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  1. Strangely enough, what with the A$ doing so well, the prices of Avadon are pretty much equal either way. App Store: A$23.99 Spiderweb: US$25 = A$24.07 Apple has a tendency to overprice things over here even when our dollar is doing well.
  2. Stick the editor in the "Blades of Avernum Files" folder.
  3. Can't you just send a creation in? It's been awhile since I've played a Geneforge so I could be wrong.
  4. Originally Posted By: Randomizer They are all named after Jeff's pet, Spider. Now currently deceased. They were a reoccurring encounter in the pen and paper days of his gaming. You say "currently", does that mean that sometime in the future Spider will not be deceased? Will she(?) return as GIFTSJ?
  5. Originally Posted By: Evnissyen Also, in the new Geneforge it might be nice if creations didn't reduce your XP gains? I mean, considering that a creation is in effect a part of me (since it takes up a lot of my essence): I should get all the XP, right? And the fact that it reduces my XP makes creations less desirable to make... . I should think that the essence loss and the XP cost of building up your abilities to create them would be enough punishment? And if one wants to be challenged more as somebody using creations: one can always raise the difficulty level. Perhaps when you absorb
  6. Quote: Originally written by *i: I would suggest the following: * Lower essence costs for battle creations, up HP and defense from all damage types relative to non-battle creations. * Make intelligence actually mean something to non-battle creations higher than Fryoas. A 2 intelligence Wingbolt might only get off two shots before being exhausted. This forces players to invest more here for non-battle creations. * Quick action and stun for battle alphas, and poison effects for clawbugs, and perhaps a paralysis like effect for war tralls. Maybe special abilities that require certain level
  7. Quote: Originally written by The Mystic: Quote: natural mage and what else are good for a caster? Natural Mage helps mages (obviously), and Divinely Touched helps priests. Good Education is useful when deciphering magical scripts to learn spells, but that's about it. I think Strong Will might help to resist dumbfounding, but I'm not entirely certain. Here. Divinely Touched does not help priests particularly, it gives Lay on Hands, Natural Curing and Call Spirit. You must be thinking of Pure Spirit from Av 4 and 5.
  8. The ads were just there to show an example of something that can cause a roflmao.
  9. I've started work on a complete set of maps for Avernum 2. First I am running through to collect the actual maps, later I will be annotating like the AAM for Avernum by Silver. If anyone has any screenshots with completed automaps they could contribute, that would help and allow me to do the more time consuming annotating more easily.
  10. The serviles have always reminded me of Habnabits .
  11. Here down the bottom: Geneforge TechSupp Remember to pick the 800x600 non-stretched mode.
  12. Genenum, are you actually going to do a version of Avernum Annotated Maps for A2? I'd love to help if I could. I started working on some of it earlier.
  13. Quote: Originally written by Eyestar: He's said he wants to buy the game, but he wants to do it without giving out his address. —Alorael, who gave out his address willingly. When the SEP goons come bashing down doors he'd rather have his name on the do not eliminate with extreme prejudice list. Though why you would bother avoiding the Salmonid Enhancement Program's eliminate with extreme prejudice list is beyond me.
  14. Just a question, that is slightly related, has any one ever made a singleton with only luck (not counting the skills you get for free [herb finding] or the ones you can buy [bMaster, Anatomy etc.])?
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