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  1. Sheesh, to think I joined this forum when it was only about 6 years old. I've been on here over half it's life! Does that make me an oldbie now?
  2. Wow, this thing. I've changed a lot since then, mostly in the extraversion section. EXTRAVERSION 24 ..Friendliness 59 ..Gregariousness 18 ..Assertiveness 2 ..Activity Level 41 ..Excitement-Seeking 41 ..Cheerfulness 50 Plus neuroticism is generally lower, but still high, except for depression. Last notable thing: Liberalism 97 lol So I've basically gone from a depressed wreck to a happy wreck. Woo!
  3. Xaiya

    Finally done

    I applaud your patience! There are a heck of a lot of BoA scenarios, and some of them are... questionable.
  4. Oh dear god. I made these when I was 13, and it really shows. I cringed for all four videos where you played my scenarios 😧
  5. I do believe being trans has had some to do with my financial status. If I didn't spend so long depressed and angry, I probably could've been farther along in life. Alas.
  6. https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/fault-worm-side-story-oc-cast.549176/ We just posted it. Releasing one chapter a week.
  7. I don't think it was SW itself, but more that we're more drawn to online communities since connecting with people IRL is hard as a trans person who hasn't realized. I mean, now that I'm out and living as a woman, I find myself talking to people and friends outside more than I do online.
  8. Coming out as trans is a spiderweb tradition now?
  9. 10 years ago I registered on the fourth of February, 2007. I remember, when I was active, wondering how I and the forums would change in that time and what I would write about. I wouldn't have bet on me realizing I'm a girl and also not posting on SW for years. I'm so inactive I didn't even realize my 10 year anniversary with SW came up two months ago. Whoops. And yet, I still can't help but think of SW sometimes, even though I moved on. It lead to me finding dear friends, and thus in part helped me find myself. Even early on, the forums beat some of the idiotic young little potato out of me when I for whatever reason didn't look up to anyone IRL. This tiny corner of the internet meant something to me, and still in memories means something, even if I am so much different from how I used to be. Went from socially awkward, angry, and totally lacking in life experience 13-year-old boy girl in a fleshy boy suit to... still socially awkward, mostly just frustrated at general idiocy, and really only getting the barest of experience that you get from being an adult anyway, as a 23 year old woman. Uh. Yes. Completely different. I still really want to write a new BoA scenario to make up for my embarrassing attempts as a kid. I can't summon the effort, so instead I just shake my fist and proclaim it'd beat the likes of Muffins, which features a scenario breaking bug only I ever knew of, and The Triple Valley, in which there's only two versions of the valley. Most people from the time period I was active here I either see regularly on CalRef or are gone entirely, but I still wanted to post this, even if it's more of a ramble given that it is 3am and I should be asleep, but Jared decided to be in the bathroom when I needed to brush my teeth, and somehow that made me realize that oh dear I am late. Thank you, tiny corner of the internet for existing. I might post again in, say, 20 years.
  10. Xaiya


