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  1. All I can think of is that the Fort Monastery script has been changed to give you 4000 instead. Have you messed with any of the scripts, or installed a script-based editor/cheat? In my version, talknode 93 in z60monasterdlg.txt has code Code: change_coins(num_of_item(262) * 20); take_num_of_item(262,num_of_item(262)); If that 20 happens to be 4000 instead, you might want to change it back. Make sure you back up the scripts folder before you start changing it, though, just in case something goes wrong.
  2. Well, I think I remember lower caps, like 9000 and 15000, in previous Averna. Using 32768 is a handy explanation here, but it may not be the only reason for coinage caps. It wouldn't be too hard to store money as a long, though I guess it's less bother to simply use int. Hmm, maybe the 30000 cap is just because of that. The earlier caps, though, weren't set for this reason.
  3. Ok, let's think about it. A US penny is 2.5g ( source ), and that's a fairly small coin. 30000 of those would therefore be 75kg, or 165 pounds. Do you really think your adventurers want to carry around more than that? It should at least have encumbering effects, if you allow unlimited amounts of currency. (ok, higher value coins would mitigate this some, but perhaps that's factored in already) Still, what do you need more than 30000 coins for? Nothing costs that much, and training is a great way to use coins. You're not going to use the money anywhere else, really.
  4. Quote: Originally written by Zorro: Unfortunately, the basic game engine and graphics stayed the same in subsequent releases - including the 2003 Blades of Avernum. By that time, the graphics and engine had lost a lot of their retro charm and felt tired and clunky. *gets out some marshmallows and a good, long stick*
  5. I'm pretty sure I trained in Fireblast in either the Tower or the Castle. Probably the Castle, since it was somewhat more recent, though I don't really use the spell that often. Quote: From the manual: Arcane Blow (Min. Mage Spells skill 17, Costs 25 spell energy) ... Divine Host (Min. Priest Spells skill 17, Costs 25 spell energy) These are the top spells in each division. Note that there's probably equipment that you can use to mildly increase your *Spells skills, so you won't need to train all the way to 17.
  6. According to the scripts, the "surrounds you with static" ability is a debuffing ability. I'm pretty sure that it reduces the duration, but it might also reduce the power of the effect.
  7. Jeff has said that that was one thing he tried to do in A4: Quote: From the manual: I have ruthlessly pared away all of the stuff that caused busywork and confusion without adding fun. This has been a highly disputed decision, and many people feel that some of the eliminated stuff was in fact fun. It does seem weird that I can train while in the middle of a hostile dungeon, for example. Also, given the graphical upgrades such as animation, new sprites needed to be made; however, it would be possible to use the old ones with the new engine. In fact, that would be fairly easy to do, as long as you don't care about animation. Apparently, Jeff likes the new style graphics and animation better, or at least think that they will sell better. Although he may care about his game worlds and tradition, fundamentally he's trying to feed his family, and that's how things are going to work. I suppose I could start working on some interesting monsters from the past, if I have some free time. Any suggestions?
  8. You may not have noticed them; they should be hanging around the north side of Mertis, not in any buildings, just out in the fields. They may look like random farmers, which is probably why you missed them. Of course, something more serious may have happened, and they could be dead. I doubt it, though.
  9. On some dead guy in the Eastern Gallery. Other people will have more precise info, but I think it's in the southern half. This is outside the demo area, by the way. I think you can get the reward without doing the mission; you just have to be able to dispel a barrier and fight a hasted Vengeful Shade, which I did while in the demo.
  10. It will only prevent rounding from working against you, I think. The difference should be fairly small. For example, if something's worth 5 coins, you can sell it for 1. If you sell 4 separately, you'll get 4 coins. However, if you sell 4 of them together, they'll be worth 20 coins, so you get 5 coins. I guess it could add up to something reasonable over time, but for me I think it's just too much of a hassle for the gain. Obsessive maximizers (not that it's bad to be one; I pick up goblets when I find them) may disagree.
  11. Looking in the scripts. It should be simple enough to do. On a side note, it will increase the level by one for each of your characters when you read the book, so if it were a spell which multiple characters used, not all of whom were dead when you read it first, you'd end up with an extra level on them. It's not a big deal, though you could use it to repeatedly reset spellbooks and get crazy levels of spells. Using the A4 engine, it would be perfectly possible to make per-character flags for spellbooks, though that wouldn't work well if you deleted and remade a character. It would also be possible to do spells like in the previous games, where spellbooks contained a certain level of spell, not an increase of 1. However, that's not how Jeff decided to do it, I guess. Yay post #200!
  12. I think this should work; if not, some variation will, and someone will clarify it soon anyway. Try looking around to the west of there on the surface. I think there's some place near the river which is a one-way down tunnel, or something like that. There's definitely a way to get there, and I don't think it's too far away.
