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  1. Thanks for the tips! I'll definitely be using them when I make an Avernum 3 run I'll probably skip on the knowledge brews after a few tries, though. It does get a little boring when there's no threat of death on your part. —Vexivero, who did not skip out on the knowledge brews. After all, knowledge is power.
  2. I rescind my previous statement. I just beat Avernum 2 on torment without using the character editor, and I have to say it was the most gratifying Spiderweb experience I've had. Anyways, I plan on playing Avernum 3 pretty soon. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the shopper exploit at Fort Emergence. Whatever that guys name who used to take care of the Orb. If you sell items to him, he gets an unlimited supply of them. I played the demo for years and years, and would always sell knowledge brews, mind crystals, and research tomes to him (so I could boost my way to level 50 for that portal fortress quest). There's no such thing as excess money. I suppose it could take the fun out of the game, though, as you'll have a God Mode character eventually. Especially with the Resistance crystal. —Vexivero, who enjoys many things. Trolling is a great hobby!
  3. Guardians and Black Shades are probably the most annoying enemies other than Doomguards before you get Arcane Shield. That hut by Fort Dranlon wiith a few Guardians and Black Shades was the toughest outside encounter in the game for me. I agree divine warrior and arcane shield are a must. I don't know if you can survive a doomguard encoutner without those. I don't know about you, but my players are all spellcasters. I just level up their mage and priest spell skills until 17 and then start dumping points into strength, dexterity, endurance and intelligence. All other combat skills are complemented by special weapons[i don't even need to use hand to hand combat until later parts of the game, and by then I have the Jade Halberd, Blessed Halberd, Bloodthirst Spear, and a Steel Halberd], non-skill point skills[like magery and acrobatics] and spells like war blessing, haste etc give you all the combat skills you need. At least I really like this strategy. The game begins to get really easy though once you get around level 30 or so. The 2 doomguard combo at the second guardpost is without a doubt the hardest part of the game. What I did was switch to combat mode and keep 3 players outside the portcullis, then activate the doomguards while in combat mode so only one character could fight them. Then put your character in the corner so only three doomguards can attack that character at any given time(in my case arcane shield would always run out of the invulnerability part before I recast it and doomguards would have a free round to attack my character). This way your best character is guaranteed to attack the doomguards every time, and I had more than enough spell energy to cast arcane shield, divine warrior, and war blessing on that one character until all the doomguards were dead. Yeah, I had a character with 117 spell points and barely escaped. I think I had like 2 or 3 spell points left. I ended up casting arcane shield and using the demonslayer to kill the last mung demon. The tricky part for me was the first batch that appear around the demonslayer box. if I went to either side of the box, the demons would cast slow and eventually a mung demon would come into the mix and would hit me with a dumbfounding ray. They still do if you stay in the middle, but the chances are a lot less. Then when I fought the Haakai, a mung demon would come around the corner and hit me with a dumbfounding ray a lot as well. It was hard to isolate those guys. I would definitely recommend playing Exile if you can find a way to get it to play on your computer. Some people have used one of those virtual box things or whatever to get it to play on Vista and beyond but I couldn't figure it out. I haven't played Exile in probably at least 5-8 years, but I still love it a lot more than Avernum, and you get 6 characters instead of 4. I also think the sound effects are a lot cooler but that's just my opinion. And you could choose the spot where you summon creatures. That's one of the really annoying things about Avernum for me. I usually only summon creatures to provide distractions for enemies, and when the creatures are summoned behind you it really defeats the purpose. —Vexivero, who has now figured out how to get dosbox to work on his computer. Exile is indeed the superior game!
  4. I don't know if you would consider this cheating or not, but I noticed the spell "bind foe" works on pretty much everybody when in level one. You can trap golems, wizards, Haakais and other spellcasters and tough opponents with this. If you upgrade the spell, then they start resisting it. When combined with haste, this becomes extremely cheap. Especially when they're the only enemy left, because they will never get a turn as long as you cast it once every round. Also, every opponent has the same range. So you can isolate really tough situations very easily. When you're at the very farthest range of your spells(so the longest distance away from your enemy that you can cast a spell) they won't attack or even see you. So you can stay at that range and attack them, then they'll come to you and none of the other enemies will be alerted. So you can pick off every opponent one by one. This, combined with the bind foe spell, ensures pretty much every situation is beatable. I slew Gaddicka at around level 10 without him ever getting a shot at me. The only problems I've had on torment so far is with doomguards and guardians/black shades, but I just reload a few times to gauge the distance so I can take them all on one at a time. Doomguards I had to wait until I had Arcane Shield, Haste level 3, War Blessing level 3, and Divine Warrior. I haven't used any potions yet, and I've gotten Demonslayer, rescued the crystal soul in Angierach and the crystal soul in the vahnatai fortress. It's all about conservation and regrouping outdoors once you lose your energy, although the Demonslayer one was a bit tough. I'm saving it all for the final battle with Garzahd! —Vexivero, who likes Bushwhacker's quotes. Shaper-Master sounds like a sexy stud. I bet he's the ultimate hunk.
