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  1. It's worth noting that while each faction of Serviles wants you to do something different in the endgame, it's not exactly right to describe the endings as tied to factions- it's possible to get the Trajkov ending without ever joining the Takers, or to get the Obeyer ending having joined the Awakened, etc. What matters is what you do in the endgame, and which faction leaders are alive at the end of the game. Also maybe worth noting: While each successive Geneforge game establishes certain events from the prior game as canon, the canon series of events never precisely matches up wit
  2. If you've either left Ellhrah alive and fought your way to Trajkov then helped him, or passed the Leadership check to join the Takers without killing Ellhrah, the Trajkov ending is actually, curiously, probably the best possible ending for the Awakened. I think it's also curious that Trajkov proves to be basically honest and trustworthy. He's built up across the course of the game, via others' testimony, as a brash, unstable brute who demands total loyalty. But if you side with him- it turns out that he really does keep his promises to you, and to the Takers. He makes you
  3. The meal quests (as with a bunch of other minor sidequests) in 1 and 3 are only in the re-remakes of those games, which I haven't played very much of. 5 doesn't have any meal-related quests, and I don't think any version of 2 does either.
  4. There's never been a meal-related quest in any Geneforge... There's one in Avernum 4, and then obviously meal is very important in Avernum 6, but meal has always just been a minorly-valuable loot item in the Geneforge games. The only standing subquests of that type in Geneforge 1 are for Shaper records and Shaper equipment, and both are retained in the remake.
  5. Signing an exclusivity contract with a console manufacturer can be a big advantage for a developer or publisher. First, and most obviously, the console manufacturer might offer money up-front, or a bigger cut of the profits on each sale on the console in question. But beyond that, console exclusivity can very well mean a bigger audience than a cross-platform release can: the console company will do marketing to hype up an exclusive game, in the hopes that it drives further sales of their console, and this type of super-powered marketing can result in more game sales, on one console, than the g
  6. That's basically it- a publisher will generally have greater resources than most (indie) developers will have access to, unless the developer has had previous hits. Not just financial support per se, but marketing/PR employees, QA teams, porting teams, contacts with distributors, etc. Which are important in that, even apart from not necessarily having enough capital to support the developers throughout a game's development, many developers (both individuals and teams) simply don't have the skillset to do marketing for their game, or an existing fanbase that they can draw volunteer testers from
  7. I can't be sure about the Mac version of the game, but for the Windows version, AFAIK, no, there is no way to run the Steam version of the game without running the Steam client as well. It's possible to run Steam in offline mode, to turn off the Steam overlay, and to turn off Steam achievements and cloud saves and so on, but the only way to run the game without also running the Steam program at the same time is to buy it somewhere other than Steam. It's possible- although I'm not aware of Spiderweb's exact policy on this issue- that if you emailed the Spiderweb support address, and
  8. You can't. Firebolt is the only spell you can set to be your default attack in Mutagen.
  9. The developer or publisher of a game sets the price Steam or GOG sells the game at. Steam or GOG then takes a share of the revenue generated by the game- Steam normally takes 30%, but cuts deals to take a smaller share of some bigger sellers; GOG, I believe, takes a flat 30% from all sales, but they might make individual deals like Steam does- but that's all behind closed doors. For comparison, the Epic Games Store normally takes a 12% cut, and itch.io does not take a mandatory cut at all. Steam just takes the same 30% cut they do as when the game is sold at full price. The deve
  10. I have not. My understanding of the situation is that, while the 2011 translation is much, much superior to the original English translation, due to obscure publishing rights issues, it can only be released as an audiobook and an ebook (and there might be further rights issues from there, even though Lem's family prefers the 2011 translation). I don't listen to audiobooks, and I don't have an ebook reader. I've actually never read Solaris at all. The more-easily-available standard English translation from 1970 is a hackjob that retranslates a French translation of the novel into En
  11. Oh boy. More books: A Perfect Vacuum, by Stanisław Lem. Reviews of nonexistent books, which format Lem uses to strike out in different directions, some more fruitful than others. Some of these reviews made me wish dearly that the books they describe existed; others were excellent constructs in themselves; and some were just boring. Overall worthwhile. Cat's Cradle, by Kurt Vonnegut. I feel basically similarly about this book as I do about Slaughterhouse-Five, although it wasn't quite as good, maybe. Lots of jokes, very little incident. But they're good jokes. Bowie in Ber
  12. I think it's reasonable to believe that lock XP uses a related or derived formula to monster XP, but I'm dubious about it using the exact same formula, as it has to account for a much wider range of levels than the monster formula does. AFAIK there are no enemies in Mutagen that reach even level 30, while Randomizer's and stilltim's testing has documented locks that are in at least the 30s, and probably higher- that is, there are locks that should be giving you 30xp regardless of when you pick them, if it were using the same formula as for monsters, since you actually can't get within 5 levels
  13. The experience you get from cracking a lock does appear to scale relative to player level, but I don't think it's logical to conclude that it uses the same formula as monster XP does. You get (evidently scaled) XP for lockpicking in the original games, too, and they definitely use the lockpicking formula I posted above, and definitely have locks with levels substantially higher than the player can ever attain. The XP scaling thus has to be more complicated than for monsters, who always have player-comparable levels: it'd have to be something more like "1x XP for picking a lock of greater level
  14. I don't think there's any strong reason to assume the formula has been changed relative to the original games, although I think some locks have been changed to have substantially higher levels, to encourage the player to find the key, if not making it mandatory. If it has been changed, the new mechanics definitely aren't "1 Living Tool = 2 points of Mechanics," given how the number of LTs needed scales relative to your Mechanics and to high-level locks. This... isn't remarkable? Every Geneforge game so far- if not Mutagen- has used the formula I posted above, and every Geneforge
  15. Your speculated formula is very close, but approaches the problem slightly backwards, because of a little quirk in how the system works. Assuming that Mechanics/Living Tools work by the same rules in Mutagen as they do in the originals- and I haven't seen anything to indicate that they don't- the way it works is this: Each locked lever has a set level. If your Mechanics skill is equal to or greater than the level of a lock, you unlock it without having to expend any Living Tools. If not: ((Lock Level) - (Your Mechanics)) / (Your Mechanics) = Living Tools required, rounded
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