  13. I'm not sure about that. If I remember correctly, there was no update from 1.0 to 1.0.1. Further, the tech support page says: Quote: We have released a patch to upgrade Macintosh Avernum 4 v1.0.1 or v1.0.2 to Avernum 4 v1.0.3. This seems to say that you can't upgrade to a full install of 1.0.3 from 1.0. However, it might still fix some stuff, but not all of the 1.0.1 fixes. It wouldn't have the new graphics, for example.
  14. Quote: Originally written by Epicaricacy: Describing a nephar as having nepil heritage is iffy, but I don't want any interspecies hanky-panky. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Nephar just bigger, stronger, sterile Nephilim? Some just turn out differently (I remember some analogy with mules, though I don't know how correct that is), and then they're called Nephar.
  15. I missed it for quite a long time too, in fact. Eventually I gave up on knowing spell levels, until I saw a topic here where everyone was talking about them. I didn't think they had just remembered them or written them down, so I took one more look around and found it. It's kind of strange, since I'm usually fairly observant about things like that. I guess it doesn't really look like something you'd click, since it's neither a button nor a "link," so I just unconsciously passed over it. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. Spell levels don't matter as much as in previous Averna, though, at least for most spells. Remember Haste level 3 being a group haste? That was rather spiffy. It would be quite handy to have such a spell in A4, though that would decrease the tactical challenge significantly, and change the balance of the game, so it's probably better off like this. Oh well...
  16. I guess I can see why you might not like the grid, but what's wrong with knowing how healthy a monster is? Shouldn't you be able to tell when a goblin's about to collapse, and even about how many attacks it will take?
  17. This has been discussed in great detail before... It does use a modified Geneforge engine, so the cheats are the same; I don't see this as a lack of originality, though. They're not a major part of the game. It reuses a lot of Geneforge graphics because it uses the new engine (whether that's a good idea is another question), and those graphics take some time to make. They were working on graphics all the way to the release, even without remaking everything. Some of the graphics work well, too, though I admit it's a bit weird to see some things appear in Avernum. Laziness can be an economically sound tactic: if you want an acid-spitting worm in your game, you might as well use a graphic you already have, rather than remaking it completely, right? Overall, I don't care that much about graphics. It looks reasonable pretty, though elevation would be nice, so I'm happy enough.
  18. 1. Yes, you'll get to do something small for him later. Don't worry about the door right now, 2. He's in the tunnels between Fort Monastery and Grindstone, behind a mildly locked door. Try looking around down there again. 3. They'll respawn, just come back later. It's not important, just random stuff to do.
  19. There's got to be an automated way to do that, since it's really simply organized. Aran (or many other people) could probably write some script to parse that data out of the file. However, if you enjoy hours of mindless labor, go right ahead. I won't stop you.
  20. I don't think that will make it progress any more quickly... It wouldn't be too hard to make an editor like Hawk King's, but with more power; it would only take some time and effort. My Geneforge editor was based on script editing, too (which makes it nicely cross-platform), and allows you to do quite a bit of stuff to your characters. Hawk King's is the same idea, but simpler. Basically, if you really want an editor, try to calm down and make one yourself. Look at Hawk King's editor and my GF1 editor (or some of the later ones which other people made) and try to do something similar yourself. It will take patience, but if you actually make something nice everyone will like you. If you just want something small like a Girdle of Might, that's a really simple change. You can find item numbers in av4itemschars.txt in your Scripts folder; for example, that Girdle is item 164. From there it's a simple addition of a couple lines to a talknode, after the last dialog text in that node (assuming that node doesn't already have a code entry): Code: code = reward_give(164);break; Please back up any scripts you edit before you change them, and possibly saved games too; if you screw something up, it would be too bad to completely lose all your progress. Have fun!
  21. However, once you play more (even just through the demo, I think), you will find that they've rebuilt it for some other purpose.
  22. Wow, the cheat dialog lets you set flags? That could make it incredibly powerful...
  23. You need to use Stuffit Expander to decompress it, I guess. I'm pretty sure you have a copy of it an /Applications; drag the file to Stuffit and you should be fine. If you don't, just google it, since there's a free expander version available. I hope you enjoy your new MBP!
  24. Quote: Originally written by Mab: You an oldbie? What am I, then? Yeah, really. Maybe there should be some other title for those of us who were around on the IkonBoard. Olderbie? You know, I think I could have registered here a couple days earlier..it's too bad I didn't. A 2-digit member number would be pretty cool to have these days. To keep this slightly on-topic, I guess we'll have a sizable increase in postage as all the Windows users encounter problems. Things may get more interesting around here. (ok, that was a lame attempt at on-topicness. Still, I tried, eh?)
  25. From http://www.avernum.com/avernum4/techsupp.html : Quote: v1.0.2 - More bugs * Dispel Barrier will no longer work on the barriers in the north gate of Fort Emerald, enabling you to get the crystal box too early in the storyline. We think we finally got this one nailed down. * The mangy cur south of Fort Monastery should no longer get stuck when you try to drag him back to the fort. * Other tiny glitches and typos fixed. Strangely enough, it seems like this hasn't been noted here yet, so I figured I'd let y'all know. Enjoy!
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