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  1. A ton of work under the hood this past week. I tested the Prologue, and it is done! Which also means that special spells and warrior abilities work; you get your first warrior ability in the Prologue (which has a small amount of combat to introduce the player to the new combat system). There were a few more bugs, and I immediately found that I had to rebalance the warrior abilities, but fixing all that was relatively painless because of the way that I've structured the code now. I'm trying to make Homeland a complete scenario in a way that none of my scenarios have been to this poi
  2. I don't remember if anyone has ever collected this information before, so I did a whole bunch of work this morning on how summoning works in BoA. I typed it up just to organize it for myself, and I figured I'd post it in case it's useful to anyone else. The following are the default summoning classes in BoA: In general, mage spells depend on summoning classes, as follows: Call Beast: Summons monster of summoning class = spell level/2 (rounded down, as BoA always does) Create Illusions: Summons monsters of summoning class = spell level Summon Aid: Summons mo
  3. Kelandon


    Forgive me for being dense/out of touch, but what is the point of this Discord chatroom? (And I mean that as a question question, not as a rhetorical question; I'm not saying it has no point, I'm asking what the point is.) That is, under what circumstances might a person want to use it, and for what?
  4. I have no clue. This sounds like the sort of thing to email Spiderweb about.
  5. "Some of the writing was a bit flowery." LOL! Yes. Yes, it was. When I'm lapsing into actual Latin (virtus, etc.) , you know I'm indulging my lofty side. LP was, in many ways, sort of a hodgepodge pastiche; I borrowed freely from more or less everything that I was reading at the time that I liked, and a lot of it was fairly grandiose — in college, I had just finished a year of Shakespeare and a semester of Vergil — which left my writing fairly turgid at times. Well, that was fun! I may watch another episode or two at some point if you play something that I think I'll fi
  6. I intended to test the Prologue this weekend, but when I loaded up the scenario, I encountered something I hadn't anticipated: for some reason, BoA rejected my scenario script as having too many variables when I had more than 10. (The docs say the maximum is generally 20.) Not sure what happened, but I had to replace a bunch of variables with flags, which isn't going to do anything good for the readability of the script. Still, I tested it, and special spells work! At least, getting info works, and that runs through almost the same logical flow as casting the spell does, so casting also ought
  7. I mean, the tl,dr of the last few posts between me and Sudanna is: Kelandon: I guess Chessrook44 would rather yell at the screen than take my tactical suggestions. I didn't realize that, but that's cool, I guess. I'll stop making tactical suggestions. Sudanna: People don't like being told what to do! Stop making tactical suggestions! Kelandon: Uh... that's what I just said?
  8. Have you watched these episodes? There are times when Chessrook44 addresses me by name and sometimes even asks questions. I think you don't know what you're talking about.
  9. Players constantly say "it's bad" when they mean "I don't like it," which is why at this point I'm sort of agnostic as to the use of terms. I attached a picture of what we're talking about. You lose control of one member of your party at the blue rectangle in the middle of the bottom of the screen. You're basically just told, "It's dark magic; enter combat mode." You're not really told where to go because there aren't many ways to go; you just came from the south, so you have to head north. I guess you have a choice between east and west, and west is more direct, but both get you there
  10. it's been ages since I've done a point-by-point response like this, but what the heck, why not. Sure, whatever. I take no issue with that. Do what you prefer. As I noted above, I simply didn't realize that Chessrook44 would prefer to yell at the screen than change his approach. I thought he didn't know what to do to change his approach. That's the whole reason I've been making combat strategy suggestions. I'm not doing that anymore. Moreover, if Chessrook44 (or you, or whoever) doesn't like my scenarios, no skin off my back. I've long since stopped caring about that. If yo
  11. And you think that taking a few seconds to examine the screen — which you could narrate, since you could read out what you're looking at in the text box or describe the actions that you're considering taking — is going to turn off your viewers more than growling and yelling and reloading over and over again? I... suspect you're wrong, but maybe you know your audience better than I do. I mean, it's your LP. Do as you will. Also, as Slarty points out, when you find yourself reloading a bunch, there's no reason you can't cut out the attempts that don't work — I was frankly surprised t
