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  1. Thanks everybody for the help... I think i can handle it from here also aswell
  2. is there any way to get a lot of cash very quickly... without getting dizzy typing iampoor a lot of times... this game is a mile long and the way i play when i come to a place where i can use cash to gain skills i do so... its just the way I play... bargha wants a lot of cash... thanks... also aswell
  3. stuck with no clue as to how to get into skarragath have hint book, but cannot find it listed?
  4. Abi in Avadon sent me to mess with Tartan, now he is somewhere back and avadon and I cannot locate him? Thanks in advance for your help... also aswell
  5. Here's another typical newbie post I make whenever I start a new spiderweb game. I have discovered the crystal field mentioned in the hint book, but I cannot figure out who is looking for the field of gems. Anybody care to help me out?
  6. Does anybody teach the mage spell Fireblast? I have a couple places to come back to once I train twice in the spell and am almost ready to make the journey to Spire and parts beyond. Or does the spell deserve a Divine in front of it like the other spells in the higher order... Also, how many levels of magery or priestlyness do I need to get to cast all the spells?
  7. Thanks everyone, Even with three good answers I still had to search a bit to find him. I must have walked by that demon 6 or 8 times in my earlier search for him with his red skin and dark clothing mixing in with the flooring... Demonslayer is nice, aswell.
  8. I've searched the caves and tunnels below Patricks tower several times and cannot find the demon lord anywhere. I thought he was the one with the four pylons, but that wont do. I've killed everything else down there and find no tunnel unexplored on my maps. It seems I fought him in an earlier game, but old Solberg still tells me the quest over and over... I'm getting annoyed by those occasional slimy masses that keep poping up and want to move on with the game, but sure would like to take Demonslayer along for the ride... Any tips on where to find him?
  9. I've collected a ton of icy geodes but cannot find Maxfield of Metris to claim my reward. Any idea where he may be hanging out at? Also looking for the Cerebrous Wyrm in the honeycomb... That sucker is in a hole somewhere that I cannot find. Help appreciated.
  10. If you have plenty of coinage do at least the upper level of the monestary as the shaper in the upper rear corner can train you in Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Endurance and Mechanics for 6K each. So bring your 30,000 coins and party, party, party...
  11. 14 pages back I found the posts on easter eggs... Here is what was said at the time... Lord Nargil wrote on April 30, "This may not count as an easter egg but in the entrance to darkstone mine I found a stack of 258 or so rocks enhanced with fire resistance" Student of Trinity wrote on May 04, "Yeah, those rocks are there. Carrying them all did not actually seem to improve my fire resistance any, but I suddenly thought that this might be an overflow effect, and that maybe if I dropped half of them or so, I would suddenly have enormous fire resistance. Not obviously al
  12. I really haven't gone around looking at every stone, but I do look at some of them. Playing the game is what I try to do. It is already tedious enough having to pic up every piece of 1 coin crap to pay for later stuff without going around looking at every rock. I tried to combine them on the anvil when I first had them/it. That was before I had an understanding of how the forges worked and what could be charmed. Just imagine the joy of collecting 243? rocks together and looking for that next rock to get the carry more weight enhancement. Does anyone remember the discussion that I
  13. On my first playthrough I found a 246? pound stone, but now on my 5th or 6th game, I have not run accross the heavy stone again. I remember a topic that talked about the stone, but cannot find that again either. Now that I better understand how the enhancements work, I wonder what the stone does. Has anyone used it yet, and what does it do? I think I found the stone on the first island? Is that the case and if so, where is it.
  14. It takes a 20 to open the chest and is a good indication that you will be able to open doors for the rest of the game. If you don't get to that 20 then you probably won't have enough living tools to get to goodies on the monestary island and other places. I still have to scramble around trying to find enough as it is. I carry tinkers gloves, infiltrators coat and tinkers bauble and switch to them when I come to hard chests and doors so don't have to spend points all the way to a 20.
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