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  1. Ok, so on my quest to kill Knopp (think that's the spelling) I go to the tannery, go downstairs, and kill the bugger. Then, I go exploring, and find in a corner a way up. Being terminally curious, I of course head up there. I find a large area with nasty lizards and other ickys, and a ledge with some nephils shooting arrows at me. After killing the lizards and their spawn, and then taking care of the Nephils, I see that that ledge is actually part of some kind of complex, however, I can't get to it. By chance, could someone tell me where that complex is, and how may I get there? I really
  2. So, which one is the quest fulfiller? The east ones or the west ones?
  3. Ok, I can get that. But what about the other one? It was the Radient Ghosts quest from Patricks Tower. I had done the mushroom quest there, and while I was down there doing that I fulfilled the "kill all the bugs" quest as well. While I was snooping around down there killing things, I came across the room with these two sparkly ghosts, and killed them. THEN when I got back to the tower, I saw the notice on the board, again I got it, and went to get my reward. It did not register. I was stuck with that on my quest log and no way to fulfill it. So, were those two ghosts that sparkled the R
  4. Ok, I have the demo...waiting til next payday to purchase...just running along, killing things, looting, etc. I killed this ruby ghost in one of the crypts in the Memorial area...then preceeded to the Castle where I check the board once more, and find a new note there to kill the wight. Went back to the Mem area, talked to the guard, and discovered I already killed it. Went back to get my reward, and nothing. Doesn't even register that I killed it. So, now I got this quest that will rot in my quest list and no way to fulfill it. It happened with another quest also, I just happened to
  5. How do you subdue without killing the damn creature? I keep killing him. lol...any clues?
  6. I never got the chance. I came up from below...interrupted her wrestling...had to kill her partner...damaged her to almost dead, then spent about 30 mins running away from her to wait for her to "calm down"...never got the dialog, or anything...ended up having to kill her. Wish there was a real way to know...
  7. Ok, I may be exhausted from having fun with this game, but I forgot some of the equippable items that add tool use...I looked on the list, and I couldn't make them out. Can anyone let me know of a few that I can look for and where they are? Thanks.
  8. Oh, nevermind, I finally found it. All those ladders were what was throwing me off. sigh.
  9. Ok, please read this carefully, thanks. I am in the northern Barren Honeycomb. I went down and found the central room. I killed a bunch of undead there, but never saw a passage...it's just a small downstairs honeycomb with like 4 ladders leading up to the main Honeycomb. It seems there is maybe a hidden passage to the north in the room with the spring, but for the life of me cannot find how to access it. And if that is not the way to the Pit, then where is the secret way? Any help will be welcome, thanks.
  10. Ok, I know you are trying to be helpful and I do appreciate it. But you are not reading my note. I did hit those other switches, found myself in front of the two spectral warriors, beat them, THEN went back and hit the switch behind the pillars...but nothing else opened up. Been hitting switches, moving around..nothing more is opening up. Not sure why.
  11. Yes, I know...I hit that after I killed off the spectral warriors from the first switch. But nothing opens....there is a hidden passge I can see on my map at the far end of the big room, but it does not open.
  12. Ok, so I'm there, spoke with the eye beast, and did kill off those annoying speres..now ready to do the tests. I started off with the north one...went down, saw the two door switches. Hit the first one, went in and killed the spectral warriors...came to a dead end. Went back, hit the switch behind the pillar....heard the grinding noise...but nothing. No outlet, no door opened...ran around down there for awhile, hoping the secret passage I can see on the map at the end of the big room opens...it doesn't. So, now what? How do I get to the goblin to lead him back to the ogre statue? Is this a bug
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