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  1. I mean in terms of the energy of the writing and the ideas. Avadon 1 is pretty exciting and new — lots of strange stuff happening, things to figure out. Avadon 3 is... not. It's a little perfunctory, in my opinion. I think I thought the same thing about Geneforge 3 at the time, but it's been a very long time, and it's one of the only Spiderweb games that I never re-played.
  2. Welcome! Leave your sanity at the door, as the traditional greeting goes. For what it's worth, I started with the original Avernum Trilogy and like that much more than the remakes too. Have fun with Geneforge and Avadon; they're also excellent, although I felt that the third game in each series lagged a little compared to the others.
  3. It doesn't appear that we ever created a comprehensive list for Avadon 1, but back when I was much more familiar with this, I wrote: In addition, the way you handle your companion PCs affects the endgame. We created comprehensive lists for Avadon 2 and Avadon 3.
  4. Part of the reason this may be confusing is that there a bajillion books here. You can think of D&D as being a broad category that includes Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, and a bunch of other things. Those are all subsets of D&D, in a way. Dungeons and Dragons was originally published as a set of rule books back in the mid-'70s, and it was intended to describe a set of rules that could work for all sorts of fantasy roleplaying adventures that DMs could dream up. But from the beginning, DMs realized that creating their own storylines, full of NPCs and treasure and monsters a
  5. Dragonlance actually dates to the mid-80s, originally. You can think of D&D as essentially being the laws of physics, and the various settings (Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, etc.) as being different worlds on which those laws play out. To be sure, there are some variations within each world, so the analogy doesn't quite hold, but it's at least a decent first approximation. D&D may seem fresher than DL if you're comparing 5th edition D&D to the original DL novels (Chronicles, Legends), since 5th edition D&D was published about 16-18 years after the earl
  6. It was, and it did, so yes, Queen's Wish should come out for iPhone. The Android stretch goal was not met, but Jeff said that he'd look into it anyway. Not sure if he's landed anywhere on that by now.
  7. A combination of getting busier at work, focusing on some other projects for a little while, and running into a major barrier with the part of Homeland that I was designing have left me not much farther than I was two months ago, but I think I made a breakthrough today and will be able to finish off key parts of Chapter 2 now.
  8. Wait, did Slarty not finish something? (Cheap shot, but too easy.)
  9. I finished the last couple side quests in Chapter 1, and I filled in a chunk of Chapter 2, as well as bits of Chapter 4. I'm at 70 towns, and I'm still estimating that this thing will be maybe just under 100 towns when I'm done. I've decided to shorten Chapter 5, and probably fold the Conclusion into it. So, at the moment: Prologue: 9 towns; 100% designed and tested. Chapter 1: 19 towns; 100% designed, mostly tested. Chapter 2: 20 towns; 2 largely blank, 3-5 need significant filling in, roughly 70-80% designed and entirely untested. Chapter 3: 14 towns made, ~8 more
  10. Distributing is distributing is distributing. Copies are copies, whether individually, batched, or batched together with something else. Note: Still not legal advice.
  11. I can't think of a meaningful legal difference between hosting the scenarios individually without permission and hosting them in a batch without permission, and I don't think most designers gave TrueSite (etc.) permission. Also, it would take a real asshole to file a copyright infringement suit right away — the most likely outcome is that someone would ask to be excluded, and you'd just have to comply. Or maybe a DMCA takedown notice; I did that once with someone who was hosting my scenarios without permission and being kind of obnoxious about it. Note: Not legal advice, though I a
  12. I've been deliberately avoiding updating for this very reason. Until Homeland is finished, I am on 10.12.
  13. I believe a zip of every BoE scenario ever released would be in the ballpark of 60 megabytes. Pretty manageable in this day and age.
  14. I messaged her, and she said she would post here, but seeing that she hasn't... here's what she said:
  15. Are you maybe looking in the wrong currency? I think we're still a fair bit away from the sound design goal.
  16. I just threw in $200. I feel like it's the least I could do after so many years, and it'd be nice to get better sounds.
  17. Such as, "Has the number of septuagenarian Eskimos increased since 2004?"
  18. It's probably not because your skill points are allotted wrong, because I got farther than that without using any skill points at all.
  19. Yes, that appears to be what happens with the other mysterious causes of Unhandled Exceptions: they come and go for no obvious reason. Coupled with the fact that I can't reproduce them, you can see why I haven't been able to track down some of them.
  20. These usually come from a call affecting something that doesn't exist or is out of range. For example, if you have a creature numbered 6 and use set_character_facing(6,8), you'll get an Unhandled Exception because 8 is out of range — that parameter is only supposed to run from 0 to 7. If you don't have a creature numbered 6, and you use erase_char(6), you'll get an Unhandled Exception because you're trying to erase a character that doesn't exist. But, for reasons I don't really understand, other things also cause Unhandled Exceptions. They occur only on Windows and I use a Mac, so
  21. Yep. Note that I'm not actually watching these videos, just editing the posts because so many people requested that they be labeled and Chessrook44 ignored those requests. So this is probably not the only time I've missed that there was a new scenario involved.
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