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  1. That's how I got it. I think it was from here: http://www.old-games.com/search/?s=exile And the problems that had with custom scenarios (not the Spiderweb ones) are why I started this this thread. The original BOE in dosbox did run; it just had problems making it unplayable. Contrary to what I said at first, eventually they showed up in every case I tried (ultimately). For myself, the last time I tried to understand these machines was in the 98 days. After that, I had no job-related reason, and for personal use, the payoff didn't seem worth the time & effort investe
  2. So, my impression is that SheepShaver isn't likely to work. I was puzzled about why it would. All this started with problems I had with the original version under Dosbox. But i didn't really reopen this expecting to find a solution. I'm resigned to the fact that I cannot play it the forseeable future. But I thought it might help Celtic Minstrel (and any others) to list what problems I've seen. Unlike original BOE, the problems aren't the same for each scenario. At this point I have a folder of over 20 which don't work. Thanks for the replies, all. EDIT: One
  3. I'll check it out. But I'm curious just what difference it would make. Are these problems (really, several different sets of them) due to using a PC instead of a Mac?
  4. I just checked back to see if there's an update (not that I'd expected one, and I'm certainly not meaning to complain.) But I thought it might be helpful if I listed the problems I've run across: With the Vogel scenarios: 1. The priest dropdown I mentioned before. 2. It will not load a saved game. I've tried all of the original three, and every time, it stops working. 3. Virtually everything equips automatically, except armor itself. And by armor I mean it in the narrow sense, torso armor. Everything else will equip automatically if you buy, pick up, or have i
  5. I'm afraid I'm just going to have to give up. I've tried the Small Rebellion*, and about 6 custom scenarios, and none works. The funny thing is that every one seems to fail in a different way. E.g., At the Gallows crashes when I try to leave on the 2nd mission; in Good and Evil the starting town becomes empty - with no explanation - after the training dungeon, Adv Club has invisible and unenterable towns. Weird. I'll check back in a few months. *The only BOE scenario I actually like. But thanks for your trouble.
  6. OK. There are still the points about menus and Go Back. BTW, now I cannot get saves of the Small Rebellion to load. Any save crashes when I try. Oh well.
  7. I've fiddled around a bit, just starting scenarios and messing with them. But so far all the custom ones I've tried have been a bit unstable, and have occasional glitches. The instability happens sometimes in using a node (climbing, for instance) or when saving a conversation. And the glitches are odd. I've had some blacked out squares of the sort I mentioned in my first comment, but not nearly so bad). Sometimes a city is invisible, sometimes on reloading the entire saved map is dark. There are some clear glitches: 1. The drop down menu for priest spells (which I prefer) does
  8. I have one preliminary suggestion. While I really like the way different kinds of items display in different colors, the colors used are just too pale.I, at least, find them very hard to read (especially armor), even at the best resolution. Granted, my eyesight is not the standard, but then again, I expect I'm not alone among those who've long stared at screens.
  9. Thank you. The only catch is that it was solved on a day my wife had a long list of chores, so I haven't been able to really start. Sometime tomorrow pm, I guess. Thanks.
  10. OK, thanks, that does seem to work. When I've got the time, I'll see what happens.
  11. I get the impression that the target audience is power users. Me? I still can't figure out how to load a scenario. It's been years since I stopped trying to keep up; it's just too much time.
  12. Thanks, but at this point you lost me. I didn't know you could (or should, anyway) put new files/folders in %appdata%
  13. " It converts them automatically when you play them " So far I've been unable to figure out how to do that. I've tried unzipping them into the scenarios folder (where it creates its own folder), moving the .exs file directly under the BoE Scenario folder, and moving the whole thing into that folder. What does one need to do to start a custom scenario? Once again, the absence of a readme is a bit of a problem.
  14. Ok that worked.Now I've just got to work on making the display bigger. Thanks a lot. Oh, yeah, how do you convert scenarios for the new Blades?
  15. Thanks for the response. I was using one I found online which automatically ran through dosbox. I tried the linked version, but it won't run because "MSVCP120.dll was not found". I may try the next-to last. One thing I didn't find in the download was a readme or other instruction file. At least, not an obvious one.
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