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  1. Where is the open world? I feel too guided in Avadon, like I can't explore. I feel this takes away a lot of the open-endedness that is otherwise typically expected from Spiderweb Software games. Instead, I find myself having to search for quests simply to trigger these areas. Why can't the characters attack at will, turning against any NPC regardless of initial alliance standing? Am I overlooking something? Is there a setting to make these elements possible? At this point in the game I still feel like it is too linear compared to previous Spiderweb games.
  2. gotcha. will definitely keep those gloves then.especially if there's more mech. gear to go with it...
  3. how exactly does it work? there's a door that requires one living tool without the gloves and when i put it on, it's still asking for one living tool (i have 9 mechanics without the gloves and 11 with) do those two points just not make a difference and if not, how many?
  4. I don't think (may be wrong) anything is supposed to happen to this door unless you become a rebel... that's why you "feel uneasy"...
  5. I was very careful in keeping my items to not more than 50 per chest. I was carrying those particular ones because I was, most probably, gona try to make the All Protector and then took another exit to fight off some places. I most definitely left it somewhere, just don't know where nor when... I tried going back to the creator's lair but I found none of those objects there either. Tried going to all the forges too see if they were left in them. hmmm... I guess I lost it. After all, it was my fault for having lost them. I guess I'll never see the "all protector" (
  6. I have lost Solidified Flame and Unmelting Ice (can't believe it!) . I've searched everywhere but it's getting very tedious... will there be any more of these items along the game or were those two the only ones?
  7. I found him his new forge and Sciolino STILL won't let me buy his wares (even after he said he'd give me a discount.... which I find kinda funny)
  8. Quote: Originally written by The Ripper: Maybe I'm way off, but i think you have to have rebel views and talk to caplan just outside the wilton walls, then talk to the serviles telling them that caplan sent you, then they'll do whatever you want. Oh, and to clarify, the serviles are just north of the bridge west of wilton. the bridge you help the guards defend. just north of that on the same map. yeah, those serviles are for Caplan, not for Celeste. I told them to go to safety to Fort Wilton. I'm finding that at this point you don't necessarily have to be PRO rebel but you can still be
  9. what about the option of finding their master for them? Is that possible?
  10. the lost serviles? Yeah I did that already. Then spoke to them again and they said they were waiting for their master(forget the name)... I responded "maybe I will speak to your master" (yet, i still haven't found him and never figured why it never appeared on my quest list) then I did as you suggested, i killed them and spoke to celeste again but the only other option it gave me this time was "i've been investigating, don't think there are any rogue serviles out there (lie)"
  11. Celeste in Fort Wilton asked me to go check out the rogue serviles that were to the west with all the refugees. I talked to them and had them sent back to fort wilton to the safety of the servile keeper there (another quest) Went and talked to Celeste again, no dialogue about me meeting with the "rogue serviles" appeared so i thought maybe those weren't the serviles celeste was refering to. Now I almost clered all of Dhonal's Isle, I killed a LOT of rogue serviles since, but the dialogue with celeste still won't mention "rogue serviles".
  12. oh never mind! I found it.... it was just VERY well hidden (or I didn't search hard enough ) thanks!
  13. Where are the creation guards are they close to his house? And "through the back" do you mean there's a passage other than from inside his house? I looked everywhere in Keep West Gate and I haven't found any other passages to that area...
  14. How do i get through that back door in Gob's place (errand boy quest guy). I tried finding levers around that area (it's in West dhonal) but nothing... I thought finishing the quest would give me access to it but i finished it and nothing happened either. please help!
  15. Daemos


    Thanks! I tried the first one you said and it worked (was disappointed to find that the quest only gave me 1 XP ) I never did "sdf 27 6 0" though... was that one necessary too?
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