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  1. Pity. To be quite frank with you, you are ignorant. If you'd only took a moment to think about the situation and read up on the matter instead of spilling your undiluted gall over Jeff's business practices, you'd realize there are no Android ports for Spiderweb games just to prevent 'crappy distribution'. Sigh. Millenials and their smartphones ...
  2. One tip: do not format your harddisk in APFS; you're going to have issues with older programs. Choose HFS+ (MacOS Extended (Journaled)) instead.
  3. In addition to Ess-Eschas' comment; Blxz, honestly, I don't think we'll see an Android port of a Spiderweb game in the near future, if at all. Jeff has had a bad experience with outsourcing Android ports and the two Kickstarters didn't even get near the Android port stretch goal. On top of that, Avadon 1 for Android apparently didn't make alot of money and had issues. Basically, if you want to play Spiderweb games on Mobile, your best bet is to buy an iPad. In case you didn't know, all Spiderweb games from Avernum 6 and onward have iPad ports.
  4. No self-respecting programmer develops for Android.
  5. ladyonthemoon, instead of using the convoluted (and horribly inefficient) Unity Engine, why don't you use Win32, with DXGI and D3D as the rendering backend? Depending on your experience in computer programming, getting started with anything DirectX may seem daunting at first, but once you've got everything set up, it is pretty easy to use. If you just need to render 2-dimensional graphics, you can use the much simpler (but less powerful) Direct2D instead. Considering your post, I assume you have no experience with DirectX; forgive me if I'm mistaken. If you're interested in Jeff's
  6. What does run Catalina? Long live Mac OS Cataclysm.
  7. I sleep all night and program all day; which is what I would do too before the Coronavirus came about.
  8. I can confirm that all* Spiderweb Software games will work on Mac OS High Sierra and Mojave. However, the older games will not launch when you double-click on the application, as you would normally do to launch a program on Mac OS. You'll have to launch the executable module located inside the application bundle. Do do so, right-click on 'Geneforge v1.2.app' and select 'Show package contents'. Navigate to 'Contents/MacOS'. Then, double-click on 'Geneforge Univ'. A terminal window will show up and Geneforge should launch correctly. If you don't want do to this every time you would like to pl
  9. Thanks for the playthrough, Chessrook. I really don't like Queen's Wish, but I still wanted to know how the story would go. Instead of slogging through the game myself, I watched your playthrough, the whole thing until the end.
  10. I'm glad he is. I really hope none of Queen's Wish's changes will make it into Geneforge.
  11. There is only so much that can be discussed about Spiderweb games. I'm afraid that most topics have already been handled. On the other hand, I understand that the lionshare of content on these forums was posted by a tightly-knit community basically going about silly things, with some Blades discussions mixed in. The big days of the Blades games are past - as you stated - and the core of the Spiderweb community has mostly moved on. This is all to be expected really; the issue is that too few new people are flowing in to keep the community alive. As to "being stuck in the past", like you, I a
  12. CtrlAltDel, have you tried Fallout 1 and 2? I have a suspicion you might like those games.
  13. Running Mac OS, under emulation or not, on a Windows machine is illegal. It's also quite a hassle, to say the least. On top of that, you won't get Mac OS running without third-party software. Illegal third-party software. I would be very suprised if that's true. I can't find any downloads for MacOS 7 from Apple though. Also, Mac OS 'Rock Solid' 7, was by far the worst edition of Mac OS classic. I'd go for System 9 if you want to emulate Mac OS classic per sé. This is false. The guides for both emulators you mentioned state clearly that extra software
  14. A common issue. Try setting the graphics controller to vboxsvga. If you still get whitescreens, try vboxvga. Turning off both 2D and 3D acceleration might also help.
  15. Great! What surprises me is that Windows messages you that the game can't run on your PC. I only get that message when I try to run incompatible installers, but both Future Cop and Exile III just crashed on me when I tried to launch the executables without the required compatibility settings. I must admit I'm using a PC "modified" for programming; it's likely I have certain settings or software packages installed that are required to play both games on Windows 10.
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