    http://m.maploco.com...tes=CA-CO-GA-OH Unfortunately, college is financially difficult. I'd love to be able to get further in life so my map could look less pitiful, but that feels very far away.
  11. Well, you're posting here. I'm not saying yes or no, but you are posting here. It is an observation.
  12. I wouldn't say useless. Inefficient, maybe, but there could be a lot to say about the tactic of dropping something heavy on an enemy.
  13. So, I was right to tell people not to vote for Sarachim. I was also right to, at the last minute, switch my primary suspicion from Triumph to Sylae and Excalibur, but I opted to vote for Sylae because of the possibility that Excalibur switched with the addict. I thought that very likely due to how insanely suspicious I realized Excalibur was being. Ironically, I was right about suspecting the two, but I voted for the wrong one. The role swapping thing is quite a twist. I thought the timing was alright. Perhaps have a smaller time frame for targeting, but also announce in advance of when it's going to start so people can be ready.
  14. I'm not really sure of Sarachim either way. All he's done is be rather aggressive. We have more info on Triumph and Excalibur. I will reluctantly cast my vote on Triumph.
  15. Tridash is who he says he is. Right now, the most suspicious to me seem to be Triumph or Excalibur/Sylae. Sarachim was rather quick to point fingers, and has been a tad aggressive, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything unless there was some inconsistency that I didn't spot.
  16. Both Triumph and Sylae claim to be the apprentice mage, and they both believe Excalibur to be the geass toucher. Excalibur is claiming to be such, and he seems to support Sy, who also supports Nalyd. Triumph is unlikely to be the scribbane addict trying to draw attention unless he got a really lucky guess. Or, perhaps, he lied and was wrong after all, and Excalibur, Nalyd, and Sylae are all rolling with this lie being empire spies who are teaming up to throw suspicion on him. I really doubt this, though, considering an Avernite would have no reason to lie to this extreme, and no one wants to pin suspicion on the scribbane addict. Sylae and Excalibur could be telling the truth, and Triumph is indeed the empire spy. Or, perhaps, Triumph is really the mage, and then Excalibur switched with an empire spy and is now working with them, lying about sylae, since if he did switch with her, sylae would then be an avernite, and wouldn't have ties to the empire anymore. Nalyd wouldn't be the final empire spy, since if he was and this was true, he'd realize he wasn't an empire spy anymore and call sy out. Thus, Sy chooses to defend Nalyd to throw off suspicion on his end and gain an "ally" in the discussion. I'm tempted to get out the paper and take notes, since I might already be forgetting tidbits. The whole role switching possibility really messes with everything, especially. I'm inclined to believe that Excalibur started off as an avernite, and that Nalyd is telling the truth about himself, at least. I am a Disciple of Sixus. There is one other, but I'll let them reveal for themself.
  17. This has a surprising amount of substance. A step up from cotten candy, though a step below from an apple core.
  18. You live in a world in which you never do anything you don't want to do? Yeesh.
  19. I don't think you know what feminism actually is.
  20. Do you enjoy discussing controversal topics? I generally stay quiet during discussions in general, given that I struggle with any form of communication. I'm only even posting this because people are walking around upstairs and I can't focus on a take-home portion of one of my finals. What is your stance on abortion? Pro choice. It's a person's right to either carry a parasite or get rid of it, regardless of how some random person feels about it before it comes out. Where do you stand concerning the laws centered around LGBT? Currently, they're in need to protect people so that they aren't discriminated based on such things as sex or gender. Do you believe extraterrestials. As far as I could throw them. On Saturn. With regards to their existance, they are almost certainly out there. It is more a matter of finding them. What is your stance on globalization. Globalization is happening whether people like it or not. Only a catastrophic event sending us into the dark ages would stop it. What is your stance on animal captivity. Animals, be they cat, cow, human or otherwise should be treated well. Animals posessing a higher form of sentience should not be held captive except in specific circumstances. What is your stance on femenism Well, at least you're consistent with your misspelling. While I believe the word being misleading mixed with extremists puking everywhere paints a negative image, and that we really need a different word, I'm all for what it actually stands for in reality. More than that, though, I'd like to see gender removed entirely, but that's likely not going to happen. What is your stance on gun laws? Abolishing them entirely would be ridiculous for a number of reasons, but they should be reasonably restricted. At the very least, have someone take a rigurous exam on gun safety to make sure they know things like trigger disipline or that shooting to not kill is extremely stupid. Do you believe in a god? I identify as agnostic. I'd get into specifics, but nothing I seem to type fits. I feel the need to at least point out, though, that the word 'god' is thrown around everywhere such that I'm not even sure what it really means anymore in common discussion, though I'm partial to the definition of one posessing both omnipotence and omniscience. Do you believe the extinction of mankind will come in the short-term or long-term as compared to the geological timescale. It could theoretically happen at any time. It could happen a long time from now. Humans may just evolve to the point to where they would no longer be considered human. What does that have anything to do with having to care or not?
  21. Have you used steam? Games bought on steam are permanently tied to your account. Given that you can access your steam account, and given the computer in question you are using can run it, it's pretty easy to transfer those games to another computer. I'm really not sure what you're saying with regards to reselling. What you are suggesting sounds worse than piracy unless you are thinking about CDs, in which case I don't even know if SW still offers that. We're kinda past that era. Also, considering even old SW games are offered online, I can't see anyone scouring garage sales looking for Exile III.
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