanoids? Oh and one more suggestion, Jeff should add like stealth improvement, because stealth is fun but it's overlooked in the games and leaving a carnage behind is much practical than sneaking about.
  5. I am pure human, yeah, 100% fresh from my mother's womb. I don't know, it seems even the skyrim community are fond of argonians and stuff But I do find slith's somewhat cool, I once did a party full of sliths and received some special slith-only messages from some encounters on AV3, I hope Jeff does more of those things.
  6. adc.

    Steam Sales

    I'll be buying the games at full price then. Avernum 2 can wait
  7. adc.

    Steam Sales

    May I ask a few questions about Steam sales? Now I have about $24 IIRL and I want to buy Avernum Crystal Souls or the Geneforge Saga. Either way, it won't take much time deciding what to buy once I download the demo for Crystal Souls. But here's the real question: Which is better; to buy A2:CS with it's full price on Steam? Or buy it during a sale? I wanted to support Jeff as much as possible, because that's how being supportive works right? I would gladly buy it from the home page itself, unfortunately, this 16 year old ain't got credit card or any payment method listed there
  8. I've wanted to buy it directly from Spiderweb store without asking dad. Unfortunately, they have no google wallet thing or something I can get my hands on. Unlike Steam, which they have those cards, I can pay my classmates to buy at a mall... Two more good years, dear Jeff, and I promise I'll get them from your store too
  9. Already released in Steam? About time... Wondering what changes Jeff had made, DONT SPOIL ME GUYS
  10. Slight out of topic, what do you think about the GF5 xp gain? Was it too much or too little? I actually find it equalized and enjoyable, or maybe I missed something. Probably the latter.
  11. Might be intended, or not. Oh well, I don't want to be unfair, so... probably me with a pimple by the eye IIRC 2 years ago because I thought it was so cool it might evolve into something and I could get a sharingan to amaterasu anyone else in my way
  12. Wow, imagine that happening in the remake of Avernum III
  13. Thanks for the reply Slarty, I used the erase_char(x); but nothing seems to work. I also took a code from Geneforge 5 where an assassin shaper committed suicide (no, this is not a spoiler) and added it to a character nothing happened. Seems it has something to do with the txt without the dlg; the very file filled with unfathomable horrors. Oh well, seems that I have to look for other ways then. Good day
  14. Alright, I think I'll refer to the BoA docs from here, thank you. Seems they actually had some similarities huh. HELP ME SOMEONE! Basically, I want to kill a character through dialogue. I used the erase_char command but it doesn't seem to actually work. I referred to the txt script file (without the dlg) for their number and names, but nothing happens. Any idea why?
  15. Actually, I kinda like that idea, seems more realistic although a bit annoying. It can lure you to cross a deathfield of mines only to find out a broomstick is stored in the box. That's one of the reasons I love Geneforge 1, it's really unpredictable and the lack of cities in an abandoned place makes it dangerous, no less.
  16. stop right there criminal scum The unmistakable effects of canisters. Or just blame it on the fluffy turtles.
  17. Playing as a Geneforge character here on Spiderweb would strike my fancy. If that ever happens, do let me know.
  18. Yeah, that was supposedly my alternative, but I didn't know those items exist. What is the best example of those items? Never mind, I was lurking around the scripts when I saw the Cloak of Shadows lol Two more questions below :3 Or, can I change how much coins are stored in a storage? I kind of noticed they were the same 194 coins. For example, I went to pot A and found 194 coins with the gold sprite. After 5 hours in a game, I found cache with the same 194 coins and the gold graphic. Can I change that amount to, let's say, to any value? Or (sorry for the questions), is adding a certain condition possible? An example scenario would be: Greta shows you two stones; one blue and one red. The blue one would give you gold everytime you spare an enemy (through the dialogues only where in you can kill them or spare them) while the red stone would give you a gemstone everytime you spare an enemy (through the dialogues again). But you can only choose one stone. I believe its something like choose condition A, then on your encounters, if you chose condition A, you get X, else, you get Y.
  19. @Rugila Good to know, but please consider putting spoiler tags around it, quickly, events are spiralling to the inevitable center and the brains of the unspoiled depends on it.
  20. I've been thinking a lot about this lately, but I've actually thought of it last year, so here it comes: Can I modify the stealth in which your character becomes harder to detect? Or make certain people hostile? Or at least, I need a list of things that can be modified in the later games using only scripts, so far, I know only stats, rewards, experience, dialogues, reputation and yeah, those things.
  21. I don't use grids, as a true Shaper, I rely on intuition :3
  22. Spiderweb games have been awesome, until today. I want to play games like it, sadly, I haven't found games similar to Geneforge, with the sci-fi unique feel. The closest I've found is, to be honest, Thief. I was still using my netbook that time so I avoided mainstream games and sticked to the old games. Thief was my first first-person rpg and when I got my first shortsword, I was like "Woah! This is like Geneforge in first person and you relied on quick-thinking rather than the strategic stuff Geneforge has!" Then next came Skyrim, which felt more sandbox than Thief. But the feels disappeared quickly. If I had the time, I'd study modding in Skyrim then recreate an immersive Geneforge mod I bet Trenton would help me :3
  23. Jeff is, as you can imagine, busy. Perhaps I can assist you? It might be from your system, I assume. I remembered having extreme, choppy fps sluggishness during combat or when mines blow up, when I still had my old netbook a few years back.
  24. I remember my friend broke his laptop screen, so I told him to connect it to his flatscreen with an HDMI cable. And he spent about $0 and little effort to do it. You should too. The only downside is getting neck pain or something.
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