  12. This is a turn-based game. You have all the time you want. You just need to stop after each move and observe what happens (e.g., look at the statuses on your PCs, read the text updates, etc.). You don't do that, and you're aware that you don't do that (we talked about it earlier in this thread), but you can hardly complain that you "don't have time" when you don't take the time that you have. You don't have to rush through turns. You choose to rush through turns. And let's be clear: in the most recent episode, you fought five bears (same as the hardest fight in the firs
  13. It seems like you have a really strong preference for always doing the same thing in every combat and getting through on the first try because, as you've said, you don't really like combat, so you just want to breeze through and not really pay attention to it. Most of my scenarios were designed for people who do like combat, for people who think that doing the same thing over and over again is boring. A combat puzzle is designed to force you to change your tactics, so usually the first try involves figuring out the parameters of the combat, the second try involves doing something new, and (if
  14. Did you see the relevant dialogue with Katie? You didn't do it onscreen, so I thought you'd skipped it. In relation to LP: one of the things that the early BoA community tried to do was design combat puzzles. These were combats that were intended to force you to use different tactics than you ordinarily would use. It seems like you try to brute force your way through combat puzzles, which doesn't work (because the combats are designed to make that approach not work), and then you get frustrated. Instead, you're supposed to change your tactics. You'll keep having this problem in BoA
  15. And that's my favorite twist in The Magic! Ethass, Silthokh, and Kass are all on the island, too. (Are they the only ones? Hmmmmmmmm.) And Ethass, at least, can tell you a little of what happened after you died. Love it! I remember Lord Putidus being kind of a beast of a scenario — the combat was pretty hard, I think — but it's been probably at least a decade since I last played it, so I may be remembering an alpha or beta version rather than the release. It'll be interesting to see how it goes now. I pumped the thing out in a month after I finished Bahssikava. (A month is pretty f
  16. I mentioned that the fact that Machrone = Richard White comes back, and that Machrone isn't exactly from the Empire... now you see what I meant. I do love a good twist, and there are some big ones in The Magic. But my favorite is yet to come....
  17. LOL! Yes. Like, a bajillion. I missed a Mac version update, so I wouldn't be surprised if others did too.
  18. I looked over the log that I kept while designing Exodus, and I noticed a few things. First, part of the reason for the extended development time (from May 2005 to November 2006) was that I was designing Exodus while in college and I took a two-month break toward the end of a semester when I was just too busy to work on anything but school. That sort of thing may happen again... who knows. But another huge part of the extended development time was that I didn't alpha test anything until after I had basically finished designing the scenario. I actually started alpha testing in May 2
  19. Then I've got nothing. The way you're describing it, it doesn't sound like an Unhandled Exception, which indicates a call using a value out of range and which — by this point — I have some reasonable idea how to fix. It's something else, and I don't know what. Bain might have some ideas, if he shows up. Otherwise, you probably need to contact Spiderweb — if VoDT isn't working well, it's probably something wrong with your copy of BoA, not just one scenario.
  20. Yeah, Mac BoA is a lot less buggy than Windows BoA, and I use a Mac, so I probably can't replicate any of these bugs. I have a guess about Of Good And Evil. Open up t0NorthernOu and find this portion (early on in the script): beginstate INIT_STATE; // This state called whenever this town is entered. turn_off_training(1); //Names set_name(7,"Roland"); set_name(9,"Katherine"); set_name(10,"Mackie"); set_name(13,"Charla"); set_name(15,"Nicias the Other"); //Dialog Pics set_char_dialogue_pic(7,1954,0); set_char_dialogue_pic(9,522,0); set_char_dialogue_pic(15,517,0)
  21. Well, that's reassuring. I was worried that BoA was going all crazy now.
  22. That's weird... the jagged zaps in the Stone Circle are mostly not appearing on your computer. There's no problem with the code... I just place a jagged zap and then run it. And some of them are appearing, and all the sounds are playing — just not all of them appear. How odd. And no, not all four characters are intended to mages as such. They are all capable of using "the magic" (the special ability) but not necessarily magic (Mage Spells). Those are not intended to be the same thing.
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