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  1. I dumped all of my skill points into Mage Spells (16/17 for all characters), Priest Spells (8 for all), Pole Weapons (6-8), and intelligence+endurance (8-10). It's been over a year since I've played A4, but I remember it was pretty easy on torment. There wasn't anything that posed a real challenge for me, although there were parts where I had to practice diligence (like towards the end with the vahnatai fortress).
  2. I finished Geneforge 1 on torment using a Shaper and a Guardian; I stopped allocating skill points around level 10 or so and the game was still pretty easy for both playthroughs. I ended up with 72 unused skill points for the Shaper (level 22) and 73 for the Guardian (level 23). I would say try doing that with no creations for the Guardian if you're looking for a challenge (the Shaper was still pathetically easy). The Guardian finish was pretty rewarding for me though; I still feel like I actually accomplished something even though I know it's just a game.
  3. It's because you didn't earn it. Many/most of people's greatest accomplishments in life are those they really struggled with and put in the effort to obtain as opposed to having everything handed to them.I like running through games on God mode as well, but at the end of the day I get much more of a kick out of completing the game on the hardest difficulty using the bare essentials. I feel like I'm actually accomplishing something, even if I'm the only one who will know about it. As for help, I would just say *try* completing any game on the hardest difficulty and see how you like it. Other than that there's not much anybody else can do for you; you have to come to this realization on your own and motivate yourself.
  4. Mooing pigs are also pretty cool. I wonder if they can produce bacon-flavored milk
  5. I don't install things into program files. That way when I want to uninstall something, I can be sure I delete it entirely and quickly. The shortcuts are simply so I don't have to open the folder to run the game.
  6. If there's one thing I excel at, it's organization http://postimg.org/image/5o78tksd7/
  7. 1. I don't think you can. I remember I tried doing that too (don't know if it was Silvar? I think there are a few like this in the game). If you let the city get destroyed by plagues the rooms don't net you anything of value, so I would guess they're inaccessible. 2. Use the spell Mana. The cheap thing about Exile games is if you play them long enough, you can have an entire party that is maxed out in everything. I would cast the mana spell every now and then until all of my party was drained of SP, then just wander around and let it regenerate or rest. Especially when you gain higher intelligence, one cast can give you 20-30 food if I remember correctly, so you'll max out your food pretty quickly.
  8. I think it's technically an RPG but I couldn't find any way to actually 'level up'; you only get more health/mana (no skill points or anything). Btw, if anybody is looking for a challenge try that game. I gave up after the first episode because the second one is just insane (and that was on the easiest setting). The ridiculous difficulty of the game reminds me of the latest levels of doom if anybody is familiar with those. TBH I don't mind a challenge but this one was extreme; kinda sapped the fun out of the game for me.
  9. I only played the demo too, but I ran through it a lot back in the day. Yeah it's pretty similar to Doom but what FPS wasn't back then; kinda like an Elder Scrolls FPS if you will
  10. It's a really old game from the later 90's; I used to play it when I was 7 or 8. For some reason a few days ago it popped into my memory and I found it online; it still works on newer computers and it's exactly the way I remember it
  11. I've never been extremely depressed to the point where I wanted to end my life. I used to be bullied a ton though, and hated my position in life. I feel like I used to always be depressed, but masked it and never thought about it by keeping busy. It even caused me to start doing stupid [censored] and I got arrested 3 weeks before graduation. After high school, it was like a reset button. I took a year off to decide what I really wanted to do with myself and more importantly changed my mindset and outlook on life. I realized I was suffering from identity crisis (basically all I did my entire childhood was play videogames) and I started looking at everything as an accomplishment, no matter how minor. Even things like completing a video game or watching a TV show/movie I had never watched before, I considered those tangible achievements. I began exploring things I might be possibly interested in and made a commitment to follow through. As I became more successful and accomplished more things, it gave me more energy and drive to keep going. And here I am today. Far from done, still making every day count. I now tie my self worth to my knowledge base/skillset, so as I get older I get better and enjoy life even more.
  12. Individual meritocracy (me) - I am best qualified to lead, thus I shall. Quiver before me, underlings! Healthcare - Universal Wrack aka Volebamacare Economics - Aquatic Prostitution aka make it rain on dem hoez Education - Kim Kardashian 4+2 = Instagram program (cerebral restructuring to keep the masses inane) Judicial - Lava Pit Of Truth (evolved form of Bisha'a) Military - Gray Jedi Media - The Onion
  13. I'm thinking about getting that bundle. How does steam work? I saw you need to download their software, so can you not play the games if you uninstall the steam software?
