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  1. So I read 1.0.3 has been released, and I thought; "lets install that update right away." After doing so, I launch the game to see everything went alright, and I stumbled upon the first issue: The game music plays in just one ear on my headphone. Very annoying. And I'm pretty sure it isn't my headphone because everything else works just fine, including the other game sounds. It is just the music that plays in the main menu.
  2. After some more thought I came to the conclusion that I need 3 priest, 2 mages, a thief and 2 tanks. And the only solution I could find is this: fighter/thief fighter priest priest/mage priest/mage As far as I have been testing things, this seems to work out very well.
  3. On a side note; All food being disgusting is unrealistic. To someone who was send down from the surface maybe, but those who grew up in Avernum will not see it that way. When they eat a baked mushroom, they will fondly remember the times when their mother used to make baked mushrooms for them. No, they won't think of it as disgusting. That a soldier from the empire, such as in A5 thinks that way is understandable. But the same text description appearing to the soldiers of Avernum such as in A6 is really strange. But then, if the same descriptions appear on food on the surface in
  4. In reply to the above post: My character has 0 pt in NL, he did both the chiefs son quest, and the return the scrolls quest and he still pays 500 gold for NL, 550 for the next point. SO that still doesn't address the 300 gold the OP claims.
  5. Oh, You mean he has a second quest? The only quest I know off is that he wants you to retrieve the scrolls the chief's son took with him on his little trip. (can be completed while still in the demo)
  6. Like I said, It was over 1000 gold before the quest, and 700 / 500 after the quest. But still not the 420 and 300 mentioned in the OP. So yes, the quest does lower the cost, I already knew that, but it doesn't address my point.
  7. OK. More insight in the power party. Because The mage-thief is no longer a must, I really should be looking for a more optimal place to put the TU package. I've read in an other thread that mages need more skill points to function well and warriors max with less. This kind of fits my own experience actually, but I didn't thought of it before, I Guess I'm still stuck with the mage-thief in my head somewhere. So the best place to put the TU is on the warrior. So this makes the following party: #1: The front warrior. Nephil Divinely Touched Elite Warrior Use
  8. HMM This can't be right, I have to pay 700 and 500 for the first pt of AL and NL. (and it goes up for the next two) And before I did his quest it was over 1000. How do you get the 420 and 300?
  9. Yep, you refuse to pay their their toll and tell em to stick it. Then buff up, and fight them. If you can't do that, wait until you are a bit higher level, or just lower the difficulty setting. To get inside Blosk, just talk to the gate guard and tell him you come from the castle etc, etc. They will let you in.
  10. But at what difficulty setting? I'd advice playing at torment mode. And yes, it should get harder once you leave the great cave, or eventually, for that matter. But how much harder, depends on the difficulty setting, of course.
  11. To clarify, the wizard I'd like to play isn't too far removed from the action. Otherwise it can't be a real adventurer. I'm thinking more of something a bit like the Magnificent Bastard but with a bit less "playing with peoples emotions" and a bit more of being "his own most useful piece."
  12. Personally, I kind of like the idea of the wizard being someone who survives and thrives, not by being tough, but by being smart. The word wizard comes from wiseart, which contains wise, and the word Mage, comes similarly comes from Magi, which comes from the ancient Persian word for "wise/learned man." So what would be the ultimate awesome for such a guy? It would be that he strategises his way through the word! Staying at a distance, manipulating event so that he never has to fight, and thus doesn't have to be "tough." And for the magical wizard from fantasy fictions and RPG's, thi
  13. No, XP is divided over the conscious characters. So less characters means more xp per conscious character. I personally do press on in most fights if a character becomes unconscious. unless its a really big fight or it happens very early. With some luck, its the highest level character, then the lower level ones can catch up a little.
  14. My first impression so far is that it is far less linear than A4, and A5, already right from the start. Yet it is still pretty clear what you are to do next. In addition, the scripted events appear more natural and less forced than in A5. But I'll reserve final judgement until I finished the game.
  15. OK, so what I gather so far, the best way to make the dedicated warrior, is to start out investing in: # endurance, # strength, # some dexterity, # defense (to unlock parry) and the remainder in # bow and throw. Build those up to the levels you want them at until you get to the trainer in the west great cave, then buy training in the melee skill. Then invest points in the melee skill. About parry. I've read in some other thread that playing the dodging game isn't going to work out in the end. It was the singleton thread I think. Investing in endurance is a
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