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  1. Hello, I'm going to likely have to update my OS on my MacBook Pro. Someone mentioned to me that older programs may not work. I would like to update but I don't want to lose Geneforge. Current: Mac OS 10.9.5 Idea is to: Update to Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra) Is this good? I'm told Geneforge is "32 bit" and won't work with newer systems and that OS 10.13 is the highest I can go. Please confirm.
  2. Thanks guys! I think I'm going to continue with this - being "bad" is typically what I avoid, even in video games. I'll live a little and try something different. I'm also quite fond of my fyora, Lovies. I can also take the opportunity to get more EXP taking out that Village. I only attack what attacks me first so I can avoid some guilt that way. Is Geneforge 1 stand alone, or does the story line continue until 5? (Is it like Lord of the Rings with a continuation of story or more Call of Duty that has the same general theme?)
  3. Spoilers, I suppose: Haven't played for several years and I honestly never got passed the demo. Doing it again and will purchase the entire series. I don't like walk throughs or guides as I like to enjoy exploring myself. However, I think I made a boo-boo. I didn't make any commitments with the different sects verbally .. however, I was wandering around Ellhrah's Keep and ran into the guard that didn't like me nosing around. I ended up running away from him, but ended up slaughtering everyone in the keep anyways. Oops. 😐 I went back to Vakirri as that's where I had hoarded all my items and ended up fighting and killing a bunch of serviles there. I went to find Nabb, but I think I killed him too, in the hut in the top left of Vakirri. i really wanted to be as neutral as possible. When snooping in the Keep, I found the dead servant mind and, like Pentil, rooms with shackles. Makes me feel they're all hiding something. So - question is - have I borked the game enough to warrant a start over or should I keep going through? As well - when I signed up/logged in, the connection was not secure. Perhaps someone should look into that as passwords are being sent unsecured.
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