  5. I don't want anything for Christmas. Every day I work hard, so that if there is something I wish to physically obtain I can do so, and if there is something metaphysical that I wish to obtain I have a better chance of doing so as well. Not trying to be a downer or anything, but Christmas isn't special at all to me. Every day when I wake up and am a little more knowledgeable, a little more skilled, a little more well-rounded, to me that's Christmas. I suppose I just bought the first 3 Avernums 2 weeks ago, and I do want to buy the next 3 and the Geneforge bundle in the forseeable future. This doesn't mean I want to reserve it for December 25th, though. When the time is right I'll buy and enjoy them. —Vexivero, who still is in support of this comment. In fact, this trolljob is kind of like Christmas in a way
  6. Does anybody know what the difference is between acrobatics and dexterity? I can upgrade my acrobatics for a few skill points cheaper, but I want to make sure 1 point of dexterity = 1 point of acrobatics. Also, is blademaster recommended as an upgrade as opposed to leveling up melee/pole weapons —Vexivero, who thinks it would be cool to be a real life Blademaster. He would be an undefeated LARP Champion!
  7. Wow, you guys are serious gamers. I enjoy the challenge of playing on Tough or Torment, but I think it takes way too much time to loot dungeons and sell the stuff, then go back and loot some more. I just use the character editor whenever I need cash. —Vexivero, who is now a hypocrite. He, too, has participated in lootfests.
  8. That's incredible, but at the same time I believe it. There's so many games out there now it's quantity over quality. In fact one guy I know told me he never plays the same game twice, because there's so many out there. I myself prefer quality over quantity. I remember when Skyrim came out I had 3 level 81 characters with all over 200 hours each, and I spent about half a year on that game. Don't even get me started on Spiderweb games, either. When I was a little kid I would easily play some of the Exile games 12 hours a day every day. I don't have an extremely wide variety of games I play, but the ones I do play I get my money's worth. Can't tell you how many times I tore through KOTOR I and II either. —Vexivero, who remembers Drakefyre. But Drakefyre probably doesn't remember him. As Jeff Vogel would say, "It's all good in the hood".
  9. Hey man I made this video for you, hopefully it'll help you feel a little better. I was bullied for 7 years until the very end of high school and I know what it's like to feel less than nothing. I just wish your brother could have risen above everything like I did. —Vexivero, who was indeed bullied for 7 years. But it did make him the man he is today, so in a way he is eternally grateful.
  10. Not in Denver, why? Was there a really good dancer where you were at? I live in Colorado Springs. I go to Rawkus a ton if you ever go down to the springs. I dance a lot to EDM/dubstep music. I've been to Beta a few times, we were there a month or two ago. —Vexivero, who does enjoy Rawkus. He does sound a bit cocky, but it's probably justified
  11. I don't get drunk. And if I do, I get drunk before I go in. To be honest, I'm an animation dancer(look up Marquese Scott cause most people never heard that term but they recognize him, it's the sickest style of dance) and that's the only reason I go clubbing. Dancing with hot girls is a plus too —Vexivero, who still enjoys dancing. Even though there's probably an app for that
  12. I'm going clubbing. I've never gone clubbing on Halloween, so it should be cool. Especially cause they're handing out prizes(I think $500 each) for most erotic and most exotic. Not that I'm getting those awards, but it'll be cool to see what people come up with. —Vexivero, who still enjoys clubbing. Baby Seals are the best
  13. I'm just curious as to how everyone else came across this company. Last night I was thinking back since I couldn't sleep. Probably 15 years ago when I was about 8 my dad used to download game demos for me to play from various websites. One of them was Exile: Escape From The Pit. Unlike other games, I kept going back to it and couldn't get enough of it. Nowadays, I don't play games as much as I used to (gaming used to be my entire life), but I still come back every now and then and get my fix. —Vexivero, who wishes he had more posts to edit. Oh well, life is harsh.
