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  1. Yeah, I’m currently exploring that chain of events in full
  2. You can search the Atlas pinned on this forum to search for “stairs” or “trapdoor”
  3. Novice Shaper Agent Emilaine found herself stranded, naked and afraid on the barred island of Sucia. Though just an apprentice, she was able to use her Shaper’s abilities and the wonderful new tools who found on the island to survive. Finding a fractious balance of politics and inter-sect intrigue, she played one sect against the other to keep them off-balance while she grew in confidence from the assistance everyone unwittingly gave her to curry the favor of her skills to combat their adversaries. Upon finding two ambitious souls in a stalemate over which one would be the first to use the Geneforge for unlimited power. Emilaine herself used the Geneforge to counteract the naked ambitions in both their eyes to slay them. And then destroyed the annoying Takers and all they had built. Reveling in all her powers, she overcame all to find the last usable boat on the island to return to Shaper civilization. Upon finding the Shaper’s unreceptive to her powers, she razed their cities and slew their leaders. Then she overwhelmed all the other lands - known and unknown. She made a worldwide empire and all would love her and despair. And those that wouldn’t love her or her ways would be thrown into a big pit in the ground and left for all eternity. She spent her many years as an unassailable despot comfortable that no power upon the surface of the planet could challenge the rule of her or her empire. And no power on the surface of the planet could...
  4. Check the tool tip for the baton you are trying to equip. Better batons do require a finite Missile Weapons point score. I believe Venom batons require 2 skill points. Each upgrade requires more points. Makes you decide if you want to be a dedicated archer or not.
  5. There is that. I tend to avoid torment. And my veteran Guardian is only about 1/3 through the game.
  6. I thought I saw this happen today! I was wondering why suddenly I died after the battle was over. I wasn’t paying much attention but it seemed my cryo attacked me out of the blue without the brain icon on it, but I got the screen of death before I could figure it all out.
  7. The Man stated it best. I like the levels the way they are. I don’t play torment because I don’t want such torment from my pastimes. I play through the classes and factions on normal and then play my favorites on hard/veteran. I end up with Civilization type hours of play time on SpiderWeb games - and mostly complete the games I start as opposed to Civ games. I am a big fan of the iPhone cum PC crpg Exiled Kingdoms, but there casual is a tad too easy while normal is a tad rough. I like the balance in game play styles Jeff offers. Others may differ. It’s all good.
  8. I land in the camp that finds the advanced abilities of creations a better idea than the diversification of types of creatures. Of course the diversification evolved over the span of the Geneforge series. It’ll be interesting to see the advancement and evolution of the remakes (if they occur). I, with my small voice, shout out for more remakes of this series!
  9. I have used roamers especially at levels 4-10 but I’ve found that I get more bang for my precious essence bucks by upgrading cryos. Roamers are great, but just ain’t quite as great as cryos. However, that Essence Shield tactic with roamers and their rage ability is interesting and seems to be a great idea to exploit!
  10. I don’t play much on Torment. I have too much torment in real life.

  11. 17. Fill up your Quick Access toolbar at the bottom of the screen. In the heat of battle it can be easy to forget the crystals and wands in your backpack that you can use. It keeps all your valuable resources at a glance. You may have that AOE spell you need RIGHT NOW in a crystal you’ve forgotten about.
  12. Thank you TriRodent. I’ve been a lurker for years. This is the first time I’ve been able to join in the fun here from day one of a SpiderWeb game
  13. I sent a sacrificial fyora in combat mode. It worked. I had to make a few of them
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