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  1. Just resurrecting this very old topic, but does this apply for crystals (just the normal ones) as well? Same with the rough diamond - does that have any purpose other than to be sold..?
  2. Hi guys, thanks for your responses that's that mystery solved for me!
  3. Hi everyone Been playing Exile III since around 1997 or so, and I have returned, so there are two questions I've wondered the answers to: 1. There's a room/house in Silvar that comes up with a special encounter when you try to enter. I've never figured how to get into said room... so I wonder, is that just a room that you can't enter at all? Think I tried killing the townsperson in there before, but it didn't work. 2. When you purchase wine, ale, food etc. in an inn, does it stave off hunger for longer? had a look to see if this had been asked before but I don't think it has!
  4. Oh my, fantastic. Thank you so much for making these versions. It has made my day I know this is an old topic, but it's brilliant!
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