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  1. I just opened up the project again and apparently it was made using the oldest version of Unity ever. (pre-2017, for those interested) It might be a while before I get it updated.
  2. Hey KGP11! Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. The thread was a few years old and I didn’t expect anyone to look at this again. The reason this is failing is because some things have changed in MacOS since I made this. I just downloaded and tried to open it on my Mac so I can get you some steps on how to run it until I can update it. First, you need to give yourself permission to execute the program. To do this, open up the Terminal and copy/paste this line in: chmod +x ~/Downloads/Forgotten\ Souls.app/Contents/MacOS/Forgotten\ Souls Then press enter. Now if you try to open it MacOS will complain that it isn’t signed. This is because I’m lazy and did not sign the app. You can get around this by right-clicking on the app and selecting ‘Open’. This should add an option to open the app anyways. Then it should be ok to play. Let me know if you need more info!
  3. Remember Lost Souls? I do. So I re-made it. Mac: https://s3.amazonaws.com/com.10101software/builds/Forgotten+Souls/Mac/Forgotten+Souls.zip Windows: https://s3.amazonaws.com/com.10101software/builds/Forgotten+Souls/Win/Forgotten+Souls.zip (it's free) There is no AI so it is only a local PvP (up to 4 players). It also only includes one map: (remember this one?) However, it does include a map editor so you can make your own. If people make some cool maps I'll try to add them to the game so everyone can enjoy them. Tell me what you think and report any bugs you find. Thanks, -Tristan
  4. Quote: in G2 we found they're made from purified steel that's been treated with essence. See? More evidence of my theory!
  5. This enzyme might alter DNA in undesirable ways as well as giving the user special powers.
  6. My theory is that canisters are actually pressurized gas cylinders made of an incredibly strong clear metal. When the user break the seal at the top, a computer system in the lid is activated and regulates the combination of the gas and water. The gas is an enzyme designed to make slight modification to the user's DNA. The computer then oversees the injection into the user via osmosis. When inactive, canisters are merely stasis pods to stop the decay process of the enzyme. The swirling observed in the canisters is simply an effect of the stasis process. These canisters are obviously alien in design, along with the Geneforge. These designs were picked up by the indigenous humans. The computers are grown from crystals in a fractal design that, when a slight electric current is put though, creates a small yet incredibly complex electron reactor. Any questions?
  7. As a long time GF fan, I am looking forward to this episode. Thanks Jeff!
  8. I want pack animals and to be able to make serviles. Of course making serviles would anger the rebels... Pack animals would be good though.
  9. It seems like there is a limit because GF just starts making stuff up if you apply too many attributes (this object (body armor) will expel spores that may have an effect on nearby units or decreasing the amount of armor or adding a hit chance attribute). Thanks for expressing interest though.
  10. But what if you wanted to make it just a little bit harder/easier? If Torment is too easy or Childish is too hard. In that case Go Here . You can edit it your own way.
  11. Hey EVERYONE! It has been a long time since I posted. Thats probably because I was so busy playing GF 4... Anyway, I am starting on a long term project-A GF4 item editor that you can customize! How would you like to edit every item in GF 4? Well you can with my editor! It is not out yet and will take a while to program and I only have plans for mac AT THIS TIME. If any windows users express interest, I will port it to Windows. In the mean-time, I have a screenshot: This is a screenshot of the "Safe Editor" which only edits existing properties. The "Dangerous Version" will allow you to edit all properties. Unfortunately GF4 doesn't like it when you do that sometimes.
  12. I accidentally made this here instead of where it should be, here .
  13. I accidentally made this here instead of where it should be, here .
  14. I can't get out of the dumping pits airlock room. Why not? Have I forgotten to do something?
  15. I want the GF4 interface to be black
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