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  1. I'm looking for the back door to the portal in Verbeaux Castle since the front gate is locked and guarded by what looks like a powerful ensemble. Any hints that anyone could give? Thanks.
  2. I've been playing Spiderweb stuff since 1994--you'd think I would have grown out of it by now. Anyway, I like the new game--particularly the fact that you can control your animals and the interactions between the team members, but I do feel a little harried. Weekly reports to Redbeard, the wandering character pestering me all the time--a lot of demands on my time. Is something bad going to happen to me if I wander off on side quests and postpone the big stuff? Is the big stuff going to become moot, or can I make a little money on the side without losing the main plot thread?
  3. I guess that's right. I actually didn't notice them until I was done in the dungeon and the mind-controlling creature had taken off for parts unknown. (It seems like must be an area in Avadon cluttered with various characters who have cut and run rather than fighting to the death. Perhaps they get special subsidized housing..... )
  4. Does that quest also relate to the statues that appear and re-appear at the entrance to the pits, or did I miss them the first time around?
  5. I've cleaned out the pit--whew!--but there is an inaccessible room just before you go into the large room where the drake is, and its protected by some kind of rune or something. How do I get in?
  6. I'm downstairs on the northeast end of the aerie but the gate is shut and the room with the wheel to open it is locked and not amenable to lockpicking. I need the key apparently, which I don't have
  7. I have been unable to find Incarnus despite all the publicity he has gotten. I've been through the aerie and haven't ruin into him. Any hints out there?
  8. Just to get back on the original topic, am I going to have trouble learning a new game engine, or is it similar enough to Avernum so that I will be able to just start playing?
  9. Is the estimate time of arrival still late February?
  10. As much as I loved A6, I do agree that the Scourge fights were pretty tepid. Nothing compared to the dreaded liches.
  11. I liked the teleportation in E3/A3, plus I loved the horses. You got where you were going twice as fast.
  12. I liked the teleportation in E3/A3, plus I loved the horses. You got where you were going twice as fast.
  13. Yes I see that now. I'm getting used to this teeny keyboard--as you can see from the mis-spell on the title of this thread I was having problems. Tyranicus and Master1, you have both been very helpful. As you can imagine, I lost a lot of game because I thought I was saving with the F3 and indeed I was not.
  14. I hadn't even noticed the "fn" key. And I've been using Apple computers for almost 20 years. It works fine now. Thanks.
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