  14. I don't do either. Usually, if there's a big boss fight I'll make a few creations to help draw damage off of me, especially if there are many enemies. After it's done though, I'll absorb the creations. I find dexterity isn't useful against high level creatures as well. Intelligence is useful to a degree, especially if you cast that spell that increases your health, but you also want to cast other spells for a big fight. I only speak from demo experience though, I'm sure in later levels it might nullify that as you get more essence. —Vexivero, who still doesn't like creating creations. It's like hiring a stripper to write your english paper.
  15. I've been looking at the strategy central topics and wondering if my approach has been wrong in terms of the entire gameplay So far, I've been playing Geneforge 1-5 demos as a melee character. G1-3 I've been using a Guardian, G4 I used the warrior and G5 I used a servile. I've been ignoring shaping and leveling up only my own combat skills. I'll usually level mechanics up to 8 and leadership anywhere from 4-6 early on, then focus only on melee weapons, quick action, strength(usually get it around 8-9), dexterity(usually level it up anywhere from 5-7), intelligence(3-4), endurance(5-6), and throw a few into blessing magic if I can. I'm just wondering, as I'm probably going to buy the Geneforge Bundle in the next month or so, is this a good way to play to the end of the games? Especially in the later Geneforges, some of the creatures like War Tralls and Drakons and whatnot seem like they might be extremely hard to defeat using a melee character. But then again, my character is still relatively low in terms of levels. Any advice? Should I be fine using a melee only character, or should I start investing in shaping and/or magic? —Vexivero, who hasn't played Geneforge in a long time. Maybe it's time to buy the full versions of those.
  16. Hey Rya sorry I meant to quote you but instead I reported your post. I don't think it'll matter though cause I typed the content of my post so whoever gets it will figure it out. Anyways, I gotta agree with you that I really enjoyed the engine of Escape From The Pit over the other Spiderweb games I've played, even though I haven't experienced some of the newer ones. I'm also wondering if the hint books are worth it? How helpful is the stuff they put in the hint books and what type of "hints" do they put in them? —Vexivero, who no longer needs nor cares about hint books
  17. I've been pondering this as well, because I'm thinking of getting the first trilogy as well. For me, price isn't an issue. $25 for the first three games is extremely cheap. Many clubs charge $10 for entry on a Saturday night. If I go out to eat at a restaurant just for myself I'll usually end up paying $10-15. I think in the beginning the engine problems will be pretty awkward, but once you get re-used to playing the older games it won't be much of an issue. And it's better than waiting a few years for the remakes. Unless you've got other games and stuff to keep you extremely busy during that waiting period. —Vexivero, who still believes these games are an extreme bargain. One can pay $10 for a meal that will be over in half an hour, or they can pay $10 for a game that will take 40-50+ hours to complete for only the first playthrough.
  18. Thanks for all the good reviews and advice. I might have spoken too early when I said "I'm way too busy to play them all". I can probably get around to them all EVENTUALLY, but it'll take a long time. I'm thinking of buying the Geneforge bundle. 5 games for $30 is extremely cheap, and I did take a liking to the series even though enemies didn't respawn. If I ever finish those five I might buy the first Avernum series. I only played the demos of each, but I spent countless hours doing so. It'd be nice to finally finish the storylines and find out what happens. —Vexivero, who has now played more than the demos of each. Life Is Good
  19. I'm asking because I've been away for years and years. During my childhood I played all 4 exile games, Avernum 1-3, and Geneforge 1-3. I think I might have even played Avernum 4 a little bit too, but not extensively. However, I haven't played spiderweb games in probably 5+ years, and it seems like there's some cool ones out since my hiatus. So....any recommendations on the best one in your opinion? Even if it's one I've already played. I'm way too busy to play them all, which is why I'm asking for your guys recommendations on the best ones —Vexivero, who has his own personal signature
  20. KOTOR I & II are two of my favorite games! Have you played them with some of the player created mods? http://knightsoftheo....filefront.com/ This site has so many great mods that have enhanced the gameplay for me. I'm surprised nobody mentioned any Elder Scrolls games. I lost a lot of life to Morrowind and Skyrim. I've logged a ton of hours playing Fallout 3, New Vegas, and Borderlands I & II as well. —Vexivero, who also likes Mass Effect, and other games...
  21. I'd like some customer feedback. How is it compared to the previous Geneforges? What's changed? I haven't played the demo so I wouldn't know. —Shaper-Master, who is considering buying the game but is wondering if it is worth the price. Perhaps some of the customers can point out the pros and cons to each choice.
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