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The warrior challenge.

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I did finish the game.


However, it reached a point where I could no longer do the full clears as I had intended. I ended up avoiding some of the end game areas. I did not fight the Titan. I probably could have... But I didn't. As it was, the final battle took a long time.


I finished, extremely loyal to the shapers. In the end, I had Coldclaw, Vlindaloo, and Dingbat. I became, more or less, a walking healing battery for my pets and others around me. Much to my amazement, I managed to keep Alwan and Miranda alive right up to the end.


In the end, the warrior falls flat. Sorry, but he does. Sure, you can do 200 or 300 damage with a reaper baton, but you can only do it to one creature at a time, and ammo is limited. Swords fail miserably.


Regeneration is an extremely powerful, if somewhat subtle spell. Most classes will never realise this, because they don't need it. Mage types blow stuff up way to quick, and shaper types pound their enemies with swarms of monsters, never taking damage. Warriors, take note. When you are hacking away with a sword against a swarm of melee enemies, you probably don't have the time to down a healing pod, and they don't do much good anyway. Every turn spent downing a healing pod is a turn where the enemy is not taking damage, BUT YOU ARE. Regeneration, paired with life steal type items, like life drain from a sword, and various vampire items, while it might not seem like much at first, it adds up considerably, but you must be devoted to it. I would get back considerable hit points from regen, and top off a little more from life steal. It was worth it. I still had to cast heal, but if I took 200 damage in a round and gained back 100ish or so hit points, I was ok enough to keep fighting a while longer. It really slowed down how much time I had to waste healing.


I did manage to get my self the shaper trueweave. Yeah, I took down the soul taker twins and the old golem. Yes, it was hard. Yes, it took some reloads. I didn't wear it, but I managed to get it. Mostly, I needed the ring you get in there to boost blessing magic.


The oozing blade is a really good sword. I had lots of good swords. But the oozer is the one I kept at the ready most of the time. If you are going to go down fighting, this is the blade to do it with. It will last you through to the endgame.

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Wow, a disturbing number of "duh" moments pour moi in the last 24 hours. Maybe the lack of food while starving out a cold is leaving my brain on the back burner. I was thinking Slarty's links were off site (which some of his linked articles are), but of course the main links are in a thread any of us could have edited. Thanks, Random.



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