  14. This was one of the most annoying fights for me, so I figured since I found out this little tactic someone else might get some use out of it as well. Plus, I did a bit of searching when I needed help and there was no solid technique of beating this guy aside from trying to kill all the servants at once, which is pretty hard as well considering you're healing your characters for over half your moves. All 4 of my characters can cast high level mage spells as well as some priest spells, so the technique you use may be a little different. Start out by hasting everybody in your party, then placing your entire party around the shade in the middle. Once he turns hostile and summons the 7 servants, slow every one but before you use your last turn hit the 'F' key so that it'll take you out of combat at the end of the round. Now, save the game. Every round, Moref moves to another servant, so all you have to do is try looking out for the impossible-to-see light that swirls around one of the servants, but if you don't get it then just reload. This is where it's advantageous to have 4 magecasters, because lightning spray mows down the servants and you can heal yourself with the remaining moves. Again, hit the 'F' key before the final move so it'll take you out of combat at the end of the round. This way you can keep saving for each time you injure Moref. Now just keep doing this until Moref comes out. Once Moref comes out, you can just leave and heal up by going back through Solberg's Tower. When you go back, Moref will still be there and still at the same health you left him at.
  15. Cool, thanks for the clarification. Nice to know I've been equipping items correctly all this time
  16. Here's what I mean: Slith Warspear Abilities: Slith Spear - Base Damage 12-48 +8% Fire Resistance +5% Hit Chance Weight: 10 lbs Value: 1000 Blessed Halberd Abilities: Halberd - Base Damage 12-48 Weight: 13 lbs. Value: 1300 Is there a justification for this price difference? I notice it happens a few times with other weapons as well where the weapon that on the surface should be more is valued significantly lower than a seemingly inferior counterpart.
  17. Thanks a lot; I will have to look into that cheat then. Solberg's papers never even crossed my mind Wow, I read that thread. You are crazy for even trying a torment singleton, but major props for finishing! I'm good with just beating it on torment, much less using one character. Btw, do you remember what your strategy was for beating Moref the shade??? I've looked up how to beat him and people say "look for the flashes of light", but I can't even see those, and am unsure as to what you're supposed to look for. Plus, my screen doesn't cover the entire cavern by one or two spaces so I cannot see all of the shades at once. I went back with a level 28-29 party and still was getting killed. That may be because I was unwilling to let it drag out by using potions, but still that is a quest for characters half that level
  18. What'd you give her??? I had the anama scrolls, crystal from muck and vahnatai crystal chip. It only gave me options for giving her the scrolls and muck crystal, and she didn't accept either.
  19. Anybody else had this problem? I'm doing it on torment, so I wanted to get every advantage I could and this really pissed me off when I realized I couldn't convince Ruth to leave even though I never killed Tholmen. My plan was to use the Darkside trainers cause they buff you up with some good stuff and then slaughter everybody there, but now I can't. I am wondering if this is the issue?? http://postimg.org/image/evfkut6mt/ During the fight, I holed my fighters up in this little corner so I wouldn't have to use any potions cause everybody kept rushing me. I am wondering if that was too far away from when Tholmen escapes that it doesn't register?? Or maybe there is some other prerequisite that I failed. I only wanted to play this through twice, but I am strongly considering doing a third runthrough and if I do I want to make sure I know everything.
  20. You're going in the northeast quadrant. That one you can't get a bracelet for, you just have to sneak around. You leave through the southeast. He didn't go over the kill limit for sentinels because that turns everybody hostile and he wouldn't be able to complete that quest. I think the sentinel limit is 14 as well; I was playing it on torment and didn't want to complete that quest yet to conserve my potions, so I carved out a path to where I could leave. I killed the four that patrol up and down from the south entrance(by that trainer guy) and the other four that patrol east and west by the warped wolves. That last area before the turrets has 6 I believe and I had to sneak by the last sentinel because if I killed it everybody turned hostile.
  21. Thank you very much! I found it; it is indeed through a secret wall. If anybody else reads this and needs help, it is right after you exit For Remote; the first chance you get to go south, and then walk against the walls to the east until you find the secret wall.
  22. Here is what the hint book for Exile I says about the spell "Dispel Barrier": "Mairwen (Fort Dranlon). To get it, you need to bring her the slith tome from the slith town in the swamp on the other side of the river. This can also be found in a hidden aranea lair far to the southwest." This is highly confusing to me. I have been to the far southwest of the map where For Remote and Sulfras' lair is and found nothing. I also looked at the world map in the hint book and it does not seem to show anything about this hidden aranea lair. The only two aranea lairs I am aware of and both are near the GIFTS, far north. If anybody can help me out I'd appreciate it. I am just wondering whether Jeff made a mistake or this is an unlisted dungeon.
  23. I was looking this up for a little bit earlier but I didn't find anything too detailed on it. Do you take the entire base of the laptop off and then clean everything out, or just turn it over and try to spray through the vents? I'm not a computer guy, so I don't want to take it off and have everything fall apart on me. Also, how often do you clean it out?
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