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  1. Hah, hate is a strong word. Fallout 3 was definitely a fun one too though, in fact long after I beat the game I kept playing it to kill the enemies as they respawned at certain areas. Just rest 3 days and go back to the same areas and kill the same guys. The only problem with RPG games is it's tough in the beginning and scavenging stuff for money is great, but once you reach a certain level it becomes pointless and money is worthless. I remember gold being useless in Oblivion once you hit level 25 or so, and same with Skyrim. I think I ended up with 3.5 million gold for my main character just cause I scavenged everything. Even Fallout 3, I remember storing all the best items in that starting town and still having more than enough money left to buy whatever I needed. Same with Borderlands and Assasin's Creed as well. I would definitely try Morrowind, in my opinion everything about it is superior to Skyrim and Oblivion. Except the gladiator arena in Oblivion, that was the best —Vexivero, who is a fan of the gladiator arena. That was probably the funnest part of Oblivion. That, and the Dark Brotherhood Quests.
  2. I feel the exact same way. Exile is just better than Avernum. I've tried doing this before only to quit in frustration, but I finally got the exile games to install and run on dosbox with perfect graphics and sound after hours of failures using windows 3.1. This may sound sad, but this is the best day in a long time for me! Time to go nerd out —Vexivero, who still recalls that Sunday in July when he finally got Exile to play on Dosbox. After multiple failed attempts, it was extremely gratifying, and one month later he is still playing them.
  3. Maybe it was because I played Morrowind on the PC and had tons of user created mods as opposed to Oblivion and Skyrim on the 360, but I found Morrowind to be way funner than both. Except Oblivion's intro, that has to be coolest start to a game ever. Even so, I spent about half a year creating 3 level 81 characters for Skyrim. Afterwards, I swore I'd never go back to that game cause I wasted way too much time playing it Typically, I'm a fan of RPGs over anything else. Lately, I've been addicted to Halo 4 online though. In the past few months I've maxed out their ranking system and got a SR130. IMO Halo online is way funner than COD. —Vexivero, who is a fan of all games. It was once said "To truly pwn, one must pwn at all games". —Vexivero, who also cannot wait for Pure Pwnage The Movie. —Vexivero, who thinks if Alorael ever saw this signature, he would probably cringe.
  4. Out of curiosity, do you already have a career choice in mind —Vexivero, who had no plans for the future at that age. He always highly respects kids who have work ethic and know what they want to do, because when he was growing up all he did was play videogames and surf the internet. Oh, how much time was wasted! But he is grateful as well, because it got him to where he is today.
  5. Okay, thanks. I'll have to be careful not to kill over the amount until I'm done with everything then. —Vexivero, who is still not done with everything. That stupid tower in the south with all the centurions or whatever is annoying him, and he wants to complete it without using any potions. That will probably never happen, though.
  6. Thanks, I didn't even notice that before! —Vexivero, who notices a lot but doesn't notice everything. He is still very, very good though.
  7. I'm talking about the sentinels around Solberg's tower. Earlier today I spent a few hours killing off tons of them, but I was attacking them before they spotted me, so when they were still neutral. Then all of a sudden I go into the tower and everybody is hostile towards me. I didn't backup the save since before I decided to kill them all, so I lost all that progress. Anyways, I decided I would try again, but this time let them spot me so they turn hostile and I have to defend myself. So my question is, if I kill of the sentinels using this method will the tower not become hostile to me? —Vexivero, who has not yet returned to Avernum 5 after all these months because of this very problem. If only one could destroy all the sentinels without everybody turning against him. He would have finished the game a long time ago. Alas, torment can be an annoying difficulty level.
  8. Thanks for that, I guess there's no list for question 3? I have like 30-40 skill points for each character because fireblast is the highest spell I use, guess I'll have to wait to see how many levels you need once I stumble upon it —Vexivero, who has always liked the spell "fireblast". It not only has had cool sound effects, but cool graphics as well throughout the Avernum games.
  9. I didn't see any spell list or anything to do with spells in the A5 Strategy Central area, and I also can't find anything on Google. I'm looking for 3 things: (1) Where I can learn Dispel Barrier (2) Where I can learn Fireblast (3) The minimum Mage Skill requirement to cast each —Vexivero, who thought anything could be found on Google. Apparently, they still have some work to do.
  10. Thanks a lot! —Vexivero, who wonders why only two people want these "mined crystals". If it were real life, they would both be women
  11. I was looking at the item list, and it says "mined crystals" can be turned in for cash. Does this mean there are actual crystals named "mined crystal", or does it mean the green crystals, or green blue and red crystals? Thanks. —Vexivero, who wonders how the NPCs are able to tell the difference between a "mined crystal" and a regular crystal. This must be futuristic AI scripting on Jeff's part.
  12. When I took Astronomy a few years back, the theory that connected with me was that because the universe is expanding at such a rapid rate eventually everything will spread out so thin nothing will have any energy. So everything in the universe will eventually just freeze. I'm not a science guy or anything, so with my limited knowledge on anything about the world that makes the most sense to me. —Vexivero, who is a casual fan of astronomy. He wonders what will happen to humankind in the centuries to come, and how many mysteries will be unraveled during that time. Alas, this is also saddening as well, as he will probably never know most of the answers.
