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  1. It might need a bigger effort in terms of artistic choice and design but its not outside of spiderweb's capabilities, for example I always found the top down games more beautiful and artistically pleasing. Never liked Avernum isometric graphics, one explanation is that if you cannot achieve the resource demanding realistic graphics that are up to today's standards, one should try to make a more abstract graphical version and not try to do something in between the two. For example, Terraria, Cogmind, Brogue....etc all have minimalistic graphics that are good from an artistic viewpoint.
  2. I agree it might not be his usual way of doing things but that does not mean he is incapable of making it happen, I referenced Dark Souls for its dark atmosphere and not for its gameplay mechanics. I always saw Exile's 3 as one of the most underrated RPGs of all time, I mean I'm not a game developer so I'm gonna stay humble and not give strong opinions on what spiderweb should do, but times are changing and not all people like to read endless lines of dialogue. Yeah been playing CRPGS for a while now, played these 2 and nearly all black isles games. Recently played ATOM as well but skipped all the dialogue, it was uninteresting at all to read. Exceptions do exist however, a story like Planescape Torment can make me read most of its dialogue.
  3. Well why not? making games with minimal dialogue is an art and is sure not easy, the feeling of isolation in an unexplored world has always been a driving force behind some great RPGs. I have nothing against dialogue, I'm just saying its has been done a million times and its not the only way to tell a great story.
  4. My perfect Spiderweb game that I would happily buy is: Exile 3 (not Avernum) with following notes: - Huge open world like the original - Dark Atmosphere and handcrafted with Simple top down graphics eg. like Sunless Sea with simpler graphics - Combat like Exile 3 though it was easy - so increased difficulty till end game - Post apocalyptic (eg. exploring the ruins of an ancient civilization on a barren planet ) - Less NPCs and Dialogue - Mysterious minimal story telling mechanics (like Dark Souls for example) - yeah I'm tired of reading dialogue and besides removing most dialogue shifts the attention to more important stuff in game development - Secrets +++
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