  13. Heh, I might have to try this, although I still need to play A5. I did that for Avernum 4, though. About halfway through the game I started killing everything and just decided to conserve my skill points until I was sure I knew what I wanted to spend them on. I ended up not needing them, and finally used them to boost my health and spell points before the final battle. My main character(who I give all the knowledge brews and knowledge crystals to) still has 70+ unused skill points. —Vexivero, who believes if one uses caution and patience, the game is actually very easy. Although that seems to be a trend; he tends to over-conserve in order to avoid getting into situations which are impossible to get out of. He remembers playing Quake 2 and using the infinite pistol to try and kill the hardest of bosses, or using the plasma pistol on Halo 1 Legendary to beat over half of the enemies.
  14. I've been playing the A4 demo as well the past week or so too. I just completed the demo today, and I'm going to buy the second trilogy soon. Anyways, I had the same question as you about spells. I found this site: http://homepages.uni...owns/shops.html Might want to consider leveling up only to 14 for mage and 12 for priest, but then again I don't know how you play. That's just what I'm going to do when I get the full version. —Vexivero, who has yet to complete Avernum 5 and play Avernum 6 even though he bought the second Avernum trilogy about 8 months ago. One day, perhaps..
  15. I'm with Trinity on this one. Until you actually experience entrepreneurship for yourself, don't criticize others who are actually living it. You don't know what Jeff's mindset is on the matter and what he's experienced. Many entrepreneurs don't want to expand until they become a corporation, they like the feel of being a mom and pop business. It's not all about the money, it's the gratification you get out of doing what you do. I don't know if Jeff micromanages and how detail-oriented he is, but I'm guessing he's somewhat into that as people have said he doesn't like working for others and doesn't like many working for him. I can relate, as I'm sure many on here can, in that I am more confident relying on myself as opposed to somebody I have to "trust". I trust my own work ethic and skills more than anybody else's. Besides, 20,700 people on just a "mailing list" is pretty good. —Vexivero, who still has the utmost respect for any entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are some of, if not the hardest workers out there.
  16. You should name it Alorael. Then when people in real life ask why that name, just say it's an "inside" joke. (get it cus its a turt...nvm) —Vexivero, who still thinks Alorael would be a fitting name for the turtle. Dqwon would also be an acceptable alternative.
  17. Vexivero

    2013 Movies

    Riddick was pretty good, although I'm kinda biased because that entire series is one of my favorites of all time. Vin Diesel is just a badass actor though, no denying that. —Vexivero, who still enjoys Riddick, but also has to go. He'll be doing more editing tomorrow.
  18. Jesus christ, I just got the Fury Crossbow but damn that was a [censored] and I had a boosted party. It's technically not a cheated party, I'm doing the game on torment but I've been using the glitch in Gale to spam myself knowledge brews and give myself multiple godmode items. Anyways, I've got a lvl 40 party with 20 dexterity, 20 endurance, 20 hardiness, and 15 or 20 pole weapons with each character having boots of speed, a nimble band and black halberd and I died and had to reload probably 20 times. To put things in perspective, I haven't died once since I started using the Gale exploit, and I've done a ton of stuff since then(probably 10-12 hours of real life time playing the game). I'm just curious, did anybody beat this dungeon with a non-boosted party and how hard was it? Props to whoever has done this. —Vexivero, who still has yet to do this dungeon on Exile 3. However, it was probably one of the most annoying and hardest things to do in Avernum 3. Mung Slimes simply cannot measure up to Abyssal Slimes, however, so the Exile 3 runthrough should be a piece of cake.
  19. I'm not a computer guy at all. My main thing is changing the sound of the outdoor fights when they start. I really like how it was in Avernum 1, and was hoping I could somehow extract it and transfer it over to other Avernum games. Like I said, I'm not a computer guy so I don't know if this can be done. I'm guessing it's lodged somewhere in those .dat files, but unsure as to whether one is able to actually open and pull it out of there. —Vexivero, who still really enjoys the sound of the first Avernum's outdoor battle intro. It is definitely the best out of all the Avernums, in his opinion of course.
  20. Cool, thanks for the clairification —Vexivero, who is now clarified.
  21. Thanks, that was helpful Do Avernum 4, 5, and 6 go back to the regular system? Where the highest spell level is 3 and the highest character level is 50? —Vexivero, who Aloraels every day. Whatever that means.
  22. I started Za Khazi Run, and you can purchase level 4 spells. I'm wondering, what is the highest spell level you can buy for your character? I've seen scrolls that cast at level 20, surely it's not that high. Also, does your character have unlimited levels? I was skimming a walkthrough and thought I saw the person say they had a level 100+ character. —Vexivero, who likes the name "Trollorael". I wonder if Alorael ever used that one.
  23. Yeah, I was thinking like in Avernum 3, where if you don't beat the plagues by a certain day towns will start getting destroyed and certain quests and people will become obsolete. Thanks for the help. —Vexivero, who is having a lot of fun right now. Ah, the simple things are life's greatest pleasures.
  24. Alright thanks for the clarification —Vexivero, who is once again clarified
  25. Do days have an effect in any Spiderweb games besides Avernum 3? I noticed a few of the later Geneforge games recorded how many "days" your character was on the island, but it didn't seem to do anything. I just beat VoDT and am going to do the other official scenarios; do days affect those in any way? Also, what about Avernum 4-6? I played Avernum 4 a long time ago but don't remember what it was like, and will probably play the second trilogy sometime in 2014. Thanks for any answers. —Vexivero, who wishes real life had a days editor. That would be extremely helpful. I guess it would be called a time machine, though.
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